Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Camera is Okay

Peach Clafoutis looks delicious

I’m sitting here trying to think of something witty and interesting to write about. I’m getting nothing. I’ve had many ideas. I could do recipes. I am going to try a new one tomorrow called a Clafoutis. I think it is pronounced Kla-Foo’-Ti, but don’t quote me. There, I got the recipe in anyway with this recipe I got from my good friend Amy up in Ashland. Just click it.

I also thought of doing more spiritual teachings and lessons, things I have learned, things that have helped me out along the road of life. People seem to appreciate it, but  then again, this can be personal stuff and heavy at times. I’m just not in the mood for heavy, I’m thinking light.
Anyway, I’m pretty content these days. I’ve got nothing pressing right away and some traveling in my future. The health has been okay and I fixed my camera. All it needed was a good battery charge. I guess I’ll just give you an update of my mundane every day life’s activities. Here goes:
Today I’ll be on hand at 8 AM when the guy who does the auto detailing comes over to pick up my van. I am having the interior cleaned professionally. He lives not far from me, so he offered to come pick up the van. I’m going to try to sell the van. Getting is detailed is the first step.

After that, I’ll jump on the bike and head to the Dish and the Spoon Cafe for morning coffee. I’ll sit outside and watch the traffic and people wander through my line of vision, maybe converse with a regular or two. I’ll have my usual Double Americano with a dash of ½ and ½. Gonna fit breakfast in there somewhere. Not sure if I’ll opt for oatmeal or a bowl of cereal here at home or go out to the South Fork Cafe for a couple of over-easy eggs with sourdough toast.

Both these establishments are right here on Main Street in River Falls. Good people watching at either place, provided the window seats aren’t taken at the South Fork. By the way, that’s the South Fork of the Kinnickinnic River they’re referring to. The Kinnie rolls right through town, just beyond Main Street to the West.
This will bring me to about 10:00 AM and I’ll return home. Not sure what I’ll do at home, maybe work on a couple of projects I have going on. I need to put the finishing touches on two Dream Catchers and get them in the mail. I also got an order for a pair of Snowshoes. 

Ojibwe style Snowshoes, size large

These Snowshoes will be the large ones, 12” X 60”, and I will do some wood burning artwork. This pair will have Hawk tracks up the sides. I will also hang a complete Hawk foot, or at least the talons, on each at the toe, or something to that effect. I’ll photograph the finished product.
After that, I need to give oldest Grand daughter a ride to a birthday party, or at least to her Dad’s place to get her bicycle so she can ride to the birthday party. The rest of the kids hang out around the house and will play in the yard, ride their bikes and generally enjoy the last couple of weeks of Summer vacation.
As I am told, dinner will be prepared and just needs to be put in the oven. I probably won’t even do this chore as Mrs. Spadoman will have returned from work well before it has to go into the oven. I will have any dishes done and the place somewhat tidied by the time Mrs. Spadoman makes her entrance.

Now tomorrow is a completely different story. I’ll be washing and packing the motorcycle for a trip to Eagle River, WI and the Adventure Riders Annual Rally this weekend. Mrs. Spadoman will follow me in the car and carry all the camping gear. We’ll camp out and I’ll do a couple short dual sport rides. These rallies are a lot of fun. Meet other motorcycle enthusiasts, see the awesome machines. I’m proud to say that there will be many that stop by to have a closer look at my bike.

Writer’s block, and the busy life of a busy man. 


mig said...

Thank heavens for that! (the camera :)
I've been away a bit and busy a bit so am apologising to you (in return) for sporadic appearances here. But I know you'll understand.
And it looks as if I'm just in time to wave before you set off again.

We had Clafoutis once long ago, in France. I think it was really nice - good luck with yours.

I love the sound of your cafe's. We have some in town but mostly, they're chains and the only one I really like is the Cornish Pasty Company which does wonderful pasties as well as really good coffee.
Have a wonderful trip tomorrow. I'll look forward to hearing about it.

EG CameraGirl said...

Life sounds good with everything under control. :)

Mel said...

The camera is fixed!! The camera is fixed!!!! Thank goodness for THAT!! You could spot a train on the way to the shindigs and I'd miss it!

Actually--I've missed a whole lotta stuff in the past few, what with the invasion of a cruddy moment (darn thing lasted longer than I meant to let it....me and MY silly idea to take life too seriously....sheeeshh) and then there was the invasion of the wee thing.
Dunno how you do it, keeping up with those balls of energy...(tips ARE welcomed!)

And while you ponder that answer, you'll have to forgive my envy of over-easy eggs on sourdough toast.

Gosh......I think I have toast envy. LOL

Marilyn & Jeff said...

It sounds as though you had a gentle easy day. Wonderful. Enjoy your next adventure. Go carefully and keep safe.

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

I like clafoutis ..they are a good way to make fruit into a delicious dessert.

Have a wonderful camping trip!

Christopher said...

Clafoutis is absolutely right, spelling and pronunciation. It's a common seasonal dish here, mostly with cherries, and very tasty. Just now plums and greengages are in season, and the lady who runs the local petrol (i.e. gas) station makes a generous clafoutis aux prunes (Fr. prune = plum) which we enjoy as much as Mig enjoyed hers long ago. Happy travels yet again, Spadoman, and peace as always.

Unknown said...

Have a wonderful time camping. We are camping this weekend as well - at Sommerset Lake in nearby southern Vermont. A big breakfast at Dot's in the tiny town of Wilmington is always a given when we camp at the lake. Wayne can't wait to get to the woods.

I'm grateful for the recipe, actually because it's peach season here into September and making a new and luscious delicacy with them is something to look forward to!

Happy, safe trails. Peace in your heart and wind in your hair!