Friday, March 11, 2011

Meaningless Morning Musings

The previous couple of posts about the death of my Elder friend Chris Leath has been up for a while. We sure lost a great one. I thought it fitting, even though the general readership of my Round Circle blog didn’t know him, to pay him this honor. We’ll remember him often in the days and years ahead, but time and motion wait for no one and we find ourselves busy again on so many fronts.
Glad we never saw the early March snow storm that was predicted materialize. Last Sunday, the news was reporting a foot of new snow to fall starting Tuesday night and all day Wednesday. We got some snow showers, but every flake immediately melted upon striking Mother Earth. At least that’s what happened around here.
I did see there is a Tsunami warning in effect for the entire coast of North America. This is the only place where you’ll read the headline this way. Funny how the USA reports the Tsunami warning for the California, Oregon, Washington and Alaska coasts. 
What? The Tsunami doesn’t hit the coastline of Canada’s British Columbia Province?
On Facebook, some Canadian friends report the British Columbia Tsunami strike but no mention of anywhere else. So, I guess catastrophes only happen in the home country of the reporter. I’ll remember that.
Spring is getting ready, weatherwise, here. Daytime temperatures above the freezing mark and night time temps not too terribly below. Makes for a nice slow melt, and that’s what’s needed to ward off severe flooding this Spring. Pray for no heavy rains.
We set our clocks one hour ahead this weekend here. Not all States have daylight savings time, but we do. We’ll have more daylight hours in the evening starting Sunday. That means we can watch the snow slowly melt longer than we did this week. Of course those that get up earlier than, say, 7:00 AM, will have a longer period of darkness to deal with in the morning. That’d be me.
Politically, Wisconsin and other states are having grand changes in the philosophy of their respective State governments. The people they elected into their State Senates and Congress Assemblies in 2010 now have given the rich folks tax breaks and taken some pay and benefits, not to mention rights, from the working class. 
We’ll see how this plays out. I can’t figure out why taking the right to collectively bargain for State employees will create new jobs for the masses. Last I heard, the Koch Brothers, rich Billionaires and large contributers of cash to get the people they want in office,  haven’t notified the press that they were opening any new factories that would employ hundreds of people and spread more pollutants into our drinking water. I guess that’s good for our water purity but still bad for the unemployed.
Closer to home, the gas and electric portions of my home heating bill are overall lower since the install of a new furnace. Add to that savings the warmer weather, longer daylight hours and general frugality and I’m saving money. I’m also doing a better job of slowing pollution myself, so there’s an offset to the water pollution created by industry. I want to believe that’s a good thing.
Otherwise, all this stuff is going on. I’m getting e-mail after e-mail with money requests for donations. Money to stop the big media outlets from taking over the internet. Money to start an ad campaign to recall Republican Senators in Wisconsin. Money for this, Money for that, Money for the other thing. All about money, all the time.
That’s what I like about the traditional thinking Native American people I know. They ask for prayers.
We all need money to survive, I know, but we’ve made it a priority to happiness and peace and I’m sorry to say that it’s not going to happen anytime soon.
Sorry for the dismal outlook today. I was hoping to write more about the time I spent recently in the Southwest. I had some restaurant reviews and funny stories to tell, but my balloon has been deflated and I’m just not in the mood.
I need to mention that I put that word down everywhere I can. On blog posts, on comments and as a salutation on e-mails I send. You see the same word from me. I wonder how many come to expect it or notice it. I wonder if anyone thinks about it. I think about it and wonder how I could live without it.


Anonymous said...

Hope you're soon feeling a little brighter. This world can sometimes be a heavy place, uh?

All the best, Boonie

Unknown said...

Peace can be a hard intent to realize sometimes, but you have to keep saying it...keep thinking about it.

peace to you.

coldH2O said...

I understand your point of view, but prayers aren't going to be the deciding factor in recalling the idiotic state senators or Dear Leader Walker. While the prayers will certainly help, they won't pay for the paper, lodging, gas, etc., etc., to get the job done. Now, your message about money not buying happiness, well, that's true, although I'd like to give a try. See you soon?

mig said...

'Man, your regular offering of peace is always noticed and thought about and accepted gratefully.
Well I always do anyway even if I don't say so : )
I'm glad your new heating system works well and economically - it's always good to learn that there are new things that are good for the world!
It won't be so long before the sunrise and the early mornings are together again and I'll hope for your weather to ease into Spring without too much rain. Hoping for it here too!

Billie Greenwood said...

Miss you. Peace the world together.

Mel said...

I cannot watch the devastation around me. It's not that I'm some ostrich and want to pretend it isn't happening, it simply hurts my heart too much. Prayers are what I do...and I do pray. Mostly prayers of thanksgiving, though I'm sure that makes sense only to me in most cases. In the midst of the storms, it is the gift of peace that I hope for your 'peace' does not fall on deft ears. It always reminds me, validates and reinforces all that I believe to be good.

Sometimes it feels elusive, but it is ever present within me if I can but move out of my own way to grant its persistent presence its own spot in my life.

And just so you know(from where I sit..)--'meaningless' might have been your interpretation of the musings this morning....but we don't always see ourselves as the messengers when we're being used. And we never truly get the bigger picture of how hugely we impact the lives of people we are graced to cross paths with.


So thank you.
Understated....but I'll trust you know a bit of my heart.

(((((((((( Spadoman )))))))))))

rebecca said...

from the first visit here to round circle i have come to feel the blessing of the peace you offer.
you arrive in peace, you take your leave in peace.
i am grateful for you and each step we share.

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

I think that asking for prayers is far more beneficial than asking for money! May I have yours? (Your prayers, Spadoman, not your money!)

E said...

I am so sorry for your loss. I read your post back when you posted it , but failed to leave a comment. As I was in need of peace. It means allot to me too. As I was at war with our local government at that time. And I too lost a friend. And was morning. So peace be with you.