Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sunday Morning in Spadoville, Sunrise edition

Sun breaking through the trees in the Spadoville back yard

This is more like it. Cooler weather. High in the mid 70's today, with plenty of sunshine. No plans in particular. Attending a small event this afternoon, otherwise, gathering what I need to bring to New Mexico. I'll be on the road either Tuesday or Wednesday of this week and need to pack a bunch of stuff I'm taking down there.

I plan on being away from Spadoville until late in September. Mrs. Spadoman is flying down and will join me after September 15th. We'll enjoy the hot springs in Truth Or Consequences together and hopefully do a little visiting of friends before we head back North together.

Things have settled down here in Wisconsin now that the recall elections are done. The next big one at stake is next year, when the Democrats will attempt to recall the Republican Governor. So, politics is quiet news these days. Not much to talk about at the early morning table at the Dish and the Spoon Coffee Cafe.

I've been going early in the morning as my days have been filled with errands and projects. I don't have the time to get there and sit for 2-3 hours and meet and greet everyone. There have been some changes at the cafe anyway. Gone is Kelsie. She was a barista there when I first came in the place in March of 2009. She had her last day last week and is moving on to her chosen career. I will miss her.

That leaves Kris and the owners that are still there and know me. The new faces behind the counter take a while to remember names. Starting over, so to speak, at the coffee shop it will be. Now, if I can get them to remember to leave me some head space at the top of my Americano.

I guess I am lucky that is all I have to worry about. There are definitely more pressing things that could and probably should keep me stressed, but I'm not carrying these things today. Maybe the time in the Sweat Lodge yesterday had something to do with that.

In that Lodge, I did remember a couple of blog friends that are going through trying times right now. My friend from Rio Rancho is dealing her husband's loss of his Mother. I send good vibes in that direction. And my friend in Ioway that has just had a spell of miserable luck. I wish her well and send healing energy to both of these friends.

On the project front, I have some Dream Catchers made and will be getting them finished up and sent. I also gathered the materials for making Snowshoes again this year. So, if you want a pair or two, E-mail me and place your orders before the rush. Dream Catchers too. I do sell the Snowshoes, custom made. The Dream Catches are made and sent on an as needed basis.

I will have a laptop with me and internet access in New Mexico. I'll be able to post and keep up. This Summer has had me very busy with virtually no time to visit blogs as often as I'd like. Seems like when the sun sinks down below the horizon in November, much earlier than it does in the Summer months, there's more time to sit around and play in cyberspace. For now, I ask forgiveness for my lack of attention spent looking at your marvelous photographs and reading about your awesome adventures.

I do pay attention though, and am aware of my friends having problems and worries. I send my best to you, whoever you are.

Time to get moving on the day.

Live in Peace


Jeannie said...

You HAVE been busy. I have not. I hope that now I will look forward to and enjoy more busy-ness and that there will be things to do. I'm long out of the habit. But itching to get at something interesting again.

Mel said... don't ever slow down, huh?
Likely I don't either. LOL And no one has the courage to point that out. (been a bit witchy dontchaknow)
(YES......ya do know!)

I'm touched by the power of goodness sent this way. I know they're sent daily--but to be taken into the sweatlodge, even specialer (is NOW a word in the english language cuz I said so!)

I've faith that you'll 'train' the new help at the Dish and Spoon, repetition teaches--more reason to go, not that you need any. When you return, that is!

Hug the earth for me, down south. Assure it I'll return. I do love the southwest.......I think it's the rocks. LOL Of which I've borrowed a good dozen or ten. ;-)

(((((((((( Spadoman ))))))))))))

Wow could I have fun with that set up for play in the yard!

Stephanie said...

Safe travels and ENJOY the cool of New MAY be cool once you get there!

This summer just zipped by, I was fortunate to spend a few days doing a lot of nothing in particular other than soaking in beautiful images.

rebecca said...

thank you for beveling the edges off of trying days and bringing us all back to round circle. i am sure there is fondness growing in your heart of hearts for the southwest. so glad to know you will be in our horizon...enjoying big sky country.

glad you will have your laptop so we can share the beauty that awaits you.

travel safe friend and always in peace.

Sue said...

Glad to read that you're having a bit of a mellower time. Travel safely, enjoy, take care. I always think of you at full moon, this time I was lucky to be in China - it was awesome. Sending peaceful thoughts.

susan said...

I can relate to you missing the barista who knew just how you like your coffee prepared. Hopefully, that will soon be the case again. Around here, every single person who worked in the building office last year is gone. One night we had a note slipped under our door saying our apartment would be 'shown' the next morning. We hadn't given notice but the new clerk had transposed a three digit number.

I hope you have a wonderful time at your southwest resort.