Sunday, December 23, 2012


We watch the weather and comment about its ferocity or lack of it thereof. We put labels on it that pertain to what we want to do outside of our homes during that time or how comfortable we are living with what the Sacred Earth Mother hath given us.

This morning, I’m up early and waiting for the sky to lighten. My view is to the Southeast and the faintest light will start to peek from that direction soon. Yesterday, it was a pinkish orange and blue. The sun was evident, but hidden behind a few low clouds. Cold, just 5 degrees fahrenheit.

This morning, at this early hour before daylight, the longest period of darkness this year is punctuated by an outside temperature of 10 degrees. The high will be 19 with partly sunny skies and a light wind out of the North. There is snow covering the ground.

I sit here, inside, and can’t hear the furnace keeping the house at an even 68 degrees. It is efficient, as compared to the older energy sucking appliances of the past. My use of natural gas has lowered considerably since we installed the new furnace in 2010. I think I could go outside and start a fire in the back yard fire pit, but I don’t have the drive to do so. Yet if I were to act on this ‘feeling’, I certainly can see and imagine the warmth as I sat there staring into the flames.

Sure, there is the fireplace in the living room. That wouldn’t take getting dressed and would still emanate heat and sooth the soul with the gazing I would do. It would be a meeting place where any family members that were to hear it and desire to do so, would share it. I see a strong cup of coffee in my future as I sit there.

The rest of my day will be to make one more batch of Italian bakery to serve at our Christmas table. I will do some prepping for other dishes I will serve tomorrow when the family comes over en masse.

That’s how we do it here at Spadoville. A table full of food, seasonable delicacies, that we all share only at Christmas or other special occasions. These foods have meaning to our family gatherings and evoke special memories and feelings.

I love to cook for friends and family, be it Christmas or any other celebration. This year, I am remembering my Mother the most, how I used to help her prepare, especially in her later years when she had a harder time of wielding the heavy pots and pans around the kitchen. I want to make things that she provided when she was here with us. Baccala’, Aglio et olio pasta, crostoli and cannoli.

I’ll have my work cut out for me tomorrow morning as I cook. I’ll do the preparation today, chopping and making sure the large pots and pans are clean, all the ingredients are on hand and everything is ready to go.

After Christmas Eve, it’s all over. We’ll eat left overs and hope that someone comes over to eat some of the cookies, washed down with a cup or two of Steve’s great Smokey Double Dark Coffee. There are no guests expected Christmas Day, and we don’t have plans to go anywhere. Our daughters have plans of their own.

Anyway, that’s all that’s on my mind. I’m in a slump of sorts with telling stories, but I did want to check in and say to all of you, Merry Christmas.



Kim Mailhot said...

Merry Christmas, Man.
Enjoy the sweet times with your family and food of love, and those quiet times, gazing at the view, inside or out. Those are the gifts, afterall, aren't they ?
Much love to you !

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

Merry Christmas to you, Spadoman. I wish I could join you at the fire pit!

Mel said...

Let 'em come and build the fire! (that's only cuz I'm all about lounging around in jammies and staying comfy right now...LOL) Two birds, one stone. ;-)

And this morning it's a tangerine sky out the study window--the view I'm graced with in the wee hours of the morning as I enjoy my coffee from a thermos.

Awww--it all sounds typically YOU, sir. And a bit like me--sometimes I'm raring to go...other times notsomuch. But the feast and the festivities with the kiddos--what a kick to get to surround yourself with all that noise and chaos, food and fun! On the other hand, there's something to be said for the quietness of just the two of us, tree lights lit and a warm blanket for cozying up under. It's a 'minimal' holiday here--and in part, I'm glad for that given the circumstances. The only pressure comes from me, of course. But I'll let that go and just BE.
Maybe we'll colour the cast and make pretties on it in celebration! :-/ Or.......maybe not! LOL

Joyous Noel!
Seasons Greetings!
Merry Christmas to you and yours, sir.
Hug 'em tight and enjoy the squeals of joy from those young ones.


Fran said...

Swinging by to say Hi. WE had a bunch of savory noshing, then this year tried *Tofurky*.
As my son put it-- it is an acquired taste. Working on both sides of a holiday is weird.
Monday was dullsville, wednesday will probably be slammed.

WE had a nice X mas w the son who lives here locally. He's soon to lose his job so many of the gifts we gave are practical & provisions.

He apologized for being broke this year.
No need. We know.
AS we age it is more about getting together, having a special meal & thanful to be together another year.

Made a point of having people leave with plates of goodies & food.
better out than in!

Off for beauty rest.... had to set the alarm for tomorrow.


Jean said...

Hope you had a lovely Christmas!

Mel said...

(((((((( Spadoman ))))))))

Just checking in. I'm fairly hopeful you had an awesome time with the kiddos and grandkiddos. They're such great fun....and they offer up messes like no other (and give us reason to create a mess along with 'em!).
Bit of snow in this area today--alas, not snowman snow, but whitestuff all the same.
It brightens up the muted colours of winter, and I don't have to trek around in it...yet....LOL

You and yours be safe--and enjoy the quietness that happens once the glitzyness of the season passes. And plan for the New Year celebration, maybe? Hats! Noisemakers! MORE messes! ;-)

rebecca said...

dear all,
i started early friday with such a bright hope for the day. so many haiku to visit, so many bright promises to fulfill. my day turned quickly on its heels into what became a living hell. for the last three weeks i have been battling extreme health concerns, i share this only to explain why i have been so hard pressed in visiting and leaving comments. yesterday took me to the very edge and this morning although i made it through an adverse med reaction with horrible vertigo, i am weak and undone. i do not like to write about my health issues, something i combat everyday to stay upright and among the living. but i see more and more of our haiku family dwindling away and i am sure many may have mistaken why, and taken it personally that i have failed to visit. this morning i am going to stay up long enough to be sure you all know that you have brought me comfort in my darkest hours without even knowing. for your kindness and patience i thank you with all my heart.