Friday, October 22, 2010

The Water Calls

Haiku My Heart Friday
October 22, 2010

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Mother Earth life blood

Gently cleansing rocks stones and sand

Rhythm feeling love

I'm drawn to the water. Some people are drawn to other natural features of our Sacred Earth Mother, but me, the water. I tried living on the Western Slope. Beautiful weather, but something was lacking in my life. I would forget to look up at the mountains as my eyes cast straight ahead seeking the water. The river flowed by, but that wasn't the same. I craved the big lake they call Gitche Gumee.

We left after only 15 months, returning to Superior. Drinking the water, feeling it, cleansing our crystals. Glad to have had the experience, yet so relieved to return. This experiment was in 1994, after the life changing tragedy, searching for something that was there, by the water.

More on this thought soon on these pages as the time the Spirits will fly around and visit approaches. We're getting ready for Los Dios de Los Muertos here in Spadoville.

Peace to all


EG CameraGirl said...

I can understand how you are drawn to water as I feel like I am drawn to it too. Lovely haiku, Spadoman.

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

in our veins flowing—
Mother Earth’s life-giving blood—
coursing wild and free

Haiku My Heart…with Comfort

Anonymous said...


The most potent aspect of a large body of water is the fact that you can stretch your eyes.
I agree, a river, however lovely, doesn't quite do it.
Glad you are in your element again.

Mel said...

Happy almost anniversary to you, sir.

Lovely haiku--beautiful photos. And I just wanna hug ya....for varying reasons.

(((((((( Spadoman ))))))))

Leslie said...

I've always lived near water, too. Even growing up in the midwest, my family home was beside a small, spring-fed lake. One of my favorite verses is, "He leads me beside still waters..." so I can relate to your finding peace beside your lake. The photo is lovely. So different from our white sandy Florida beaches, yet it makes me feel nostalgic for the shores of Lake Michigan.

Spadoman said...

I feel the need to thank you for your comments and to respond to them as well.

EG Wow... A lot of water in Ontario, like Northern Wisconsin and Minnesota. You can't be too far from one of the Great Lakes. Thabnks for stopping by.


MMT... Yes, life giving. Water, the first and best medicine, provided by Mother earth. Thanks for being here.


Morememes... No, Taurus. I always thinkmof the phrase, "Pisces, working for scale?" (Sick poun, I know). Here's another that your comment conjured for me:
Look out over the water as far as you can see. Okay? No look a little farther.
I am honored to see you have visited my blog, thank you.


Mel... Oh Yes! Two years tomorrow. (I need to get through today). Thanks for stopping, thanks for remembering and thanks for the hug. You are the best!


Leslie... I grew up along Lake Michigan, (Chicago), and have lived near the big lakes most of my life. Not far from where I took this photo onnthe shores of the Great Lake Superior, is a large sandy beach much like those along the oceans. I like to travel, but I cannot imagine not living in the Midwest. Thanks for stopping.


Nanka said...

Lovely words and is so full of cleansing and healing. Loved it Spadoman!! We live by the sea and miss it if I am away for a few days. Travelled the sea route too and that is another exhilarating experience!!

Kim Mailhot said...

I have been living a half an hour from the Atlantic ocean in New Hampshire for ten years now, and never to I feel quite as connected to the Earth as I do when I sit by the water, smell the air and see the waves reach out to the sand or rocks. I am always grateful for my communion time there !
Happy Friday !

Anonymous said...

Love the photo.

All the best, Boonie

Noelle Clearwater said...

I love the water as well. I live by the ocean and feel its rhythms daily, even when I am not walking near it. I am in the mountains right now, and I can sense the difference. I am thinking of moving here since I lived here before, but there is something about being near the tides and feeling that pull of the waves and foam that makes life new again each day. This is a beautiful haiku and your thoughts are profound. Thank you for sharing. I will report my leaf watching and chile eating experience in Santa Fe when I come home.

paper-n-soul said...

Where my heart and soul reside, as well, even if I'm too far away to appreciate it daily as I would wish.



turquoise cro said...

I LOVE water too! Lately,I've been holding my hands under the water as it fills into my washing machine! Close as I can get to a waterfall around here!!!Happy Week-end!

mig said...

Yes it does call.
Made me happy to read this post because it's so lovely to share water.
One of my favourite quotes from a novel: "Consider water".

rebecca said...

i too am drawn to the water. i grew up in san diego and when the weather was warm...i was there...walking the beaches, swimming out to the giant kelp gardens hoping always to swim closer to the dolphins.
such joy floods my heart...reading your haiku.

thank you for gracing me with this shared love.

Marilyn & Jeff said...

Beautiful words and photo. I love Mother Earth too and I also love water but in all forms - sea, lakes, rivers, waterfalls, rain - and I also love the forests. I think I love all nature ;-)

Ramesh Sood said...

Ah, clean pure water
Sprinkle a bit of it
on my soul too

thanks Spadoman, loved coming here today.. wonderful feel..

Spadoman said...

Nanka.. Thank you for coming here. Like many others, you seem to love the water as well. Peace.

Kim Mailhot... They say we are made of 98% water. Maybe we are so fulfilled when we are near it because we are close to home. Thanks for stopping by. Peace.

Boonie.. Thanks for being here this day. Peace.

Noelle Renee.. Thank you for taking the time to comment. Yes, we tried moving away, but it just wasn't the same, yet I travel to New Mexico many times per year and sit in the desert too. Maybe it's like going home as water nourishes my soul. Can't wait for the chile reports! Peace.

Deb.. I know we are connected by the water. That isn a good thing. Thank you for coming here and gracing my pages. Peace.

Turquoise cro... Well now, a waterfall in the washing machine. Put the clothes in after it fills and it might be quite spectacular! Thanks for being here. Peace to you.

Mig... Glad you liked it. Consider the water shared. I would love to travel those locks you write of, maybe someday. Thanks for coming. Peace.

Rebecca... I have been out in a boat with the dolphins close by, but I can see a young girl's dreams as you would be with them in nature. Wonderful thoughts. Thanks for stopping by. Peace.

Marilyn.. Thanks so much for your input. Yes, the water is a cycle and it is all connected. My favotite gathering place is at the shore of the Big Lake, but like you, I love all the water, all the life blood of the Sacred Mother. Peace.

Ramesh... Thank you for your thoughtful comment. Water is nourishment for everyone's soul. Peace to you.

susan said...


Hiawatha's Departure
from The Song of Hiawatha

By the shore of Gitchie Gumee,
By the shining Big-Sea-Water,
At the doorway of his wigwam,
In the pleasant Summer morning,
Hiawatha stood and waited.
All the air was full of freshness,
All the earth was bright and joyous,
And before him through the sunshine,
Westward toward the neighboring forest
Passed in golden swarms the Ahmo,
Passed the bees, the honey-makers,
Burning, singing in the sunshine.
Bright above him shown the heavens,
Level spread the lake before him;
From its bosom leaped the sturgeon,
Sparkling, flashing in the sunshine;
On its margin the great forest
Stood reflected in the water,
Every tree-top had its shadow,
Motionless beneath the water.
From the brow of Hiawatha
Gone was every trace of sorrow,
As the fog from off the water,
And the mist from off the meadow.
With a smile of joy and triumph,
With a look of exultation,
As of one who in a vision
Sees what is to be, but is not,
Stood and waited Hiawatha.

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

I think he said it all.

*jean* said...

i just spent six days listening in her was the most perfect weather to be blessed by the lake..your haiku speaks to my heart

Meri said...

Sometimes we identify what we're seeking only through its absence. I'm celebrating Day of the Dead with Rebecca this year in San Miguel. Luckily I have an adult child and his significant other living with me to hold down the fort and be servants to the cats.

Spadoman said...

susan.. This is a fantastic poem. He DID say it all. I love saying Gitche Gumee. We even use that name for our home made granola! Thanks for stopping by, I appreciate it. Hope all is good with you in Halifax.

jean.. Glad you liked it. Wonderful to hear you were by the water.
Thanks for your visit.

Meri.. Thank you for coming by Round Circle. I'm happy for you that you will be with Rebecca. She carries a picture of my daughter to San Miguel for the altar there.

Billie Greenwood said...

Lovely, lovely! I feel refreshed. Living just five blocks from the Mississippi, I'm so fortunate to be able to see the water from my front year. "Any day I can see a river is a good day"--my motto.

[BTW, I'm happy to have learned about your pirate background and can put my curiosity to rest.]

Spadoman said...

Ahoy Matey from the border. I see you be an explorer too, how grand is that!? Thanks for coming by.
Maybe it's the pirate thing that keeps me around water. I also live close to the Mississippi. I'll send a note in a bottle, look for it.


Mel said...

Had to stop in and extend my good wishes and congratulations on your year 2.

If you're not tired of hearing it--and even if you are.....gonna say it anyway!!
I'm proud of you!
Congratulations sir!

english inukshuk said...

me, water, yes, the same

I love the way it moves and how the light reflects off it


Spadoman said...

Mel... Thanks so much. It means a lot, really. Peace to you dear friend.

Inukshuk.. I know about you and water, and I have wonderful post cards to prove it. Thanks for stopping by. Peace to you.

ms pie said...

funny how so many of us are drawn to water.... even tho i live in the beautiful mountains with lakes everywhere i still miss that ocean seabreeze... i think abt it often enough... growing up on the beach one never forgets the water...

Spadoman said...

Ms. Pie... Yes, I noticed. Many people seem to have this draw to water. Maybe it's like a magnet since our bodies are mostly water. then again, it might be just the way it is. Thanks for coming by. Peace.