Sunday, January 6, 2013

Behind Closed Doors

Shadow Shot Sunday 2
January 6, 2013

It has been some time since I did a Shadow Shot Sunday Post. I am thrilled to be back here sharing shadows with old friends and hopefully, some new ones. I am grateful to the Molokai Girl for her motivation. To see more and to share your Shadow Shots, visit  Shadow Shot Sunday 2.

Mrs. Spadoman and I took a wander down to the American Southwest. We traveled from our home in Wisconsin to chase some warmer temperatures in the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas. We hadn't had a break from home together in quite some time and took the trip. We spent time on the road, but we also rented a small casita in Tucson, AZ and spent an entire week there.

We set up "home" and had our morning coffee, prepared meals, listened to music on our iPods, read books and magazines, visited the mountains and valleys around and attended a street fair. I smoked a few cigars at the patio table out front. It was a comfortable relaxing place and I think we will return and rent this place again next year, but plan to stay there a bit longer than one week.

The Shadow Shot was the view of the living room window every morning. The near Winter Solstice sun, low in the sky from rise to set, cast hard shadows all day long, and this image I saw each morning of the tree that had been planted near this window made it easy to sit there in silence and just be in that moment. The shadow lasted many moments, so this time sitting and being became part of the experience.

I have a place such as this at my own home at my kitchen window, which is now a sliding glass door. It was a window last year, but home improvements have changed the environment. I watch the sun far to the right, almost out of sight, when it rises in these deep cold Winter mornings. But I know as time moves forward, Ole Sol will move towards the North and be directly across the hay field by June. Luckily, it will be bright and strong very early in the morning, but by the time it starts to get hot, the shade of a locust tree will make a shadow of its own and save us from the heat streaming into the house.

Not much, and only one photo, but it is very good to be back and share shadows with you all.



somepinkflowers said...

i love so much
how these long shadows
make us stop
really look at a thing...

hot summer sun is So Obvious
with nothing to show
for its self
but these long winter sunBeams
sneak in
and crawl across the window frame
and on across the floor ...

THEY are the ones
with soul ...

thanks for sharing your shadow
story today, spadoman.

nice to think of you & yours
moving off
for a week
to see things
from a different point of view.

Gemma Wiseman said...

A huge welcome back! I was so surprised to see your comments on my blogs!
Love these gentle, shadowy tones of curtain and window!
Your time away sounds wonderful!

Mel said...

Okay--that's cool!

What a pretty shadow to spend your morning with. I'm a sunrise kinda gal--no curtains on the east side to obstruct the view! Though, I've got the prism's in the window, so my shadows are hugely colourful and dance on the walls.

It's good to see you back with the shadow shots. I'd made many remarks about learning to LOOK for the shadows when you were posting before--kinda lost track of that in the hubbub of life. Maybe I can do that now-- from a sitting position! ;-)

Chubskulit Rose said...

Welcome back and that is a beautiful comeback shot!

I am catching up with the Shadow Shot entries before the next round comes.
Shadows Shot, your comment will be greatly appreciated!

Lea said...

Love this and how these two pictures are so similar...