Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Sacred Mother Earth

A Virgin a Day
December 8, 2010
Day 8

Our Lady of Guagalupe

A Virgin a Day is the title of this Meme Project. It is a tribute to Our Lady of Guadalupe. It started on December first and will culminate on the Feast Day of Our Lady of Guadalupe, which is December 12th. Of course I continue to dedicate all of these posts to my Mother, Carmelina Rosa Caruso Spado. A memorial to her love and devotion to her family, and to the Blessed Virgin Mary. 
To participate, see Rebecca’s recuerdo mi corazon blog. There, you will get more definition and instructions as well as see other’s submissions, which, If I may add, are quite fascinating, artistic, poetic and bold.

A Virgin a Day. Yes, Mother Earth. The Supreme Mother of all of us, but a virgin? Well, think of it this way. She renews herself constantly, always fresh and pure is the water that comes up in her springs, even after we pollute it with waste and chemicals, she purifies the water for our renewal. The water, the life blood, our life blood, the life blood of the Sacred Earth Mother. We do our best to pollute the water and the air, but the Earth Mother renews and allows us to breathe and drink.
We blemish her body with scars from war, mining, buildings, roads and general disregard. We heap trash onto and into her, but she contains and holds and renews for us. The soil regenerates for plant growth naturally. Ever see a place where nothing is growing? Even the rockiest and driest of all desert landscapes, or the icy netherlands of the coldest places, have life. One seed can sprout and grow a plant just as one was made into a Man God in the form of Jesus Christ from Mary’s womb. 
Mother Earth takes all of the suffering in the form of mankind’s waste and garbage, just as Mary is said to take mankind’s suffering, and gives us healing
In Northern Minnesota, they used to mine iron ore. There are huge abandoned open pit mines, not only there, but in many places on Earth. An example of the power of the Sacred Earth Mother is that these places, once scars and open wounds on Mother Earth, are tree covered beautiful places now that the mining has stopped, some with lakes teeming with fish, and habitat to protect other plant and animal species. Just as we heal from scars, just as we heal from what happens to us.

The womb of Mother Earth is everywhere. Life can and does spring forth. Try as we might to scar her, tread on her, soil her, deplete her, she rises and gives us more. There is always a place, the Sacred Earth Mother provides for us. Even the barren desert is shelter.

I can easily make a connection between The Blessed Virgin Mary and Mother Earth as one in the same. They both are Sacred. They both are the Mother of all things. One is the other, or at least epitomizes each other. 
The Blessed Virgin is steady, and has led mankind to God in her mission. She does this constantly and never fails in moving forward on that mission. Never faltering in her attempt to free mankind from bondage.
Mother Earth is the same. The sunrise is never late. Unbending intent, can be said, to show how the sun, moon and stars align in an unfaltering rhythm, day after day, year after year, millennium after millennium.

My presentation today, Day 8 of this Virgin Project, is Earth. Mother Earth. It’s part of the language. We say “Mother Earth”. She is known to most everyone by that moniker, just as Catholics and Non Catholics alike know who Our Blessed Virgin Mary is.
The Queen of Heaven is allowed to stand upon the Sacred Earth Mother

The blood, skin, bones and hair of mankind and animals, along with the plant life and decomposition make the soil. Mother Earth then, is all of us. The Universe is all of us. God is all of us, and makes no distinction. Cold makes everything cold, heat the same. Mother Earth will swallow you, whether in a box or as an ash, and we all will revert back for renewal.
The Mother of The Blessed Virgin is Mother Earth. I thank the Sacred Earth Mother for giving us so much, for giving us Mary, for giving us a Higher Power that we can see everyday in the heavens as stars at night, and the brightness of the sky in the day, for feeding us and taking away our thirst.
Think about it.


Barb Spado (mrs. spadoman) said...

Today is a Holy Day of Obligation, according to the Catholic Church. Dec 8th is the Feast Day of The Immaculate Conception. A BIG Mary day! According to Catholic teaching, Mary was born with NO original sin. That God preserved her from Original Sin and filled her with sanctifying grace that would normally come with baptism after birth. Guess God must have picked her out ahead of time for the Virgin Mother job. The conception of Jesus is known as the Annunciation to Mary, which in my calculations must be March 25th. Think I'll honor Mary on this day by getting in a bathtub with my blue robe on. Thank you 9 yrs of Catholic education & a sick sense of humor.

turquoise cro said...

Just imagine heaven!!! Isaiah66:1 and also Acts 7:49 say "Heaven is my throne and Earth is my footstool!" His footstool he touches, thus touching us on Earth,Thank GOD! as YOU refresh our memories, we should be thanking GOD every day of our fresh air(it's hard to comeby in some places)our food(also hard to come by in some places), quenching our thirst and for sOOOoooOoO many things! I LOVE all of your pics, especailly the sunrise and the Queen of Heaven touching Earth!

Fran aka Redondowriter said...

Spadoman, a truly magnificent tribute to Mother Earth and to the parallels of Mother Mary to her. I had never thought about earth and Mary (or sacred feminine) in this way before. Your words are sheer poetry. I can see this post set in lines and stanzas of the poetry form. I think you may have a book here. And, a personal aside, Mary's virginity is a Church thing; I could care less whether she was or not. I personally love to think of Jesus growing up with his brothers and sisters, too. For that matter, the resurrection is also not what I base my faith on. But, in some Christian circles I know I am considered a heretic. But, I do see life as sacred regardless of the details. And Barb, I love your sense of humor.

Noelle Clearwater said...

This is a beautiful tribute to the mother of us all, Gaia, and to Mother Mary. I think that your metaphor about the earths scars and wounds and its possibility for renewal connects well with Mary's wounded heart at the death of her son and the compassion she feels for the pain of the world. You have captured the essence of her significance as the Sacred Mother on earth and among the celestial spheres. Lovely post and very personal. I like that this is the day of the Immaculate Conception. I remembered that having been raised Catholic.

Paula Scott Molokai Girl Studio said...

Can we get a photo of Barb in the tube with the blue robe on? LOL!
Joe-what an incredibly profound post! Mother Earth, right under our noses, er, feet! So true how she has the ability to heal in spite of our follies and greed.
A very meaningful and humbling post, my friend.

foxysue said...

Your words touch me as a lover of this planet, with it's miraculous ever renewing energy. For this reason as you pointed out each of us is inter-connected by virtue of the fact that we all come from the same source and will eventually return there.

Blessings to you Joe in this season of peace on earth to all men, and women!

Sue x

eb said...

dear new taurus friend
YES! we are on the same page
i like the mrs too...

xox - eb.

rebecca said...

thank you so much for your thoughtful post. if only everyone treated our gracious earth as the true living/loving mother she is.

i am truly touched with our shared days honoring "mary". there is a peace and thoughtfulness growing between us all and i am feeling the strength of it with extreme gratitude.

so lovely to hear from mrs. spadoman. love to you both!

english inukshuk said...

so beautifully written, so beautifully told, so interesting, as always

I really liked this part:

"Try as we might to scar her, tread on her, soil her, deplete her, she rises and gives us more."

I hope you have as much pleasure putting these thoughts together, as I do reading them

thank you!


Mel said...

I've read this piece a few times now--it's such a lovely piece. You can feel the passion for Mother Earth, the adoration and personal sacredness you feel for her.
And the photos--oh my gosh, they're just brilliant.
I especially like the one ray of light for some reason.

I hear ya.
She is a wonder....a sacred thing.
Thank you for giving us a piece of your passion.

And I sure hope Barb made it out of the tub okay....LOL

deb did it said...

I will read this over and over. BRAVO! Your words hold such truth and wisdom. Thank you. (and by the way...did Barb make it out of the tub drenched in her blue robe?)