Saturday, August 11, 2012

From My Friend Cheryl

I was notified by my friend Cheryl, who pens the "Cheryl's Excellent Adventure" blog, that I was one of the people she had chosen to take part in a fun interactive meme. It is considered a high honor and is called the Liebster Blog Award. I am usually indifferent to these things and sometimes I follow through and sometimes I don't. I usually just don't have, or take, the time.

But I did this one and had a darn good time doing it!

Taken right from the blog announcement verbatim:

here are the rules to receiving this blog recognition award.   

1. Post 11 random facts about yourself

2. Choose 11 deserving other bloggers

3. Let them know they have been chosen

4. Answer the 11 questions the nominator has asked

5. Now give 11 questions to the ones you have chosen. 


I will e-mail the people I have chosen for this prestigious Blog Award and let them know. If you are one of the chosen, please consider taking some time and doing this. If you don't want to, well, that's up to you. I won't take it personally. I did indeed find it to be quite fun and a distraction from the pressing issues that were on my mind and giving me some bother.

Without wasting any more time explaining, here are my questions and responses for the Liebster Blog Award

Here are 11 random facts about myself:

1.) I have written three screenplays that I have never sent to any producers for consideration.

2.) I have owned and driven over 100 vehicles, new and used, as well as 20 motorcycles, since I bought my first car in 1967.

3.) I want to run away and start a new life in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

4.) I bite my fingernails.

5.) I have written songs, country, blues, jazz and punk rock, that we have recorded and played in a recreational band that I belonged to called The Dump and Shortcake Band.

6.) I designed and built my own passive solar heated home in the 1980’s.

7.) I was a wilderness guide in the Northern United States and Canada and taught outdoor living and fishing skills.

8.) I am of full blooded Italian descent with both parents and their parents before them from Italy and Italian heritage.

9.) I have virtually no olfactory sense.

10.) I have earned two Bronze Star medals serving in the Republic of Vietnam in 1969.

11.) I had my Triumph Tiger motorcycle up to 137 miles per hour, (220.5 Kilometers per hour), on a two lane road and some young kid on a crotch rocket gave me a thumbs up when I passed him.

Questions asked of me by the person that sent the award:

Q.1 If you could be doing anything else, what would it be?

A. Sitting with someone having a pleasant conversation.

Q.2 What is your favorite food?

A. Traditional Italian pasta.

Q.3 How do you relax?

A. Take a road trip.

Q.4 Favorite destination?

A. Getting where I am going to, especially if I ‘want’ to go there and not ‘have to’ go there.

Q.5 What is your daily motivation for getting out of bed in the morning?

A. Waking up. (You may have to know my health history to understand this answer)

Q.6 Would you rather go to a movie or a play?

A. Definitely a play.

Q.7 Would you rather give a party or go to a party?

A. Go to a party. Please invite me.

Q.8 Choose another time and place in world history you would like to have lived in.

A. On a Pirate ship as Captain, cruising the world in the mid 1600’s

Q.9 Ketchup or mustard?

A. Ketchup, (Catsup?)

Q.10  Mountains or the seashore?

A. Seashore with mountain views inland.

Q.11Do you believe in love at first sight?

A. Absolutely

11 People I will send this to:
Note: All of these wonderful bloggers can be found on my sidebar. Please have a look.

1.) Jeannie, “Woof”

2.) Skippy Mom, “I Make Soap”

3.) Betmo, (Batmo), “Life’s Journey”

4.) Fran, “Ramblings”

5.) Mel, “Mel’s Dream”

6.) susan, “Phantsy That”

7.) Noelle, “The Angels Wear Fins”

8.) Magical Mystical Teacher, “Magical Mystical Teacher”

9.) Katherine, “This Charming Life”

10.) Elizabeth, “Beth’s Blog”

11.) Gina, “Pagan Sphinx”

11 questions I ask you to answer:

1.) What would you say or ask if you had the opportunity to have a conversation with Jesus Christ?

2.) What is your all time favorite song? (one only!)

3.) Drive, Fly, Bus or Train?

4.) What is your favorite breakfast cereal? (If you don’t ever eat cereal, what is your favorite breakfast?)

5.) Coffee, tea, or something else in the morning?

6.) When waking up, do you get out of bed from the left or right side of the bed?

7.) If you could have any vehicle in the world, what would it be? (one only!)

8.) What is the last song you sang in the shower?

9.) Do you color your hair?

10.) Do you consider yourself a good cook?

11.) Describe in one word, and one word only, your greatest virtue.


Jeannie said...

Thanks Joe!
Good answers! Good questions!

I did it! (sort of)

Spadoman said...

Thanks Jeannie... Send me your answers, or I'll check out your blog post.


Spadoman said...

Jeannie... I checked it out, it was awesome! Thanks.


Cheryl said...

Joe, You're a doll for doing this. I love your answers and I love your questions. I say get a literary agent and get your work out there. What do you have to lose?

Mel said...

Ohhhhhh.......a 'literary agent' sounds like fun!!

Right! Over coffee, I played and the answers are posted. Thanks for inviting me to play along! It was good fun!

And I laughed about the kid on the crotch rocket.....LOL.....137 HOLY cow....that had to feel awesome!!

SkippyMom said...

Thank you Joe, and I LOVE your answers, but I don't think there is anything left that about me that you can't find on my blog - I don't have 11 random things. :(

I do appreciated being nominated tho'.

Unknown said...

Thank you for the nice award, Joe! I dragged my feet, waffled and dragged my feet again on this; in the end deciding I would do it. If for no other reasons than that 1) it was sent by you, someone I like and admire), 2) it gave me an opportunity to keep in touch through blogging, as I have largely absent for a couple of months.

Thanks again!

Peace and love,
Gina a.k.a. Pagan Sphinx