Thursday, November 1, 2012

Los Dias de Los Muertos, 2012

Today and tomorrow are the Days of the Dead. The time when the spirits can cross back over into our world. We celebrate the lives of the ones we have loved and lost over the years by sharing food, stories, laughter and tears with our family and friends.

Here is a photo of the Alter de Muertos, the Altar of the dead, at our home this year.

And, a Haiku for the occasion:

Remembering souls

Los Dias de Los Muertos

Those we love and lost

Much Peace to all


GlorV1 said...

Just beautiful and your Haiku is spot on!

Jeannie said...

A bittersweet occasion - and surely a healing one.

Recuerdo bien mi amigo.

Kim Mailhot said...

Honoring and remembering those who we have lost in this healing way. So good for all the Souls involved.
Love and peace to you and yours, Man.

Fallingladies said...

Looks like a wonderful altar, full of great stories and memories. I have never hadthis type of celebration! Hope it was/is well!

Mel said...

I'm always amazed at the colourfulness. I don't think I should be, huh?!

I do hope the doings were filled with great sharing and lots of love.

Marit said...

In Europe, we have a similar day of honouring the death but it isn't as colourful or 'big' - we are a introvert people I guess. However, it's a good thing to remember our loved ones and honour them. They won't be forgotten.

Lea said...

My heart... to your heart... much peace and love to you and your sweet family.

Dawn Elliott said...

I applaude you for making such a wonderful altar, 'cuz I know it was a busy time!!!