Monday, November 5, 2012

New Song on the Horizon

Wrote this song this morning as I am pretty darn sick of the whole election scene. There is no way the common man can check the facts on the lies they are all telling the people in their ads. Most folks have made up their mind, and where they have been allowed to, people have already voted. And it won't be over tomorrow night after the polls close. Oh no, then the conversations and accusations start in earnest.

I tell you, this process and lack of clear cut other party choices, the obscene expenditure of money and the corporations dirty hands have me quite sick and tired of any elections in this country. Maybe I'll just sleep through it since I voted absentee a month ago.

Anyway, sing it in your best country voice to any tune you can fashion.

Day Before Election Day Blues
Joe Spado

The country’s in the tank

No money in the bank

We’re still involved in war

Like some kind of dirty whore

Politicians fight and bicker

As we watch the market clicker

I tell you son

The day before election day blues

It’s all you see on TV

People sayin’ nasty things

My side is better for you

As they flash their diamond rings

Cuttin’ throats and slashin’ programs

Disregard the fancy slogans 

I tell you son

The day before election day blues


Ought to take a sack of rocks

And put it in the ballot box

Ought to find out what’s the truth

And take that to the voting booth

Ought to pick a good one some day

‘Stead of lesser of the evils

Can’t stand the final time

As the politicians lie

I tell you son

The day before election day blues

I tell you everybody

It’s the day before election day blues

and of course.....   Peace


Kim Mailhot said...

"Fighting for peace is like screwing for virginity." - George Carlin

I think this two party split election/fight and all the crap that revolves around it is such a waste. I get your blues, Man.
Sending Peace, love and Light out wherever I can. And some extra for peeps I love, like you !

Mel said...

I could almost hear that slide guitar!'s horrible this year. Even he-who-watches-television shut it off the other evening, muttering about the crap that was being slung.

I'll be grateful when they shush up and actually do their jobs?

Yes, I'll vote!
Can I write your name on the ballot--do you mind?

susan said...

I don't even watch television, never mind the fact I left the country two years ago, but you're right in the sentiments expressed in your song. When I think of the good all those billions could do and just how much is being wasted, I feel sick.

Peace to you and yours, Spado.

Marit said...

We had elections last September and although it's a bit different (smaller) in the Netherlands and maybe a little less 'dirty' - I can recall to your song. I hope writing it relieved you! Sending you a big hug from a small country

Pamela said...

Hye Joe, I sure get why you have the blues. It's pretty sordid at times. You know of course this was my first opportunity to vote in America so I'm feeling a lot of different emotions. It was a thrilling experience to get my ballot sheet and then thoughtfully make my marks. The money spent is disugusting, it's true. The rhetoric is sordid. People will have a different experience but I want to say this much: as made my way to the location where I had to go to vote, everyone was polite to each other; nobody got hurt; no-one threatened anyone. There's always room for improvement: that's our job I guess. But I took a moment to pray for and remember all those who take their life in their hands when they show up to vote. I do have many blessings, many of them I owe to America. And I am grateful, thank you America.

Lea said...

Wow! This is fantastic, but also sad and true. Ok, now I want to hear you sing it, actually, we all need to be able to sing this song. Thank you for giving voice to where we are. Just this once for me, the day before elections... I was blissfully in another reality... It was nirvana.