Friday, June 15, 2012

Life Blood of the Earth Mother

Haiku My Heart
June 15, 2012

Haiku My Heart happens on Fridays, every Friday in fact. See more wonderful Haiku from wonderful people at Rebecca's recuerda mi corazon blog.

Broiling ocean wave
Creeping up to lick the sky
True blue foam and sun

So much has been said about the visiting of friends, playing of music, eating in restaurants and riding of motorcycles. I haven't mentioned the Redwood Trees or the magnificent Pacific Ocean that I found when I arrived at the West coast. Visits to and through the Rocky and Sierra Mountains, Great Plains, Great Basin and miles of desert that had to be crossed to get there as well.

This scene is at the Pacific Ocean. It was a perfect day with bright sun. The fog bank was staying way out off shore. Tide was coming in and whipping up a froth on the black sand beach. The sky was bluer than blue.

Clip on all photos to enlarge and see fine detail

Water licks the sky
Foamy cover at the beach
Black sand blue sky sun

There is no way I would get out to the end of the land and not visit the water, Mother Earth's life blood. I washed my crystal in the foamy edge where the water comes and meets the land beneath my feet. I then let the crystal dry in the bright sun. This is said to rejuvenate its power.

The crystal I carry in my pocket

I took a few stones from the water's edge, all rounded at the edges and none larger than a fifty cent piece. I envisioned a small tower or inukshuk I might make from these small rounded pieces of mountain.

Funny thing is, these wonders, rocks, trees, plants, animals and water are all around us. I seem to see the big view more clearly when I travel, yet I also see it in my own back yard every day. When the sun rises, when it sets and the time in between. Even the darkness shows me special wonders in the sky, and within reflections, I see shadows and glistening nearer the ground.

I believe the steadiness of nature is what allows the other stuff, like music and bike riding, to happen. It is this steadiness that tempers all of what mankind is doing as it goes on constantly no matter what we try to do to encourage or discourage it.

Much Peace to All


carol l mckenna said...

Wonderful post and so much of life is felt in Nature' ~ right in front of our noses ~ you are an enlightened one ~ excellent haiku ~ real tribute to the power of the ocean ~namaste, ^_^ (A Creative Harbor)

Kim Mailhot said...

Having recently spent some deep and revitalizing time in nature myself, I so relate to what you are sharing here, Man.
Love this nature love, in word and image.
And that crystal ? How beautiful. It feels so right that your heart and soul are linked to its power and grace.
Peace, love and light to you, My Friend !

somepinkflowers said...

waves that "lick the sky"
such imagery tucks smoothly
into my sea soul ...

joanne said...

the ever-changing ocean is such an inspiration....I live on the opposite coast, and love the way you describe in your haiku....lovely job

Karen said...

I love the ocean, and your photos and haiku are marvellous. I live inland, but today I got visit the sea through your photos and words. I collect stones from the water's edge, and I have a series of Inukshuk I have created to remind me of beauty of the places I have been.

Stephanie said...

Maybe it's the lack of normal life details that allow us to notice the small and the big wonders when we are traveling.

have a wonderful weekend!

Cheryl said...

"The steadiness of nature", yes, I like this. I will try to remember to take solace in nature when I feel a panic attack coming on.

foxysue said...

What can compare to the thrill of the ocean? Just to stand and stare at the magnificence of it all, filling the soul to the brim! We both share the feeling of the sea today!

Love Ms Foxy x

peggy gatto said...

I think I want to go to the beach, right now!!!!
Don't you love the sounds of the ocean?
Lovely words!

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

I'm reasonably sure that the sky doesn't mind that salty lick!

Old Mariachis

Fallingladies said...

I so miss the ocean, haven't been in years.... And to answer you question.... No, i don't live near water, except small lakes and ponds and rivers, i try to get to water as often as possible so I sit by the river on my lunch hour. the seagulls hang aroung but the closest lake is a half hour away. The spot where the eaglet was is by the highway, between the river and a pond!

I love coming to your blog and hearing your stories, i love that you carry a crystal and want to make inukshuks!

Mel said...

Closest I'm going to come this weekend is the river....

But tonight, I can watch your waves and hear the sounds on the shore.
*happy sigh*

That a lovely image of that salty lick. And what an awesome and powerful crystal you carry.

Fran aka Redondowriter said...

Your visit to my coast sounds absolutely delightful. The marine layer is in here in Redondo Beach, but I'm about to go walk Mollie down by the ocean. It sounds like you have a lot of energy and I am grateful for your return to health.

Marit said...

Water and stones... and even an inukshuk in your post... you made my day!