Friday, August 7, 2009

Only the Good Friday August 7, 2009

I've been away from these pages for quite a while. Traveling for weeks at a time does that, keeps you away from routine. I was sitting at the computer this morning, reading, catching up on blog posts of writers I admire. I remember it's Friday. I remember that it is the day we write only about good things. Good stories today. Find the good. Make it good. Amidst so much trouble and pain in the world, thinking people aware of it hardly know how to deal with the economy, war, hunger, racism, et al. But there is good out there as well. And it's not that we disregard the things that pain us, but rather we embrace some good and hold it.

The best thing that comes to mind today is the blog of a gal who calls herself Whimsy. She writes a blog called The Creamery. Seems like she hails from the Pacific Northwest. She is a young mother and writes about her child and her child and husband in her life. She is rather whimsical and I really like her a lot. Recently, she has been writing about the fact that she was adopted and recently got to meet her blood brother and father. This story, which is ongoing and sort of chapter-like, makes me happy and therefore is good and appropriate for Only the Good Friday, the brainstorm of Shelly Tucker, a storyteller her own self, from Texas.

Pay Whimsy a visit. Read for yourself about the family reunited. You can also find good at Mel's place. I haven't been going over there for very long. But I saw Mel's name on comments at other folks I frequent, so I went over there and find these regular "Fairy Thoughts". Her blog is called Mel's Dream. These are lessons on life. Seems like if I have something on my mind, the fairy thought of the day is right on and very helpful. Besides, I like fairies. I think they are cute and sexy. This one has all of that and is wise too. Smarter than me. And when Mel has come over to my place and read my stories and looked at the pictures of my trip out west, she comments with such genuine enthusiasm it just makes me feel good. So that's my connection to Mel and her blog and Only the Good Friday.

I didn't have to look for much. It's all right there. In fact, the Good is all around if we want it. And it's okay to look for and hang onto Good while other crap is going on. The Good takes the edge off the bad stuff. Takes your mind off of the problems. It doesn't make the problems go away, but it tempers those depressing thoughts, that is, if you want to suppress them for moments at a time. I feel thinking about something else for a spell is a good thing in and of itself. Change the course of my thoughts. Get my mind believing that there is a whole world out there and everyone in it has a story, has some bad, but also has some Good.

More Good things are my Grand kids. When I came out of the fog during my last heart surgery in 2003, I asked my Higher Power what was it all about. Why am I here? The answer was fuzzy, but here is the answer(s) I got a few years later. These great children to share the rest of my life with. These are Good things these children. And I can say they are not only Good for Friday, but they are the best for me and my life.

One of the activities Yoody likes to do when she hangs out in Spadoville.

The "D" Man, growing up way too fast.

Gracie Jayne. Goodness all around.

Anna B. We'll be spending a lot of time together next week.

Lastly, a Good thing that has happened for me is Zeke. Zeke is a dog that has come to live with us. He is a five year old Husky. He was too big to be a race dog, the path that he was bred for, so he never ran a race. He was saved from the owner/breeders gun and became a pet. He lost a leg in a car accident. Here I thought he was rustlin' some farmers chickens and got shot. I guess he was runnin' from the henhouse and got runned over. Anyhoo, like my friend Batmo says, he has one front leg, lays around a lot and he runs in the yard. He hardly ever barks and he seems to like me, at least he comes to me when I call or whistle. That is Good, to be liked and accepted. Nothing like a friend licking your hand. Another Good thing on Only the Good Friday, having a Zeke to love.

My new friend, Zeke.



Whimsy said...

Thank you so much, Spadoman. It's an honor to be included in your Friday posts.

I'm excited to check out Mel's site - it sounds lovely! And the pictures of the kids... fantastic, fantastic, fantastic (particularly Yoody with her bath goggles).

I'm also looking forward to hearing and seeing more of Zeke. What a great guy.

This Eclectic Life said...

Gracie Jane just stole my heart! I must go read Whimsy & Mel, thanks for the links.

"the Good is all around if we want it." Indeed it is! Have a great weekend, friend.

Mel said...

Oh, I'm so honored!

And ya know, I went for a visit to the places you named--tried to leave a comment and dangitall...the web browser went 'round and 'round and 'round and wouldn't let me.

I figure that's all good, too. Apparently mine was to drop by, grab a smile or two and feel the good and leave it at that.

Oh, what a tale, discovering birth parents--I like the 'real parents' aren't about whose genetics you were given....cuz that's really, really true.
And that spinning bobble.....*laughing* I'd be all about that--and I ain't a cat!

What a joyous way to spend 10 minutes--getting a peek at the kiddos in your life was enough, yaknow? The rest--icing on the cake!

Thank you sir.
Blessing to you and yours!!

billie said...

welcome zeke- can't wait to hear stories about the one leg missing dog :)

WolfMusher said...

oh Zekee Moo Forkipt has made it to the blog! He really is a great boy. He will love you no matter what and will never judge you when you are in a bad mood (or good one for that matter!) He was meant to be with you guys. He looks natural in your house:) I miss him tho!