Sunday, December 27, 2009

The Week Between

As much as time seemed to move so slowly for Christmas to arrive, the time flew by and Christmas is over. The children had a great time. My oldest Grand daughter said it was the best Christmas she has ever had. That's wonderful to hear, as the family spent their Christmas Eve time at our house. They started early. They were all here by 2:00 in the afternoon. The party ended early, before 10:00 p.m. Glad it did, I was able to keep my geezer hour bedtime. Christmas Day and Saturday had them visiting other relatives. I haven't seen the little rascals since Thursday night. They're coming over today and we'll spend some time getting reacquainted.

This week is no man's land for many. Not much in the way of business goes on in the workplace. The stores started buying into this after Christmas sale to market more wares and keep people shopping. There are things to be exchanged. Some stores changed policies on exchanges, giving only company scrip, instead of handing any cash back to people. In business, things are tight, just as our pocketbooks were stretched mighty thin to get through the celebrations where we bought extra fancy food and made more cookies and sweet things than anyone needed.

So, it's over for 2009. The New Year is next. personally, I don't do anything to celebrate the calendar year. Some days off of work for the spousal unit. This year, I was notified by the Social Security Administration that there was no inflation during the third quarter of 2009, therefore, there will be no cost-of-living-adjustment, (COLA). No raise for 2010 in the amount of social security I get every month. I guess they just don't come to River Falls, Wisconsin and look at the gas pumps. By the way, they're all digital now, in LED lights, changeable from the inside with a computer like console. Back in the day, I remember taking this box of twelve inch tall plastic numbers and using a long pole, rigged with an end that could grasp the plastic numbers, I would hoist them to the top of the sign to make changes in the gas prices. These convenience store clerks don't know how lucky they are to have a job where everything is done from the inside.

In my own life, I did get to visit my Mother. I left her the day before Christmas Eve, Wednesday December 23rd. On Friday morning, Christmas morning, I received a phone call and I was told my Mother was in the hospital with pneumonia. At her age, and with her illness, pulmonary fibrosis, that didn't sound too good, and it isn't. Mom is home now, but hospice care has started, and it is just a matter of when God and nature conspire to take her. As I know death is a part of life, and everyone must go, it is still a part of life that I wish I didn't have to live through.

In the meantime, I'll wait and talk with my sister, her primary care giver, for daily word on her condition. I'll be ready to travel to be at her side when I feel I need to. My life will be one of waiting and wondering. In any event, I'm stifled somewhat, dealing with life. If you don't see me around on a regular basis, I'm just busy with family matters. And as I wish and pray for a peaceful, pain and worry free courageous stand by my Mother, I wish the same for all of humanity and you, my friends.

Take care and be well. Have a very Happy New year. And have peace in your lives.


Anne said...

Love to you and yours, as ever.

Mel said...

I swear people spent their entire holiday glued to the Weather Channel. LOL Good for you that it was spent with the wee ones who had their bestest Christmas ever!

Tough thing to deal in that journey with a graced you've been to have a mom in your life for this long. I'm glad you got your visit-- And as you wish for your mother, so do I pray.

((((((((((( Spadoman ))))))))))))

Unknown said...

My own mother is currently well, despite many hardships - emotional and physical. But I think about losing her and while I try to prepare, I know it will be very hard for me and the girls.

I understand where you're at.

susan said...

Sweet peas were my mother's favorite flower - the bouquet she carried was made by her father for her wedding day. We were with her when she died one winter afternoon six years ago in Ontario. She was a very wise woman who'd had a lifelong habit of meeting and talking to people who'd died. I used to wonder if she told me their stories to comfort me or if they were true. A week after I returned to Portland on the morning I went back to work there was a little crystal vase filled with sweet peas on my desk. It was February and the florists I called said 'no' they weren't available. It seems they were wrong and I've been certain ever since my mother told me the truth. We do go on and hopefully, a little lighter for our lessons.

Much love to you and best wishes in this dark time of the year.

Fran said...

Glad for the family time & good cheer.
Also good you made the journey to visit your Mom before she became so ill.
Hope she has an easy passage, but even when you expect it, always hard to lose a parent-- although her passing will set her free of worldly health woes & disease.

Here is hoping for better health & life's simple joys in 2010.

Spadoman said...

Annie... My dear friend. Thanks for the thoughts. I sure need them now. These are the times when I want to be on the road, back in Mendo or Humco, feeling the power of the ocean and the wonderful feelings I get with trusted friends. Thanks.

Mel... Thanks Mel, I sure need the hugs, and we all need the prayers. Can I borrow that special angel for a while?

Ms. Sphinx... Thank you for your understanding. This is a part of life, I know, but still hard to handle.

susan... It's not so dark when friends appear. Thank you so much for your thoughts.

Fran... Thanks for the thoughts and words. Time will pass and times will change. I'll carry on and be glad I have friends.

Peace to you all, well into the New Year and infinity.