Friday, August 10, 2012

Food Glorious Food

Haiku My Heart
August 10, 2012

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Hungry by nature

Across the land by feasting

Diners and Drive ins

Is food the answer?
Why even ask the question?
Comfort food is king
We got together a while ago, four motorcycle hooligans. We were riding Triumphs, just like Brando and McQueen. Our goal is to ride across beautiful terrain and entertain our bellies with beautiful food.
In the planning stages of rides like this three day affair to Northern Wisconsin and Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, we talked about the roads we would ride to make our loop, but more importantly the ride was altered to bring us to a few eating establishments to try and mark our arrival right around meal time.
First on the list was Gronk’s in Superior, WI. I’ve mentioned this place before. Great burgers served with hand cut greasy French fries. Yeah, I know the drill. They’re not good for you, too much cholesterol in the oil they use to fry the spuds, hamburger meat is too fatty and we shouldn’t eat so much of it, too may calories, too much fat, white bread bun. 

As I was saying, it is a great burger with greasy hand cut French fries. They also serve it with a little side dish of cole slaw and you can order it with a salad. I opted for the burger and fries. And you know what? They serve them upside down! That’s right, the bottom of the bun is on top, so, when you pick it up, you slide your fingers underneath with your palms up. When you bring it to your mouth, it is right side up, your palms are now facing down. Ingenious if you ask me.

We rode the next day and had an hour long stop for coffee and treats at The Black Cat Coffeehouse in Ashland, WI. The place I wrote about in the post before this one, last Monday's Monday Mystery Tour feature.

Later that day, we passed through the small Michigan town of Bruce Crossing and stopped at Char’s. There is a Char, but she wasn’t there. I had the chicken and BBQ rib special with a slice of home made blueberry pie. Char’s is a great little cafe that is a delight to find as we rode the vast forests of the Upper Peninsula. The town of Bruce Crossing isn’t much, basically a junction of US Hwy 45 and Michigan Hwy 28. Gas, a motel and Char’s.

We left there and spent the night in Ironwood, MI. Located on the border with Wisconsin next to Hurley. We got a motel and spent the night, then set off in the morning for the Delta Diner. Delta is a small unincorporated area that used to be a very small town. Now, it is just this diner, a shiny chrome sided diner that is out of place sitting inn the North woods of Wisconsin because it looks like it is off some main drag in some big city out East.

No photos of the food at the Delta Diner, but we did have a good breakfast there. I had the eggs over a thin slice of cornbread that was covered with a very light and thin green pepper sauce that had a lot of bite to it. Served with home made bread toast, it satisfies very nicely without the bulk of bacon and potatoes.

More important to the great food at the Delta is the ambiance of being in that dining cat in the middle of the Chequamegon National Forest. As you round one of the many curves in the road, it sits there and is like an oasis because all there has been for miles is trees.

We rode home after that and decided that this ride was a great food ride. And although every meal wasn’t the healthiest I’ve ever eaten, I don’t think I hurt my heart as the joy of riding the motorcycle and being with good friends kept my spirits high and stress level non existent.

Where does your heart take you?



Fallingladies said...

Diners and comfort food, how wonderful! I have to say though that this post reminds me of John Travolta in Wild Hogs, i loved that movie!

Fallingladies said...

I just read your comment on my blog and I would consider a trade or custom piece for you, but i haven't had time to stalk your blog well enough to know what you would offer in trade. And I haven't put too much thought into how much i would charge for a painted rock. You can email me anytime to discuss it... Thanks for visiting!

Jeannie said...

I doubt there's any cholesterol in the great fries as most places use vegetable oil or fat. If they use solid shortening rather than oil the transfer fats are damaging though. Maybe even worse than cholesterol.

But I'm glad you had a good time. I. Seriously wish I enjoyed road trips more.

Spadoman said...

Falling Ladies... Thanks for stopping by. I will E-mail about a trade. I also have to tell you mI wore my Maggie's Diner T-shirt yesterday. Maggies' Diner is a fictitious place in Madrid, NM and was used as a set in the movie Wild Hogs. Although I don't ride a Harley Davidson like the 'Hogs", I have been riding motorcycles pretty much all my life and like the term Hooligan.
Thanks again, Peace

Jeannie..., Thanks for coming here to visit. You would like road trips more if you went with me, I'm sure of it. I guess I knew that they didn't use lard for frying the spuds, but too much greasy food and heavy carbs don't make me healthy. But I figure what I do 80% of the time will kill me, not what I do 20% of the time. So, fried food once every 5 days is okay.
Thanks Jeannie


somepinkflowers said...

"" Why even ask the question?""

why bother!

very yummy haiku
this morning, joe!

{{ always
it is about The Pie...
give up The Pie... }}

Karen said...

I love road trips, and when there is food involved they are all the better!

Lea said...

Now I am quite hungry... I think my favorite is the upside down burger, but then maybe my favorite is how you guys plan these trips and then roar off on an adventure, but your words are always delicious and I leave hear feeling like I had a good meal for my heart and soul... In the world of food, my heart is taking me these days in exploring new cuisine, finding food combinations that are delicious, and different than what I've known on my life, so just one bite of something loved, is King indeed!

rebecca said...

lovely to see you as the first star to arrive in the haiku constellation of love!
i think of you weaving across beautiful terrain spreading your joy far and wide!
sweet triumph!

joanne said...

An eat-a-thon, much fun is that?!
My idea of a vacation.....I would have to pack Alka-Seltzer, though....

Unknown said...

Hi Joe, When are you getting your show on the Food Channel?
'Poet meets Food' or something like that???
You are a joy! And you are right,
The happiness in your heart didn't leave any room for bad cholesterol.

carol l mckenna said...

Fun haiku ~dancing while you can ~ (A Creative Harbor)

Body is a temple of the soul ~ do take good care of it. (my 'mommilie for today)

Stephanie said...

What a perfect way to plan a trip, diner by diner! I can see a book in your future...would be fabulous!

Spadoman said...

BonnieBG... The pie was simple and sweet. I had it without ice cream as you can see. Thanks for stopping by here today. I appreciate it greatly.

Karen... Thanks for visiting. Food and road trips go together. Glad you concur.

Lea... You are very kind with your compliments. I think since we all have to eat, we might as well have some fun sometimes. Thanks for stopping by.

Rebecca... I am honored and excited to be the first one today. You weave a beautiful picture with your descriptions. I am blessed by your visit here. Thank you.

Joanne... Alka Seltzer. Hmmmmm, that's a thought in the event I lived and ate like this every day. Thanks for coming here and being a part of my page. I appreciate it.

Spadoman said...

Priti Lisa.. You know, there was a food forum a few years ago and i was a regular contributor. Then, they wanted me to subscribe and pay to write and answer questions for them. I have considered trying m,y own food page, we'll see, it might happen yet. Thanks for stopping by here at Round Circle. You brighten up the place a lot.

Carol... You didn't read the instructions, but I am glad you dropped by today. I'll pay better attention on the next trip. Thank you

Stephanie... Tell me where you're going and i'll give you the name of a place to eat. Maybe that's the title. Try me. Thanks for your visit here today.

Annie Jeffries said...

Hi Spadoman,

I hurry to the bathroom scale and weighed myself before reading this entry. I KNEW there would be consequences. Yup, after reading, I weighed again. I'd put on five pounds just reading about these epicurial delights.

Thanks so much for your interest in the Southern Missouri Home Mission. I'll keep you updated for needs. Perhaps, if you don't mind, you can link the post in your blog. The more I can get the word out the better. I really want to help Sr. Darlene get off to a good start.

Cheryl said...

What an adventure! A man after my own heart. Love the idea of a food adventure.

Spadoman said...

Annie... That's funny. I gain weight writing about good eats. I wish I could do that TV show on the food channel. Thjanks for stopping by.

Cheryl... I never called them that, but I think I will start doping just that, Another Food Adventure on the horizon. Thanks for being here today.

Kim Mailhot said...

I love to think of you with your heart full of the ride.
Happy Friday, Life Lover Man!

Spadoman said...

Thanks for visiting Kim. You're one of the best at keeping it positive and an inspiration to us all. Pleased to see you here every time. Thank you.


gma said...

Out on the open road with friends stopping where the food is good sounds like great adventure..

Chèvrefeuille said...

Greatly written, what a feast to read and look at all those pic's with food on it. Thank you.

Mel said...

High spirits and non existent stress levels--WELL worth whatever was in those eats.


If I could eat that burger rightsideup......IN A HEARTBEAT!

Not so keen on the green stuff over my breakfast......LOL But hey--ain't about me, huh?!

Gotta love the menues--and how cool is that retro diner in the middle of nowhere!!

I'm glad it all played out so well for you and your fellas. Makes me wanna toss himself in the Jeep and head out to some of the 'rinky dink' places I used to head out to after meetings for AWESOME cups of coffee and THE best pies on the planet. least some really good hashbrowns for breakfast!
Ohhhhh yes..... THE best hashbrowns come from those bitty places with the grills seasoned by age!

;-) I'll bribe him....LOL It'll work! LOLOL

Spadoman said...

gma... Any time I get to break bread with a friends is a good time, but being inn a road trip seems to make the experience better. Thanks for stopping by.

Kristjaan... Thanks you for coming here and leaving a comment. Happy that you got the feast by reading!

Mel.... Always grateful for your visits here. Thanks for stopping by. Good hash browns for breakfast, along with eggs and maybe a slice of meatloaf fried on the flat top grill, and some freshly squeezed OJ and thick sliced hickory smoked bacon. Okay, that's enough.


Arnoldo L. Romero, MLA said...

Your haiku poems are great and your photographs made me hungry. Enjoy your trails. Blessings!

Dawn Elliott said...

A food tour through the land - what could be better...except being there experiencing it all!
What fun!

Marit said...

It's a good thing I just ate lunch... hahaaa.... Now dear Joe, I'm late visiting 'the haiku circle' but I thought I'd better take the time a few days later then hurry through everyones post... I'm glad I did that, I took the time to read your former post about your 'revisited place' and was even surprised by a newer post - with the vietnam photos. You keep on surprising and swirling my mind to all different kind of places and emotions which each new blogpost. It's always a delight to visit you and I can always be sure you 'trigger' something that makes me think.. thank you for that my wise friend! (Oh, and a piece is in the work for you!)

rebecca said...

dear joe,
may this sunday fill you with peace. may you travel fully present one moment to the next grateful, content and in the company of those you love.
thank you for your strong loyal heart and infinite wisdom.
my thoughts are with you.

carol l mckenna said...

Great photos and delish looking artery clogging food but gotta love it ~ Fun ~ 'Dance while you can.' ~ ( A Creative Harbor)

gma said...

Here to visit again in Postcards from paradise. YES!
Food is definately a good answer.