Sunday, March 20, 2011


Shadow Shot Sunday
March 20, 2011

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Sorry I'm late in posting. I've been away and frankly, haven't been in the mood to write a damn word lately. In the case of todays Shadow Shot submission, I didn't take the photo. It was sent to me by friends that attended the rallies for workers rights in the Wisconsin State Capitol in Madison.

You can see more fantastic shadow shots and find out the guidelines for participation at the Hey Harriet Blog, and I strongly urge you to do so.

Sign held aloft at a political rally in Madison, Wisconsin

I'm not going to explain much more about the why and wherefore of the above photograph. Leave it to say that there are people that need to protest what government is doing. I will tell you that my way of thinking and living supports the protestors.

As for the photograph itself, I'm sure it was staged in the early morning shadows at the Capitol Building for our State. People have been there with signs for an extended period of time and many have not left to go home at night but choose to 'live in' on the Capitol grounds. As there have been thousands there, and one Saturday rally the crowd was counted as over 100,000 people, there have been no arrests.

I do have the idea of Shadow Shot Sunday in my head and have gotten into the habit of carrying my camera with me or usung the cell phone camera when I see an interesting shadow. I'll leave you with a couple from the past month that I like.

Hard to see where the stingray is and the shadow begins

Purple coral from one of the displays at the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach, CA

I'll report about a fantastic visit to a marvelous place in Long Beach, California called the Aquarium of the Pacific in the days ahead. I hope you enjoy these two photos. I'm planning a Monday Mystery Tour post, that will feature this visit, in the very near future.

Peace to all


Magical Mystical Teacher said...

It is a shame, Spadoman, when governments first grant rights to workers, and then take them away. Something is definitely wrong with such a system.

Glad to see you back, even though you don't feel like writing!


Of shadows an old man did sing;
He chanted in Guelph and Beijing;
The shade was his friend,
He loved it no end—
It made him feel rich as a king!

© 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

Some Shady Mangos

Christopher said...

The inept and imbecile doings in Wisconsin are beginning to filter through to the rest of the world. Shame, shame indeed. Where is the US of Washington, Lincoln, F.D.Roosevelt, even Kennedy? A sad decline. I'm proud to correspond with an American of your vision, Spadoman, and long may you have strength to combat self-interested factional folly of this kind.

Peace (if only!)

Sylvia K said...

The system is screwed and I think many of us feel the same way. I know that I do!! And I do look forward to your pics from the aquarium. Hope your week goes well!


somepinkflowers said...

my way of thinking and living supports the protesters, too!


what a crying shame,
i say...

i am in deep doo
down here in florida
with OUR governor!

good grief!
he is a proven crook
i can not find One Person
who even voted for him...
i am plum stymied...}}

PS--great photo
who ever took it!

Made By Gen said...

Cool shots for shadow shot Sunday.

A Wild Thing said...

Our grain processing plant locked out the people 2 years ago, temp-employees is the name of the game and no retirement for the future...good thing I love what I do, can keep a low profile away from the city, raise my chickens and enlarge my garden and plant more trees...and did I mention less mowing and more prairie!!!

Have fun in the garden, I got to get me a tiller, this all by hand crap has got to end...too old for that dillydallyin'...have a great day, hope the sun is shinin' in yer neck o the woods!!!


Anonymous said...

I love the photo of the ray. I don't know enough about your politics to comment!

Mel said...

((((((((((( Spadoman ))))))))))))))

Okay.....I'm envious of the stingray photo. I've tried and the little boogers always come out blurry, dangit. Way cool. OH....I petted 'em more than once and that's way cool too! :-)

Powerful thing. Not always a bad thing. Shame on some of my choices--the work done to 'right' those wrongs takes out that shame based 'it's about your worth and value' deal and turns it into a stupid choice that doesn't define who I am. Took a lot of work--definitely worth it.

I do not like to shame others--I'd like to believe it will find them as it is suppose to. Unfortunately, some seemingly never find it to do different--I'm grateful to not be 'one of those'. I also know I could end up there again, should I decide to live outside of principles I've embraced as mine.
I don't like how shame feels. I think I'll stick to living those principles.
I feel sad for those who don't know that freedom--or who compromise it for personal gain at the cost of others.

k......'nuff said on that! :-/

I really, really like the stingray.
I have a wading pool with fishies on it--we could have a pet one and keep it on our patio, I'm sure!


Mel said...


<-- am glad you posted cuz I know you're okay, tyvm

(I'm selfish like that.......)


foxysue said...

I bypass all that political stuff here in the UK let alone over the pond, but what I do feel strongly about is -

Missing you from Haiku my Heart!

Love Sue x

Christine said...

Your shame shadow is right on and should be posted, as well as your thoughts on the subject. Good for you! I like the ray, too!

rebecca said...

love the shadow shot from the capital of your state.
so glad to see you here have been greatly missed spadoman.
welcome to the first day of spring...
may we all walk in peace and sow seeds of kindness where ever we go.

haiku my heart is not the same without you and their is the tale of the



Marilyn & Jeff said...

Shame isn't good; that much I know. Not knowing your politics I can't can't comment.
Love your stingray photo, it's one of the best shadow shots I have seen.

Lisa's RetroStyle said...

Three very different...yet equally cool SSs!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Joe the first photograph is rather profound .. I don't know the details but the shot is fantastic!
I love seeing the under water world .. we were at an aquarium in Holland one time where the rays all floated close to the surface to be "touched" I have to say I was totally freaked out by their eyes and being so close to be touched .. I don't know why but I never forgot that experience ;-)

Unknown said...

great capture.

forgetmenot said...

How clear and perfect the sign shadow came out. Very unique. Good for you for carrying your camera with you at all times--you just never know when a great shot will be in front of you. Mickie

Sue said...

I've been reading about some of the shennanigans in our local papers here (Aust). Words such as wisdom and integrity seem to have been replaced by voracious self centered greed.

Great shot of SHAME but the ray is my favourite. I remember being entranced by a cuttlefish (squid?) in an aquarium touch tank, and having to be dragged away, it was curious and beautiful. Lovely creatures.

tania palermo said...

wow...that's quite an image