Monday, December 20, 2010

In the Spirit of Christmas

Posting this story around this time of the year has now become traditional, like Lucy and Charlie Brown and the football kicking comic strip. Some may remember this from the years gone by, for others, this might be the first time you've wandered over here around Christmas.

The bottom line, which I'll put near the top today, is this:

Peace on Earth to All

So, I wrote this Christmas story and posted it the other day. In the story I mention a particular ornament that has been around my family for years. It’s that little plastic lighted angel that will sit on top of a Christmas tree. 
I mentioned that we always called it Harold. When my young tender children would ask why his name is Harold, my wife and I would explain to them that it was from the song, “Hark, the “Harold” Angel Sings”. I believe we also might have mentioned that the angel was singing because he had this tree stuffed well, you know where. (No, we really didn't say that to the kids).
My oldest daughter read the post after I wrote it. She shed a small tear for the memory. Her husband, John, took the Grand kids out to get a Christmas tree for their home the very next day. In the act of decorating it with lights and ornaments, my daughter called me and told me that “Harold” was broken. 
I told her to bring it over to my house and that I’d try to fix him up. She did and he was in terrible shape. I did the best I could do, and with the help of some Krazy Glue, put Harold back in good spirits. I even put in a new bulb and got the light to work so Harold will glow another year. So far, the glue is holding fast. I told my daughter to be easy with Harold when she shoves the tree....., I mean places Harold on top of the tree. He is tender there as he is quite old and such rectal operations wear heavily on the elders.

Harold lives another Christmas. He is lit and standing straight and tall. I thought maybe you good folks out there would like to have a look.

Harold the Angel as he sits on the workbench after surgery

A close-up of Harold
Remember to be good and nice to other people.


Chuck said...

Good for Harold! Merry Christmas!

Mel said...

Makes me smile....

Thank you for saving Harold for another season. And I do hope she's gentle when she shoves that....ummm....places him ever so carefully on the top of the tree.


Happiest of Holidays to you and yours, sir.

((((((((((( Spadoman ))))))))))))

rebecca said...

love the close up picture...just the way the light falls, and knowing now your story.

my husband told me just yesterday that he always thought the angel's name was Hark. you know Hark the Harold Angel sings!

well now, reading here, i know WHY!!

thinking of you and yours with great warmth.

Christopher said...

Well, of course he's called Harold: 'Our Father' etc, etc, 'Harold be thy name'. No doubt about it!

Pace, caro amico

mig said...

*Laughing*. It's a pleasure to now that Harold will sing another year .
So typical of you to have fixed him.

Paula Scott Molokai Girl Studio said...

I love how you guys came to name her, Harold!