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New Crop

Haiku My Heart
January 4, 2013

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Note: I posted this yesterday without the Haiku. I added the Haiku today.

What makes it artwork

Why not call it craftsmanship

Work with hands and heart

Just because you haven't seen me around on the blog lately doesn't mean I haven't been doing anything. I have sat myself down and completed many of the Dream Catchers that I had promised to people, some that I promised as long as a year or more ago!

Each is its own design as nature intended the wood to circle. Each has a representative of the wood, stone, metal and mineral. Each holds a spirit of some animal and each is one-of-a-kind. These are not your Chinese made sold-in-the-gift-shop-at-Grand-Canyon Dream Catchers. They are my interpretation of Native American influenced Folk Art.

Many of these pictured here today have already been sent out to new homes. Once they leave here, I don't know what happens to them. Some people believe in the idea and spirit of the Dream Catcher as a web to catch and keep away bad dreams and karma from getting to you while you sleep. Some like the decorative aspect. Once delivered, it is completely out of my control and up to the individual that receives it as to where it will reside. For all I know, they are sold for a quarter at the next neighborhood garage sale.

I was visiting a few weeks ago and stayed overnight. I went to turn off the lamp to go to bed and there was a Dream Catcher I had made adorning the lamp, right at the switch. I felt good that I had a Dream Catcher to sleep with, especially since I was sleeping in a strange place. It also made me feel good that I had made the Dream Catcher and I knew what kind of energy I put into it. By the same token, I made this particular Dream Catcher for them to have one of their own to sleep with and it ends up as a decoration in the spare room. Like I said, you just never know what will happen to them when they are sent on their journey.

As I participate with many really fine artists on sites and they show their artwork, I felt a responsibility to show mine. I am not always pleased with everything I make. I also think that in some cases, the photography does not do justice to the piece. But these are of my hands and heart.

I also have works in progress that are still Dream Catchers, but take much more time and patience to complete because of the unique nature of the specific project. I am also working on a new procedure for gourd rattles and might have a couple finished in a few weeks. There will definitely be some hand drums in my future. I have been making the above mentioned items for many years, but I am just starting to gather some momentum and trying new ideas as well. I totally have bought into the idea of creating things as another road to the health and healing of the Spirit.

So, here you have the Dream Catchers that I have made since the end of the Summer. If you want more information or would like a Dream Catcher, feel free to E-mail me and we'll discuss it.

Click 'em to big 'em

This project was made for someone that has a child that sometimes sleeps with them. I superimposed the yellow webbing over the red webbing. The red represents the child, being covered and protected by the main body.
This is a Buffalo head nickel made into a "bead"
This is Buffalo hide used as hanging decoration. The Buffalo represents many aspects of power and healing along with wisdom and strength. The individual had given me tobacco and asked for this Dream Catcher has waited a long time, but sometimes it takes a while to get an idea in my head about what should be represented.
Horse hair and a single feather on driftwood. This was sent over the ocean. I thought driftwood would be appropriate for such a journey.
The colors of the four directions, Black, Red, Yellow and White, are represented here along on the braid holders with the hair from the receiver's favorite horse that passed recently. Much of the horse hair that I use to decorate comes from other horses that these friends own. We traded horse hair for a Dream Catcher. Tobacco was giving in thanks for receiving the horse hair from their manes and tails.
The Dream Catcher in this photo and the ones above was made from a piece of dogwood, or what some people call red willow. I liked the "stalk" that protruded through the circle and kept it there. I used really long black horse tail hair and leather lacing for decoration.
I'm likely to leave the stems and pieces of wood on the twigs and branches that I bend to make the circular hoops. After all, It is not my job to change what Mother Nature has created.
Blurry, and too lazy to go take another photo, sorry.
This hoop is very delicate. Made from a very thin branch.



billie said...

i like the one with the stems and 2 feathers very much :) but they are all works of art and heart :)

Kim Mailhot said...

The Spirit moves through you in beautiful ways, Man, as you create these wonderful pieces of art. I have been blessed to have been touched by their artistry. Love and peace to you, my talented friend !

Jean said...

They all look very comforting. I would be interested in hearing more about the symbolism and how you might choose the various elements and their placement.

Mel said...

Timely--might be a good reminder to take mine down and shake it clean. Maybe that's why a good nights sleep hasn't been happening! Yup--we can do that today! (we=me supervising) LOL

They're lovely.
And you're right--you can gift it but not control how it's given a home. That you'd gift something of such profoundness in spiritual matters is humbling. I'm going to believe the recipients are overwhelmed by the presence of the spiritual when they look and 'feel' the dreamcatcher. From the photos alone you get that sense of awe and reverence. Leastwise it happens for me.
Beautiful works.
And I'm glad you explained the horse hair. LOL I was starting to feel bad for the horsies! ;-)
Ohhhhhh....and the buffalo head button is way cool!

Dawn Elliott said...

I always delighted in the concept of dreamcatchers, but have never seen any that were truly beautiful and inspired...until now. I especially love the 3rd one from the bottom, with its twiglets and feathers hanging down!

And yes, once we give things away, we have no say as to what is done with them. We can only hope they end up cherished by somebody, somewhere down the line.

Lea said...

These are beautiful my dear Mr. SHM. They are incredible to see in this display, so I can't even begin to imagine being with them in person... your art and craft of these meaningful hoops will touch many... Peace and love to you!

Stephanie said...

that timeless question

art vs craft...I feel the lines constantly blur

Your dream catchers are just beautiful, the organic shape of the wood dancing with the woven web.

peace and a happy new year to you!

carol l mckenna said...

Wow your dreamcatchers are fantastic and lovely haiku ~ Happy Weekend ^_^

(A Creative Harbor aka ArtMuseDog and Carol ^_^)

gma said...

Your craftmanship is art. These are amazing Joe. Love that you have kept true to the natural shapes and wove some of yourself into them.

Jennifer Wagner said...

Wow, nice work all around! Truly master craftsmanship.

Meri said...

thin branches contort
ends touch each other, circling
to catch random dreams

Fran aka Redondowriter said...

Thanks so much for sending us photos of your dream catchers and explaining their meanings and materials. I am particularly taken with the four directions. Yes, everything we make that we give away or sell is poofed off into the universe. I have a dream catcher hanging in my office where I'm typing, but I'm going to put it back in my bedroom. Happy new year, Joe. I hope you and the Mrs. have a great year of good health, travel and creativity.

rebecca said...

i love coming home to round circle. here every step is offered in peace and each word stirs love of life, family and the beauty and generosity of nature and our place in the circle of it all.

the love and respect you carry in your heart radiate out through everything you create.

thank you for each gift you offer with such sincerity and kindness.

love is an art as is walking the walk of peace.

J C said...

I really, really like your dreamcatchers. I used to make them and sell in the art community here,but they were always round with feathes and leather and beads. I have never seen them different shaped like these. Yours are totally awesome, very artistic and creative, and definitely shows your inner spirit. Thanks for sharing.

Grace said...

These are lovely works of art ~ I appreciate the theme of dream catchers and appreciate their mystery and spirit ~

Have a good weekend ~

Annie Jeffries said...

Dear Steve,

This is the first time I've seen the dream catchers you make. I'm struck by their irregular shapes. This seems so much more natural than a perfect circle. I like them very much.


Laura said...

beautiful works of hand and heART!!! Each unique, like our dreams and our wakeful experiences.

Paula Scott Molokai Girl Studio said...

These are EXQUISITE, Joe!! I hope you don't mind-I started a Pinterest Board on your Dream Catchers.

Fran said...

Good healing thing to do- especially in winter.

Priti Lisa said...

Hi Joe :]
As usual when I finally get here, I stay for a I got caught up with the post below that I had missed, so funny. And realistic. I don't make resolutions either, except to say each day that I resolve to try to do better than the day before.

I am completely delighted that you have shared your dream-catchers with us. My favorite thing in the world is to look at art, so I thank you for the pictures. I always wondered why with Arts and Crafts the word craft seemed to take on the "cutesy, bored housewife, hobby-ish, church rummage sale" kind of connotation. Craftsmanship
is a Master at work...the constructing of a fine art. The love and the desire to share that love and a story with Hands and Heart. I love your dream-catchers as they are pieces of you and for that very special...a gift.
I hope you resolve to continue sharing pictures of your work.
It shows your vulnerability and makes you even more lovable.

Unknown said...

Joe, your Soul shines through the mist of life's a beacon of enlightenment and joy!
Peace & Blessings....

Cheryl said...

Would you be interested in trading for my 4 paintings in red & black that you liked? Do you have eagle feathers? Let's talk.

Fallingladies said...

I have been reading your back posts since i missed so many while i was avoiding the internet... Great to see all the other dream catchers you have made... I do love mine and it will never end up in a yard sale! I am not a huggy person but if you were here i would hug you for it.