Friday, December 7, 2012

Sacred Earth Mother

A Virgin a Day and Haiku My Heart
Virgin Business From:   Day 8 from 2010, Day 4 from 2011, Day 7 this year
A new Haiku for today, December 7, 2012

This A Virgin a Day is another Repost from years past. This one represents how I feel about our connectedness to the Sacred Mother Earth. I believe the natural earth is indeed the Mother of us all and nurtures, heals and allows us to live. There is a distinct connection between Mother Mary, Mother Earth and all of Womankind.

Our Lady of Guagalupe

A Virgin a Day is the title of this Meme Project. It is a tribute to Our Lady of Guadalupe. It started on December first and will culminate on the Feast Day of Our Lady of Guadalupe, which is December 12th.Of course I continue to dedicate all of these posts to my Mother, Carmelina Rosa Caruso Spado. A memorial to her love and devotion to her family, and to the Blessed Virgin Mary. 
To participate, see Rebecca’s recuerdo mi corazon blog. There, you will get more definition and instructions as well as see other’s submissions, which, If I may add, are quite fascinating, artistic, poetic and bold.

Haiku My Heart

Sacred Earth Mother

Connected to Mary's soul

We are related

A Virgin a Day and today's Haiku. Yes, Mother Earth. The Supreme Mother of all of us, but a virgin? Well, think of it this way. She renews herself constantly, always fresh and pure is the water that comes up in her springs, even after we pollute it with waste and chemicals, she purifies the water for our renewal. The water, the life blood, our life blood, the life blood of the Sacred Earth Mother. We do our best to pollute the water and the air, but the Earth Mother renews and allows us to breathe and drink.
We blemish her body with scars from war, mining, buildings, roads and general disregard. We heap trash onto and into her, but she contains and holds and renews for us. The soil regenerates for plant growth naturally. Ever see a place where nothing is growing? Even the rockiest and driest of all desert landscapes, or the icy netherlands of the coldest places, have life. One seed can sprout and grow a plant just as one was made into a Man God in the form of Jesus Christ from Mary’s womb. 
Mother Earth takes all of the suffering in the form of mankind’s waste and garbage, just as Mary is said to take mankind’s suffering, and gives us healing. One in the same.
In Northern Minnesota, they used to mine iron ore. There are huge abandoned open pit mines, not only there, but in many places on Earth. An example of the power of the Sacred Earth Mother is that these places, once scars and open wounds on Mother Earth, are tree covered beautiful places now that the mining has stopped, some with lakes teeming with fish, and habitat to protect other plant and animal species. Just as we heal from scars, just as we heal from what happens to us.

The womb of Mother Earth is everywhere. Life can and does spring forth. Try as we might to scar her, tread on her, soil her, deplete her, she rises and gives us more. There is always a place, the Sacred Earth Mother provides for us. Even the barren desert is shelter to some living organism Even the rocks and trees have spirits.

I can easily make a connection between The Blessed Virgin Mary and Mother Earth as one in the same. They both are Sacred. They both are the Mother of all things. One is the other, or at least epitomizes each other. 
The Blessed Virgin is steady, and has led mankind to God in her mission. She does this constantly and never fails in moving forward on that mission. Never faltering in her attempt to free mankind from bondage.
Mother Earth is the same. The sunrise is never late. Unbending intent, can be said, to show how the sun, moon and stars align in an unfaltering rhythm, day after day, year after year, millennium after millennium.

My presentation today, Day 8 of this Virgin Project, is Earth. Mother Earth. It’s part of the language. We say “Mother Earth”. She is known to most everyone by that moniker, just as Catholics and Non Catholics alike know who Our Blessed Virgin Mary is.
The Queen of Heaven is allowed to stand upon the Sacred Earth Mother

The blood, skin, bones and hair of mankind and animals, along with the plant life and decomposition make the soil. Mother Earth then, is all of us. The Universe is all of us. God is all of us, and makes no distinction. Cold makes everything cold, heat the same. Mother Earth will swallow you, whether in a box or as an ash, and we all will revert back for renewal.
The Mother of The Blessed Virgin is Mother Earth. I thank the Sacred Earth Mother for giving us so much, for giving us Mary, for giving us a Higher Power that we can see everyday in the heavens as stars at night, and the brightness of the sky in the day, for feeding us and taking away our thirst.
Think about it.


Delphyne said...

Beautiful post, Spadoman.

If I did not make the connection between Mother Earth and Mary/The Black Madonna - I would never have accepted Mary/The Black Madonna as real and never would have understood anything about Mother Earth.

Thank you for this really beautiful post - I didn't read it last year and am glad you reposted it.

somepinkflowers said...

{{ dear Brother,
as we R all related,
you are a Master Story*Teller
and i look forward
to hearing more ...

thank goodness
Sacred Earth Mother
has vision far~reaching
as she sends Peace to so many,
my friend,
you ... }}

Dawn Elliott said...

I am thinking about it all - very thought provoking and nurturing post today, Joe. I agree, we do everything we can to pollute and desecrate our mother, yet she holds steady in her renewal. She deserves your heartfelt tribute, as well as our deepest respect and honor. I hope mankind can rise to that notion sometime very soon.

GlorV1 said...

Very beautiful and intense post Spado. Happy that you reposted. Beautiful image of the "Queen of Heaven." Thank you.

Barbara said...

What a beautiful and sacred connection you have made between Mary our mother and Mother Earth. And further, the way you connected all of us to them both through the soil. Thought-provoking. and your haiku describes this perfectly! Beautiful post!

Kim Mailhot said...

This post is so beautiful, Man. I love the imagery you used to describe Mother Earth/Mother Mary and what she offers to us. I am thankful everyday for her many gifts and her incredible strengths.
Sending you love and peace, My Friend.

Meri said...

We are of one mind in our posts today, dear friend.

A Bit of the Blarney said...

A very powerful post!!! Well said! Thank you! Cathy

Priti Lisa said...

You are the most enlightened soul Joe. I love how you tie everything together and put a big bow on top and share it with us.
You are one of the best writers♥♥♥

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

Being related is the sacred piece of everyone's life.

Mary in Disguise

Stephanie said...

I hope she can keep it up...we are taxing her pretty severely.

You have given us much food for thought here...


foxysue said...

Dear Joe, thank you so much for this post it is a gift to treasure, makes me feel so blessed to have become 'friends'. You are inspirational!

Love Ms Foxy. x

Hettienne Grobler said...

I remember this post from last year and I enjoyed it even more this year in the light of other sharings. Mother Earth, Gaia, Heartha, Sophia, Maria, our Succour, our Mother is a topic very close to my heart. May we all honour, respect and love Mother Earth, our home and all her creatures, both great and small

Mark said...

In the realm of the sacred, there are ONLY connections!

Last Night’s Tea Flowers

Lea said...

Where I live, we too have scars where the earth has been torn and gauged, greedily sucked dry, left broken and ruined... and it is a miracle to see that over time, beauty emerges once again... Thank you for your words yesterday, you do understand, it shows in your writing, in your choice of words and images, in your willingness to see... and in the sacred words of your haiku... Love to you and Mrs. Spadoman.

Mel said...

As I finished reading, I glanced out the window to snow.

SNOW! :-)

Fluffy, pretty, white, floating snow....

Mother Earth is gracing us with snow! You're missing it!!