Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Day Dreaming Again

Long Stretch of Desert Highway

Just sitting here thinking today. I have an appointment at the VA later in the day and some time on my hands, so I’m spending the time sitting here Day Dreaming. There are no particular thoughts or worries, which is a good thing. When my mind is wrestling with my perceived problems, I feel it. I always think of the times when I won’t have anything muddling up "being me." This is one of those times.
Nothing to do. Nothing that I think I gotta do or be doing that I’m not. Ate breakfast, so I’m not even hungry. Had coffee, the rich full-bodied coffee taste of an Americano. Yep, back to savoring a cup in the morning again as my body gets used to the blood pressure medications.
I see the cardiologist this afternoon after they do an EKG. My heart rate has been steady, paced by the little platinum device implanted in my chest, when I'm either relaxing or exercising, since they shocked me with those paddles on December 29th, “CLEAR!”
Anyway, a few of the thoughts that are going through my head right now are about my upcoming road trip to New Mexico. If you remember, my motorcycle is in winter storage in Albuquerque at PJ’s Triumph. I’ll go down and get that and have a few stops along the way.
Seems that the Grandkids are off school for Spring Break from March 10th through March 18th. The two older ones will go with me. Just the three of us. On the way down, we’ll be passing through the Platte River Valley in Nebraska. The Sandhill Crane migration will be in full swing. We’re looking forward to seeing oceans of cranes in the corn stubble along the highways and byways.
There will be a stop off in Santa Fe at the Jackalope shop where I plan on buying some large colorful pottery flower pots to highlight our new front deck this summer. I can see the row of colorful pots with coleus and petunias decorating the edge of the deck instead of a wooden railing.
Colorful Flower Pots

After Santa Fe, Albuquerque, some good New Mexican cuisine at the El Pinto, and/or a place that also serves hamburgers. Maybe a meet up with a friend for a quick visit, then it’s off to Roswell. Check out This Map

Roswell, New Mexico is where the great adventure, and the highlight of the trip, begins for the kids. Did you know there are aliens there? At least there is the International UFO Museum and we’re going for a visit. I’m sure a souvenir shop or two will enter into the bargain.
A scene from the Alien Autopsy exhibit at the International UFO Museum, Roswell, NM

There is talk that depending on time and energy, we’ll take the Cog Railway, or even drive, to the top of Pikes Peak near Colorado Springs. And maybe go see the visitors center at the VLA, the National Radio Astronomy Center West of Socorro, NM, where a large array of radio telescopes are configured in a 20 mile wide desert basin. Maybe a quick stop off in Truth Or Consequences to visit friends that I never got to see this winter. But no matter, Roswell and the aliens will be a scheduled stop.

Radio Transmission towers at the VLA

From Roswell, the trip will continue in an easterly direction across the Texas Panhandle, through the heart of Oklahoma, into Arkansas and North into Missouri on the way home. This will give the young travelers five ‘new’ states to add to their already lengthy list of places they have had the good fortune to travel to at their young 13 and 11 respective ages.
These kids are lucky to have been able to swim in the Altantic and Pacific Oceans and two of the Great Lakes, as well as seen 27 other states and Washington DC, all by the road less traveled in the style of their Grandpappy.

I need no Bucket List if I get to take my Grandchildren along with me when I'm on the road.
It’s a little less than two weeks before we head out. I’m getting pretty excited. In fact, now that’s all that is on my mind. So much for this day of nothing to think about, and with a snow storm predicted during the next couple of days, my thoughts of the Southwest sunshine will be amplified to the max!
That’s what’s going on in my neck of the woods. What’s new in yours?
Much Peace to All


Mel said...'re on the downhill slide, sir! AND you get the grand ones to go along?! Holy cow. How fun for them. (and for you) I was getting excited just hearing of the plans for familiar places, places that I know hold great meaning for you. Getting to share that with the grands.......way cool. I bet they're getting all psyched up about it!

Roswell is cool--the change in the land really wowed me. Notsomuch the alien stuff....LOL....but I'm not 13! They'll love it.
I'D be loving just watching the world around me evolve as it does during that journey. Oh, and the trains of course! Gosh, they have magnificently long trains along that southern route.......

I'll be heading west courtesy of the airlines. No drive time for me this time around. Maybe next? *sigh* I can hope, huh?

Ohhhhhhhh......but I'm excited for you and yours!!! :-)

Dimple said...

Hi Joe, sounds like a fun trip! Enjoy yourselves!

Fran said...

Not so long ago you were worried you would not be able to travel, so really this means you have come full circle.
What better way to celebrate than a road trip w the grandkids.

Best wishes!