Wednesday, September 8, 2010

To New Mexico

In a few hours, I'll be on my trusty Triumph motorcycle and on my way to New Mexico. This trip will be full of purpose. First of all, I'll get some moving meditation. Time behind the windshield on the two lane roads are very soothing for me, and the NOAA weather outlook for the direction I'll be traveling looks like I'll be out of the rain and any storms, at least for the first few days.

The view to the South from the City of Rocks State Park
Secondly, I'm planning on scouting out a possible place to return to this Winter. Mrs. Spadoman and I are intent on escaping to a warmer climate for at least a small part before and after the holidays. We've been down there many times before in the last 20 plus years. This year, we might make more specific plans for snow birding.

In the town of Truth Or Consequences, the hot springs are calling me. More meditation and lounging in the hot pools along the Rio Grande are in order, and Silver City always gets a visit for a day or so. Jemez Springs, another place to unwind, is on the sketchy agenda. I'll swing through Albuquerque and Santa Fe, even if just to ride through. But I'll probably have at least one meal and one coffee shop stop at one of my favorite places. Who knows, maybe I'll actually take some pictures and do some restaurant reviews.

I plan on visiting a few friends along the way and going to some areas with my motorcycle that I've only been to by automobile, especially in the mountain region in Northern New Mexico. When I have been there in the Winter, riding a motorcycle in the mountains is not a good idea. This time of year, I believe I'll have a great time twisting over mountain passes on the Tiger. I also want to see a few places I've failed to stop and see in visits past.

I don't have a specific return date, but I'm thinking I'll be home after the September 18-19th weekend. No computer on this trip, but two cameras. The old movie camera, mounted on the handlebars, and the new still/motion picture camera I just bought to replace the one I dropped on my last trip. I have a blogger friend that knows quite a bit more about cameras and photography than I do. She's been giving me tips. You can check out her blog and see some of her work. Go to Molokai Girl and check it out.

Take care and be well, all of you. Feel free to wander around Round Circle. I'll miss you.



Mel said...

I'll celebrate for you--I will not be envious.

I'll celebrate for YOU. I will not be envious.

I'll CELEBRATE for you. I will not be envious.

....ain't workin' yet....LOL But I'll keep trying!

Happy journeying, sir. Safe travels, of course!

Billie Greenwood said...

What happy news! Have a relaxing, satisfying, and safe trip! It sounds just wonderful to me. Hope all goes smoothly. I'm looking forward to your upcoming reports on all you saw and did.

susan said...

All best wishes for happy trails on the way and safely home.

EG CameraGirl said...

Have a safe and wonderful trip! And I'm so glad you are taking your cameras!

mig said...

Wow! another trip. Unlike Mel I'm going to be envious : )
Have a wonderful trip and hope you find a great place to winter over : )

rebecca said...

peace...wishing you peace.
save travels on the roads to wonder.
perhaps our paths will cross this time!

Mel said...


Mig is NOT shy!
;-) Just sayin'....

Thinkin' of you--hoping that it's been a gorgeous trip to date!

english inukshuk said...

hope you travelled safely, and welcome home when you get back!

susanna said...

Oh Spadomaaaan! You go on the coolest roadtrips! Yes, please take lots of photographs while you are there. I like the name City of Rocks...Also, you always find the coolest sounding places.