Friday, March 29, 2013


Alligator teeth

Nice to look at until the

Gnarly jaw snaps shut

On a recent trip to Florida, we went out into the Everglades and saw many of these monsters.


Jean said...

Yeah - I'm thinking I really don't want to mess with the likes of them - yet our property in Belize may have a bunch - yikes!

Marit said...

The first photo is almost like an abstract painting - lovely! I like your haiku and I would love to visit the everglades ones... they have those weird 'boats' to go over the water/swamps is it? I saw that on tv... intriguing landscape and fantastic animals! Happy Easter dear friend!

Mel said...

Ummmm...... no thank you.

Holy cow--- I mean, I'd suffer through the warmer weather and the sunshine, sand and beach......but NO WAY would I be out there taking photos of gators!
You're a brave man.
Or a slightly insane one...LOL OR..both maybe?!
Holy cow....

Anne said...

There are scarier things in Florida than gators, but that's just my opinion!