Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Ruby Tuesday 02/16/2010

Ruby Tuesday. Now what is that? I found it here and there on the blogs. It's the brainstorm of one woman who names herself MaryT/TheTeach and can be found HERE, at her blog entitled "Work of the Poet". She has many other features on her blog and I find it quite interesting. The premise is easy. Post photographs you've taken that have the color red in them. A little, or a lot. Go to her site and sign in at the bottom of the Ruby Tuesday post so your blog can be listed.

I've taken the liberty, as these are almost all my own photographs, to caption just a tad about what, where, when, why and who might be found in the pictures. Here goes:

Windsock on a breezy day.

Flashing red train crossing lights

Ruby Red Lips

At the recital in front of a really big red curtain.

Lighthouse. Wisconsin Point, Superior, Wisconsin.

Kitchen cabinets at King Salmon.

San Francisco, open your Golden Gate, that is colored red.

Boy, wouldn't I love to have a red Corvette!
(Note: I didn't take this picture, but I added it because I love cars and it is a red Corvette)

A visiting cardinal.

Teaching a Grandchild how to play with matches.

Peace to all


Christopher said...

Good fun. Thanks. I've taken this as red.

Mel said...

This is kinda eyeopening--when I try to come up with red things I might have photographed......not a darn thing comes to mind. Not even a red flower.

But yours are brilliant. I especially liked the red roof on the lighthouse--but I have a softspot for lighthouses (go figure).

Ty sir--lovely things to peek at whilest I have my morning coffee!

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

When the lights flash red
don’t try to outrun the train—
certain disaster!

Panama hats on red car!

Kim, USA said...

Love all the reds in every photo. Thanks for sharing!

RRT: Fuji

aspiritofsimplicity said...

Lots of red. I like the shot of the Golden Gate Bridge. Very pretty.

♥ Kathy said...

Nice reds. Happy Ruby Tuesday

susan said...

I don't tend to walk around with a camera anymore so can't take my own. That makes me all the more appreciative of these beauties.

btw - I do have a friend in New Mexico who owns the red Harley of his dreams. You never know :-)

mig said...

Isn't that nice : )
Red is good.