Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sunday Morning in Spadoville

You may wonder why the religious icon as a header today. Read on, it might be interesting. It's transition time here at Spadoville. Many things going on, all designed to improve the lives of those that live here. Taking care of the details has been keeping me busy. That equates to non participation lately in Shadow Shot Sunday, Haiku My Heart Friday, Ruby Tuesday, Only the Good Friday or any of the usual storytelling that goes on around here. Now, another Meme will be taking place starting December 1st.
This newest one only will last twelve days. It’s called A Virgin a Day and is created and sponsored by my friend Rebecca from the blog recuerda mi corazon, the same one that does the Friday Haiku.
I’m not sure what my attraction is to the Saints, particularly the Virgin Mary, but I’m drawn to the art. I especially like Our Lady of Guadaloupe and have a few paintings and statues. Some paintings of others adorn small spaces around here as well. No big “collection” or anything like that, but this and that strewn around my living area. There is a Shrine to Our Lady of Guadelupe<> not far from my place. Their gift shop has Virgin Marys in all shapes and sizes as well as statues, flags, paintings, prints and hammered tin.

I’ll try to post some Saint stuff during that time period. But I can’t post every day as I’ll be out of town from December 2nd through at least the 7th. I’ll be on the road again, this time headed to Washington DC, and yes, I’m driving. This trip is sort of business. I sold one of my motorcycles and have arranged to deliver it to the buyer.
By the way, since I started doing the memes on the blogs, I’ve met some fabulous people. Wise ones, artistic ones, funny ones and some wise, artistic funny ones too. Some deep thinkers out there, and some damn good artists who create fantastic things, write dreamy thought provoking poetry and photograph nature at its finest, not to mention just plain interesting intelligent people. Check out some of the sites on my side bar. That’s another thing I need to do, edit that side bar and add more to the list.
Around the house itself there has been some small construction projects. Some in the planning stage, some in the waiting stage and others in the actual doing stage. We’re planning on making some sort of heated hallway enclosure in the garage. With four kids and three adults, the pile of boots, mittens, scarves, hats, winter coats and school/work backpacks is just too much. I tell you we can’t even get the door open, the one that enters the house through the kitchen, when all those things are piled up.
We finally got things together and have signed a contract for a new furnace, A/C system and water heater to be installed. You might remember we wanted to do this last year, but the local bank refused our low life scum-of-the-earth asses a loan. I saw no reason for the loan that would enhance our homes physical plant, save us money, be good for the environment and employ local workers was denied, especially when the tax credit for installing a new heating system was created to stimulate the economy. A lot of faith my bank showed it has in that program.
Anyway, they’re coming to install the new system next week and I will be able to take advantage of the tax credit after all. I did it without borrowing. Took a while to save up, but it’s going to get done.
Let’s see. I have to finish the downstairs bathroom project. Trim, baseboards and a new drop ceiling, oh, and the door needs some repair or maybe replacement. Then there’s a new French patio door to replace the old slider that allows enough cold air to infiltrate our living space to make ice cubes when we set a glass of water down on the end table next to my comfy chair. The new garage service entry door too.
So, you see, I have a lot of stuff going on. Besides all of the above, I’m trying like crazy to finish some Dream Catchers I have promised to people, and I have orders for two drums that I must fulfill before too long. Just busy, busy, busy as a bee. So, my blog posts suffer. And my visitations to other blog friends suffers too. And did I mention the appointments at the VA? Oh yeah, I have to see an orthopedic guy Wednesday. I hope I get that cortisone shot in my left shoulder. I can’t even reach out to get money out of the ATM! I’ll play hell reaching my arm out the window to pay the tolls on my trip out East. Maybe I’ll just stay off the turnpike.
So there you have it. News from Spadoville. Doctors, construction, new furnace, a trip out East, recovery and support group meetings. Maybe I can fit in getting the Grandkids on the school bus and being here when they get off alongside making dinner. When the hell am I suppose to answer e-mail, smoke a cigar or watch some football? It’s hockey season too!
I did have some fun over this long Thanksgiving weekend though. I’ll leave you with a few shots of the kids at the sledding hill. We didn’t have enough snow to make the hill in top notch sledding condition, but it was enough to enjoy the afternoon. The hot chocolate was good after the hill as it was cold outside despite the bright sunshine.

The four Grands coming up the hill for more. 

Loading onto the sled for the epic ride
Enjoying a cold but sunny day in the Northland
Cold doesn't phase these kids!
Take care and be well all of you. Be kind to each other. Practice Peace in all your affairs and above all, love everybody, or at least someone.



Jeannie said...

We've got barely a dusting of snow here - you can have as much of the white stuff as you want! And they call Canada the land of ice and snow - Ha!

I suppose saving for the new furnace etc was how they did it in the old days - and you didn't have to pay any interest. Maybe that's the way of the future if we want to be smart about it.

english inukshuk said...

it's good to hear about all that's going on in your wonderful and welcoming home. . .

soon to be a warmer home! (banks suck, eh)

gorgeous pictures of the grans having such fun

hope your should feels better soon

blogland will survive without you while you attend to the important stuff in the "real" world. . .

. . .but I, for one, will be very happy when you have a little more spare time on your hands again to get typing


lots of love from freezing London (no snow yet - everywhere in Blightly is covered in the stuff!)


Christopher said...

Well done, Spadoman. A full and rich experience. You restore our faith in the US.


Unknown said...

I'm glad that you could take advantage of that tax credit! Those stinkin' banks. They don't give a toss if we freeze or not. Good to know you'll be warm and cozy in Spadoville.

The memes have enriched my life but you are smart not to let anything online interfere with priorities. I'm so looking forward to having me some grandkids. The girls are so cute and full of life. I wish I was unphased by the cold!

I've been having lots of back pain, so I can relate to things like that interfering with life. I've never had a cortisone shot before. Do they help?

I like the virgin mary thing, too. Coming from Portugal where the Virgin Mary is bigger any day than Jesus, I've always been drawn to saints as well. I have a few photos to contribute. I hope I can find my bathtub Mary photos. I mean no disrespect either. I grew up with this stuff and it has a fondness.


Mel said...

Such a full and rich life (without the bank, tyvm!). You're truly graced.

What cuties, those grandkids of yours. I'm glad they help you play--can't have enough play in our lives, I say! But brrrr!!!! I'll be okay with you being selfish with the snow stuff.
I'll take a simple dose of snowman snow and call it good for the season. (*laughing* I'm sure that'll work!)

Never a dull moment, always doing, going and being. I figure that's what a full life is made of, yaknow?
An ache or pain here and there tossed in--and I'm thinking we're quite similar.

THAT oughta scare ya. *laughing!!*

I'll look forward to the postings of the Saints....or any bit you're able to get to during this super busy time for you and yours.

Congratulations on the sale of the motorcycle! And safe journey for the delivery, sir.

Unknown said...

You are busy! this should keep you going all winter I would guess. It's always a treat when I see you've visited as I know I will smile at your full and beautiful life.

Mr (Bionic) R can share shoulder tips if you need them...he's currently recovering from a full knee replacement.

safe travels!

rebecca said...

thank you for this.
i have been reading some of your older, older posts. you are so right, the truth is spoken around here.

we just redid the entire heating and cooling system over here. huge expense, huge undertaking, great results!

we have had our first dusting here in the arizona mountains and it is COLD!

travel safe. something you love will be waiting for you on your return.

stay warm and baby that shoulder!