Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Wednesday Morning Thoughts

Man, it's hot! At least here where I live it is. I'm sure somewhere around the world there is some less oppressive weather. Don't get me wrong. I purposely didn't say "bad" weather or "good" weather. That's all relative to where, who, what, how and why. In my condition, it's hot and my activity is limited in as far as exertion outside is concerned. I'll leave it at that.

A couple of weeks ago, I get this e-mail from a guy I served with in Vietnam in 1969.  He saw some photos I posted on the website of the Triple Deuce Vietnam, the army unit we were attached to. In one of the photos, there were five of us standing there. I named four of the five. The one I couldn't remember the name for was him. As soon as I saw his name, I totally recalled our relationship. I wrote him back immediately and we exchanged a few e-mails catching up the last 40 plus years.

This morning, I get an e-mail from him and I was all excited that I had heard from him again. Then, I see it was politically motivated and leaning to the side of the aisle that I don't lean towards. I asked him to keep politics out of our contact and that I would do the same. I didn't care back then and I don't care now what he thinks. We are Brothers, pure and simple. I hope he understands.

So, it's the fourth of July today. Birthday of America, Independence Day. I don't care. Little stands are hawking fireworks, made in China, for us to celebrate our independence. I don't know about others, but I do know that I don't like loud explosions, especially the ones that I don't know are coming. They call it startle response.

Ever see a dog that cowers when there is a gunshot or a car backfire? Maybe it's thunder or the vacuum cleaner? That's how I feel about fireworks. Now I did work in Special Effects in motion picture production and have made loud pyrotechnics displays when blowing up cars and things, but I was the guy pulling the trigger or setting up the gag, so I knew it was coming. Here I'm driving to my home, on the street where I live. The window is down and I see some kids.  BANG! right next to my ear as I pass. Scared the crap out of me. No, I don't care for it at all and will be glad when it's over.

I get a kick out of the people that expect everyone to spend the day loving America. It's funny how others think they know what you're thinking because you did or didn't do this or that. I can love my country any way I want to, or hate it for that matter. Isn't that what freedom really is?

It's like Memorial Day or Veterans Day or any other man-made Day. I think of the men and women who serve and who died and who were wounded every day, not just on these "holidays". It's the loud bombs and explosions that killed the heroes. How about some peace and quiet to honor the dead? Just saying'.

They call me unpatriotic because of my attitude about July 4th. Wasn't going to war, shedding blood, watching destruction and learning how to kill people enough for them? I have to wave the flag and agree that war is good before I can be an American? Sorry folks, but it is none of my business what you think of me.

Andy Griffiths passed away. Mayberry's town sheriff. Mr. Griffiths was a good actor and had a long career in show business. May he rest in peace. My friend Nick was going to a funeral yesterday for a guy that died when he went to the hospital for a simple operation. It wasn't the hospital that caused the death, it just happened when he was in the hospital. Natural causes. May he rest in peace as well as Andy.

Well, I thought I'd write something. I've been up since three freakin' AM. I don't have much to say lately I guess. I see that no one wants to touch the story about smoking' pot. Too racy for the masses. Well, it's part of the blog. "The Truth is Spoken Here". I told the truth. So now you know. Big deal.

Some bitter taste in my mouth this morning. Maybe it's the uneasiness from that dream I had. I should try to get a little more sleep. But it's light out, the birds are singing. Think I'll drink some coffee and go play on Facebook. I'll see who might be up for some useless mundane conversation.

I read a passage on the blog of a friend that had some advice about the times when you're feeling low. Said to think of the blessings we have. I do, once in a while when I remember to do so. I do have a lot of blessings. One of the good things in life is to be able to get rid of the crap like the stuff in this post by writing it out. Like putting it in the proverbial bubble and sending it away. See, now it's gone. I'll begin the day with a prayer.

Grandfather, I thank you for the light of day, another day, this new day.
I thank you for the rest you've given me. I thank you for the warmth that gives me comfort from the cold and the coolness that gives me comfort from the heat.
I thank you for the Sacred Circle that this creates and for bringing my life into this Sacred Circle.
I thank you for listening to the prayers of the people and to my prayers today.
I say my prayers for the Veterans, the Addicts, the Sick, the Elders, the Hungry, the Children, the Families and the Relationships.
I ask that you bring health and happiness to all people, and I pray for the well-being of my friends that are at the Sundance and sacrificing themselves as they pray for the rest of us.
May Peace prevail on the Sacred Earth Mother

Peace to all. No, I mean it. I say it every day.Peace to you and all you hold dear.


Kim Mailhot said...

I repeated your prayer, Man. It is a beautiful one. Thanks for that !
I am not patriotic. I was born and raised in Canada, and maybe I learned a quieter kind of patriotism there. Maybe too quiet for many.
What I am really is a Child of the Universe, living this one sweet, bitter, bittersweet life the best I can with the circumstances I am given. I know one thing for certain, and I am unbelievably grateful that I didn't have to learn it the sad, sad way that you did, through violence, war, and destruction. What I know is that Love and Peace are the answer to ever question. I know a lot of the world isn't there with us yet, but I have to hold on to the fact that many incredible Souls are slowly getting it. That is what has connected my heart and mind to you, My Friend. That you have learned that Peace and Love are essential to feeling like life is worth it. If you can get there after all that you have seen, been forced to do, and live through, then I can have hope for all of us.
I am honored to know your heart.
I send you Peace and Love and wishes for rest for your mind and body.
Love and light, Man. Love and light.

Fran said...

Hi Joe~ One major network did a piece last night on how lots of Vets don;t like the fireworks because of the horrible memories of war they bring up. PTSD is real.
Also the fact these fireworks are made in China, as well as so much "Americana" throw away products made in China, really makes me think that is a sellout. Try finding an American flag, actually made in the USA- you have to look hard.
I posted an Eisenhower quote on my blog today.
Essentially, the money this country blows on wars, over a trillion since 2001, is theft from all US citizens, who would rather have education, housing & health care funded.
The money is there, just not being used FOR the people.
I don't need to preach to the choir, I know we agree. I embrace the philosophy "Dissent is the highest form of patriotism".
You care enough to call out what is being done wrong. It's much easier to not care & ignore & pretend all is well.
Tax cuts for the rich while the country goes (soon) into $16 trillion debt. No problem.

Even a guy running for president, who in a time of heavy economic woes in this country, feels fine stashing his money in the Cayman Islands to avoid paying taxes.
If someone stashes their cash in the Caymans to legally tax dodge, then let him run for President in the Cayman Islands.

Don't vie for the top job, when you don't respect the country enough to pay a fair share of taxes.
He cares, but not enough to part w his cash?
My bullshit-o-meter is in the red zone.

See how very patriotic I am, in the form of dissent?

OK enough of that rant.

Things have gone so out of balance, that we are made to feel that anything that gets funded is a favor to us, rather than "they call them entitlements because we are entitled to them."

Anyway, I hope you have a nice day. Sorry it is so sweltering hot in your neck of the woods. We've had a ton of rain in June, but have lucked out in that our events have dodged the big wash out kind of weather.
Ya gets what ya gets, weatherwise.

When I read about all the extreme weather, (last month (alone) I do tend to think *Al Gore was right* (An Inconvenient truth), re climate change.

Jeannie said...

My dog doesn't like thunder or fireworks. We don't hear gunshots or backfiring around here.

We have only set off fireworks over the last number of years for July 1st. It was always May 24th before. But then, we didn't fight to become independent and we're still not 100% free regardless.

I'm sorry that others try to make out that you are not patriotic. What do they know? There's many people who wouldn't get excited about war type stuff even if they never fought. Nothing wrong with that. It's about time we grew out of that stage of our development anyway.


Mel said...

What an awesome prayer--worthy of praying again and again......

And I know you mean 'peace' when you send it our way. It's something I strive to hang on to as life presents what life will present. I'm glad that peace is my heart is a choice, regardless of the circumstances, yaknow?

I need to tell ya, I'm not much on the willy-nilly, random exploding fireworks we were dealing in this whole past week. I like to know they're coming, I like to be prepared and I like to be in control of what, where and when. (there's a surprise!!) I don't find joy is tossing a string of firecrackers out of a passing car's window--I find that disrespectful, inconsiderate and irresponsible. People get hurt that way--directly and indirectly.
I do enjoy the structured fireworks done in celebration of what we have today--not necessarily of 'yeah, but at what cost'. (and I'm well aware the cost has been huge...)
I know where I wouldn't wanna make my home--and yes, I'm glad to be right where my feet are....
We ain't perfect.....and we're not done growing yet (thank goodness for that!).

And NOW.....I shall see if THIS posts! (been having a few bazillion issues.....)

Unknown said...

Joe, I think we shared many of the same thoughts on the fourth this year. I kept looking at the fireworks and wondered if anyone realized how many men and women died fighting just for our independence? How many of us would be willing to do that today?

I wondered about all those who have lost their lives, either literally or figuratively, in service to our nation, and how much we as a nation can really understand that sacrifice?

I also though about the upcoming elections and how much I didn't really care to hear anymore mudslinging, in the "cause for freedom".

As always, a great post, Joe.