Friday, February 3, 2012

Healing Touch

Haiku My Heart
February 3, 2012

This post is dedicated to my friend Rebecca, my good pal Mel's sister and everyone that suffers sickness and health issues. The general health and happiness of the people. See more Haiku MY Heart at recuerda mi corazon.

The Cabinette after a stormy wintry night in 2007

Weather patterns change
Ev’ry thing moved up a notch
Winter seems like Spring
These photos are from 2007. They are of our cabin on the Great Lake Superior during Winter. The night before these were taken, the snow was literally being driven into the siding by strong winds, the kind of winds that wrecked ships on the Great Lake. Like nails driven with a hammer each snowflake hit with impact and was embedded into the shingled siding.
Not this year, not so far, and the likelihood of a ferocious storm diminishes as time goes on. Sure, we can get snow storms well into April and even sometimes in May up here in the Northland, but  the longer they hold off, the shorter in duration they are and melting happens more quickly.
We’re in  the middle of another warmer than usual unseasonable spell. Temperatures have been above freezing all day since Monday, and the past two nights, they haven’t fallen low enough to allow water to freeze.
The NOAA, my source for weather forecasts, says this trend will continue for another week with no snow or rain in the forecast. This can change, in fact, there is a storm moving West to East now, but predictions are for this to pass to our South.
What’s my point? Simple. I just mentioned the four cardinal directions while talking about the weather. Some may believe that the healing spirit guides and helpers come from all directions. I do. It may not be about me, but I feel good the weather isn’t real harsh this season as I recover from heart related matters.

So, I wrote yet another Haiku:
My heart is fragile
Gifts from God and the Spirits
Kind touch of healing
Yesterday, I went to a spiritual healer. She was very intuitive. She incorporated a couple of methods of healing touch on me. Reiki and Ji Shin Jyutsu. I went to her upon the recommendation of a mutual friend as we discussed how out of balance things seemed as I was taking all these Western medicine drugs and trying to stay spiritual at the same time.
I lacked balance. I felt this and my body and mind were confused. Depression set in more advanced than it has been in the past, I was snapping at people, intolerant and aggressive at times.
This Sunrise Healing Arts of River Falls, WI practitioner sat with me as I explained what had happened to me. Tidbits of my past with more emphasis on more recent physical health events were discussed. Her intuition and these facts guided her mission and an hour long healing touch session ensued.
As she worked on me with light touch at different focal points all over my body, I had the sensation that her hands were still in one place as I felt her in another. I would have sworn that this woman had four hands, and at times, six!
The treatment seems like acupuncture by touch rather than needles. I came away feeling really good. In fact, she told me the feelings will last a few days before wearing off and that it was the spirit guides and helpers that came along on this journey to help me that would stay with me for a while.

The Buffalo, Bear and Eagle spirits were present at this healing session

I had a marvelous rest of the day yesterday. Having attended a Sweat Lodge ceremony Wednesday evening, then this healing session on Thursday morning, set me right. I booked another session to be held in two weeks.
Now, before you think I am rich. Connie has a very simple formula to help people. She doesn’t charge much. She knows she has expenses to recoup, but is interested in healing people, plying her gift to humanity, the money is to keep things up and running to pay the light bill, not for the guidance to healing.
I had a great nights sleep and I am ready for another day. If the spirits have left me, I sure don’t feel like it. I’ll hang onto them a while longer and savor the peace in my own heart, but I will share these spirits with friends in need like Mel’s sister who was newly diagnosed with cancer and our own Rebecca who is in constant recovery living with Pompes disease. These people were mentioned in the Sweat Lodge and prayers from the people were sent to the Creator.
I guess this weather and not having to have the goose down winter parka and Sorels out of the closet so far at all this year is a bonus.

Mitakwe Oyasin
Much Peace to All


carol l mckenna said...

Wow! ~ So glad you are using alternative medicine as well ~ Photos are awesome as well as the haiku ~ and your post is wonderful! ~namaste, carol (A Creative Harbor) Happy HMH

Kim Mailhot said...

I have had a few reiki treatments that were so like this. It made me long for another one.
So glad to know this kind of energy and spirit is surrounding you, Man. Something so perfect in that.

Prayers of light, healing, peace and love to you and all of who need them.

Unknown said...

Sounds like a magical session.
Both of you haiku are magical too.
I am happy for your glow :)

somepinkflowers said...

oh spadoman
i have so much to say
about your second haiku
but already i am behind
in correspondence to you!

---> know this --->
Balance is everything!
when in a car crash years ago
after much eastern
& western treatments,
my acupuncturist said:
Go float in the sea.

easy for him to say!
both of us living in florida & all
this is what i did...
every day i could
every day the water was warm
i Floated in the shallow pools
of Atlantic ocean water
near my house...



i know
i know YOU cannot do this
but the idea is to float
let nature move thru your body...

i am off now to take care of others & things...

Float my friend
as best U can!

i would send U the sea...

Helen Campbell said...

Both haiku's are wonderful. I pray your spirits stay with you, as you continue to heal yourself and others.
Beautiful photos, by the way.

Marit said...

I'm glad that the snow and cold came my way and stays away from your place... you can need the warmt to strengthen my friend. I'm so glad you feel better and that the spirits keep an eye on you!

Kathleen Barnes said...

Healing is such a deep process. We forget we are body and mind and spirit. When one is hurt, they all hurt and all require healing. You are blessed to have found a good healer and a healing path.

Jeannie said...

I'm so glad you were helped. There may be scoffers out there but the most powerful massage I ever had was one I thought was pretty lame as it was carried out - I was in a zone I've never been before or since. It's doubtful I'll ever get another like it as the practitioner was in Cuba.

katherine. said...

how wise of you to recognize what you needed.

Mel said...

How trusting and willing and honest of you to share this with the gal and with us.

It was the right thing to do.

And how loving to keep others in through and prayer and to pass on those thoughts in spiritual places.

On wings--I'm sure they arrive that way.
I trust they do. And I'm go grateful for those who give flight to those healing, peacefilled thoughts and prayers.

Thank you.

And I love that photo. Seriously!!

Fran said...

we'd had a drought in december, but then the skies opened up... soon we had flooding in our area. We did fine, but others not so much...

if you have time for a little editorial about water water everywhere...

"One of us had to keep calm. Well, it sure wasn’t going to be me, not after noticing that the water in an upstairs toilet was heading for flood stage, too. We were Lucy and Ethel in the “chocolate factory” episode, unable to keep up with the conveyor belt."

We've since had a break in the heavy rains, but folks near the waterways watched full on dumpsters float away on the rising water that was a street.

As for your journey... yes! it is good to balance the spiritual-- as the western medical world is generally so not in tune w deep healing.

Being in the hospital and dealing with all the pain and meds etc.... they tend to have specialists who focus on one thing, which means they don't focus on the whole body/person.
Wise of you to tap into that healing, and seek to find balance.

No need to defend spending on the services of such a healer- as you said they have real life needs too-- big pharma is making much more off all this anyway .
I'm blown away to later have the bills trickle in from a surgery. Even there, each item is separated -hospital, anesthesiologist, doctor...

anyway-- yes. heal your spirit. take the time. because the quality of life, and the need to slow down and be centered is good medicine.

so best wishes, and you inspire me to give that aspect more attention.

Fran aka Redondowriter said...

I am a big believer in Reiki but had not heard of your healer's other technique. I'm glad the sweat lodge and Connie were there to bring the spirits in to help. I love both your haikus.

foxysue said...

Dear Joe, your place always fills me with spirit, knowing your suffering and attitude helps me too at this time, as you know I have my own injury but the pain is trivial when I look at my sweet daughter's face who is in the depths of despair and deep depression due to her psychosis, this is unbearable!

The snow skies are upon us but the ground is not white yet, I love the snow, but then it may evade us this year, who knows?

Please keep us in your prayers too.

Thank you for friendship,

Ms Foxy x

Cheryl said...

I am pleased to hear you allowed the Creator to heal you thru touch and sweat. These natural forces are harmonic to our soul and physical body.

rebecca said...

dear spadoman,

i have visited this post several times as it so touches my heart. i wanted to savor the pictures and your words and was so taken with them i left each time full of rumination to the point of distraction and realize i left without writing back to you.

please forgive me. i got lost in the cabinette of your heart, and mine.

today i just finished a post regarding a place i take all my folk art groups to. i think you will recognize the colourlicious world of anado.

if you click on the words dia de los muertos you will see my FIRST announcement for this years day of the dead retreat.

sending you love and a warm invitation to join us!


Sue said...

Spadoman, I don't visit often enough - I get so much from your posts. thankyou for sharing, Sue

susan said...

A very beautiful and thought provoking post, Joe. I'm glad to know you're getting the best kind of help you can from both sides.

I'm sending good wishes to Mel and Rebecca too. Peace, my friend.

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

Dear Fragile Heart,

Your healing continues, I know it does, even if some days are more difficult than others. Rest in light and love.

And blessed.

Whirling Haiku and Senryu

peggy gatto said...

Wishing you more wonderful days!

Paula Scott Molokai Girl Studio said...

Wow-what an incredible experience! No wonder your heart is doing better. How you find people is amazing.