Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A New Post Will Appear Here Soon

I suppose I should write an article, eh?

Maybe tomorrow, about this wonderful experience:



english inukshuk said...

just as well really - I've been to the dentist and can't talk cos of the anaesthetic


(that's a lopsided smile, cos one half of my mouth seems to have disappeared)

look forward to hearing all about it when you're ready!


Anonymous said...

This post is a little truncated.

All the best, Boonie

Christopher said...

Aha. Howdah do, Spadoman?

Peace, dear friend.

Unknown said...

I am concocting my own story from this photograph!

Mel said...

OH!! LOOK at those smiles!! And look at that wrinkly butt!

On the elephant.....

JUST sayin'!!!!!!

*waiting patiently*

(LYING, of course.....LOL)

Thornie said...

Joe!!! I need a new pic of your beautiful daughter, please. I can't find her anywhere. Also I am making sugar skulls and mii ofrendas this year. come see me on facebook! terese(at)hartjoy(dot)com. I miss you, my friend!!

Spadoman said...

Thanks for your patience everyone. New post up and running.

inukshuk.. keep smiling, it is lovely No matter what it looks like to you, it is heavenly to me. (even though I've never seen it)

Boonie.. Yes, "trunk" cated indeed. Thanks for stopping by.

Christopher.. and good to see you too! Thanks.

Stephanie.. Really> I want to read it! Thanks for being here.

Mel.. You are a gem amongst stones. Thanks for gracing my pages

Thornie.. Check your e-mail. Great and wonderful to see you here.

Peace to all.