Friday, November 19, 2010

Talk the Talk, Walk the Walk

Haiku My Heart Friday
November 19, 2010

Haiku My Heart Friday was started by Rebecca. To see more haiku and find out how tomparticipate, see her blog, recuerdo mi corazon

In the meantime, I just returned from a journey of extreme importance to me. I'm working hard to piece together the story behind it all. In the meantime, as I sorted through my iPhoto albums, I came across this photo of what looks like a groomed path.

To a certain extent, that's just what it is. But it has been used as a corridor for many years, hundreds of years actually. It is the El Camino Real de Tierra Adentro, translated, that means the Royal Road to the Interior. This section, between Las Cruces and Socorro in New Mexico was called the Jornada Del Muerto or Journey of Death.

This stretch of the trail is known as being a short cut on the traverse from North to South, but very treacherous for its lack of water and attacks by the Apache. This photo was taken from the new El Camino Real Hertitage Center located about 30 miles South of Socorro, NM.

As I mentioned, my trip to South Carolina was a special journey. I looked at this photo and thought of the people who chose to take this dangerous path instead of the route along the Rio Grande. Then I thought of our own journeys, the figurative ones we might be on or thinking about. I'll let the haiku speak to the rest of my thoughts.

A portion of El Camino Real South of Socorro, NM. If you click on it, you can enlarge this photo.

What path guides your way
Is there purpose in your walk
Following your heart

I hope your life is filled with Peace


Mel said...

You're getting quite good at this Haiku stuff--
And I love that you give a bit of your head and heart to us before the haiku weaves it all together.

I know about paths that twist and turn and cross and switchback. I've never been known to take an 'easier, softer way'. The journey is always a learning experience. I can't always say I've enjoyed some of that process--but I can say that, given time, it's lead me to right where I was suppose to be.

Yup--thinking the path has hit a crossroad....again.
Take one and keep walkin', eh?

((((((((((( Spadoman )))))))))))

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

There are many ways, and sometimes it's not easy to discern the right one, but if we keep on walking, we are likely to come to what the old King James Version of the Bible calls "a broad place." I like to think that "broad place" is the place we are all meant to find and enjoy.

Haiku My Heart, Stone Wall

Anonymous said...

Oh dear, you've got me worried now:
My path is so inward, that it is too revealing to show and tell. Your brill haiku made me think. Always a dangerous thing to do before breakfast.
Revealing all: my path, covering 6 miles every day, is the path around my garden. It needs 27 circuits to achieve the 6 miles. Safe as an umbrella I suppose. Coward that I am.

These haiku have a lot to answer for :-)

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

As I reread your haiku, Spadoman, this one came to me:

We have lost our way—
the path before us weed-choked,
sun behind dark clouds.

deb did it said...

follow your own heart, no one elses. PEACE.

A Bit of the Blarney said...

Beautiful landscape. The words, really profound. I think of my journey so far and the risks taken and adventures still to be pursued and and say, "Thanks be to God!" Life is a grand adventure if we choose to experience it that way. Hoping yours is fruitful! Cathy

Christopher said...

A pilgrim way which feeds from France into the original Camino Real across northern Spain to Santiago da Compostela passes through this very village. For much of its way it's marked with scallop shells, badge of the pilgrim, carved into wayside chapels or monastery walls. Occasionally we see pilgrims carrying the traditional oaken staff on their way to or from Santiago da Compostela.

Peace to you all

I was very angry once when such a pilgrim, with hooded cloak and scallop shell sewn to his tunic, was refused entry by an officious caretaker to our village church because he had a little dog with him.

rebecca said...

for me it is always the path less taken.
welcome home dear friend.
i love this haiku spirit you generate!
of one thing i am certain...
your path eternally is the path of peace.
thank you for sharing yours.


Kim Mailhot said...

Your story and your photo made me think of this quote that I love:
"If God sends us on strong paths, we are provided strong shoes." - Corrie TenBoom

Thanks for the reminder to make each step as purposeful as we can!
I hope you have a joy-filled Friday, Journeyman.

turquoise cro said...

Did YOU go to Folly Beach or the King Street Grille? My daughter is going to SC tomorrow to Charleston where she lived for 3 years. My husband and I have traveled the route YOU are talking about! She misses the ocean but she's coming back by Thanksgiving! PEACE to YOU too!Happy Trails I HOPE for YOU!

Unknown said...

Beautiful Spadoman...just beautiful.

Mel's right, you really have gotten the knack for putting your exact feelings into the few lines of Haiku

paper-n-soul said...

I hope there is purpose in my walk.... the path is long and often difficult, but then following one's heart isn't always easy, is it?

As usual, your words express your heart and soul so well.


english inukshuk said...

I love your stories, the photos and especially the way that the haiku then takes us somewhere else entirely (well, it does me!)

thank you! and peace


foxysue said...

My journey has been richly rewarded by traveling the path with you and Rebecca's caravan.

Thank you for this thought provoking post.

love Sue x

ms pie said...

thank you for sharing your story, and look forward to the ongoing story... Socorro is my mother's name... for those who knew her they called her cora... i am sure when the winds blow there on the path one call hear the echoes of the stories of those who once traveled along their journey... i love this journey that never stops, yet starts anew every morning... to you peace spadoman...

EG CameraGirl said...

Beautiful haiku, Spadoman. I too admire your openness to share from your heart.

Meri said...

Some of those journeys take us so close to the edge it's a wonder we don't lose our footing and give in to the vertigo.

mig said...

Your stories are all journeys 'Man. And you make your journeys into stories :)

Rena said...

what drives us to take a certain path, especially one like that? it must be powerful.

lovely poem, and thoughtful

Noelle Clearwater said...

My friend,
So wonderful to see a photo of New Mexico on your blog, near Socorro! Taking a path that is difficult, a journey of change and transformation, is costly for we must always give up something we expected we might keep to gain something greater. I am looking forward to hearing more about your trip.
Peace and Light,

Chuck said...

As always, Brother, you amaze me. Perfect.

Anonymous said...

I did enjoy this. Excellent photo.

All the best, Boonie

susan said...

lost in reverie
forgetting our purpose
all paths lead to God

tami said...

what is your path - we are always finding our way - beautiful!

Nanka said...

Lovely Haiku says a lot and enjoyed the walk through your blog.

Riette said...

Very thought provoking