Thursday, September 20, 2012

Laying Low

Haiku My Heart
September 21, 2012

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Blowing in the wind

Immune to trouble until

I crash and burn

Last Sunday, while on a leisurely motorcycle ride towards home with my good friend Steve, I was involved in a crash. My motorcycle is a total loss, according to the insurance adjuster. My face lost in this wreck as well. I lost many teeth and will have dentures as soon as the swelling goes down to a point where they can work at restoring my upper teeth. The stitches come out next Monday. I don't know how many the surgeon put on the inside and outside of my mouth, but the scar will run from the middle of my lower lip to the left, to the lower part of my left cheek.

Photo taken Monday, one day after the crash

I do have one broken bone, my right cheekbone, otherwise, the C/T scan showed no internal bleeding or broken bones anywhere else, the bleeding being a concern because I still take blood thinners ever since last Winter's heart fiasco. Just some heavy bruising, especially in my rib cage on the upper left side. A few scratches on my left leg in the shin area and my already bad shoulders that suffer from torn rotator cuffs are more sore than usual with the left arm not having any lifting capacity.

The majority of the pain is coming from my broken teeth and the stitches, which go from the middle of my lower lip down and to the left side of my face, below the mouth to my chin. I'm scheduled for a dental surgeon on Monday afternoon to see the extent of the damage. I'm sure I'll have teeth in a jar at my bedside, yet another harbinger of geezerhood.

Without reliving the entire episode, I will tell you that a car coming towards me on a well marked newly paved two-lane rural Wisconsin highway, came over the double yellow line into my lane. I avoided the head-on collision and took the roadside ditch. Things can happen in an instant to anyone at any time. Why me? Why at this particular moment in my life or another person's life? There is no answer except to say it happened and I survived. The other car left the scene quickly and immediately and left me in the ditch bleeding.

Photo taken early this morning showing the bruising below my chin and on my cheek and around my right eye

I'm going to be on the mend for a while. I'll be around, but not in the mood to sit upright in a desk chair for hours on end. Just thought you'd like to know that I'm alive, I'll mend, and that I am still one tough son-of-a-bitch



Jeannie said...

Hate to use the phrase but OMG!

I'm glad you are still kicking but man, you are in rough shape. Scary stuff. Hope you heal quickly and well.

This is the kind of thing that scares me about bikes - just not enough protection for the riders when something goes wrong. Makes me wonder if they should make you wear suits of armour! Wouldn't that be a sight! And a mite awkward.

Take care of yourself. Will you be getting another bike for next year ya think?

Unknown said...

Oh, dear me. I am so sorry this happened to you.

I'm too much of a wuss to ever jump on the back of a motorbike, let alone drive one myself.

I have only had a ride on a motorcycle once: a friend in high school, a girl, gave me a lift to my after-school job, about ten miles away. It was cool and weird all at once...

Take good care, Mr. Spado!

Mel said...

JUST in time for Talk Like A Pirate Day--which undoubtedly was a very quiet day for you, given the state of affairs.


The good news is you're okay even if you are battered, bruised and broken.
Slowing things down shouldn't be this painful.......

Rest. Recline. Let healing happen, matey!
Arrrrrrhh! :-D

Kim Mailhot said...

One tough and crazy strong son-of-a-bitch, who obviously still has some road to travel in this world !
Sending gentle soothing love and healing thoughts to you, Man.Go slow to go fast, as my Mommy-guru says.
Love ya !

Unknown said...

I'm really sorry to hear what had happened to you. You should stay strong and show that bastard that you are still alive and willing to wait until the pain mends. You are a real tough man. You've proven that.

rebecca said...

i am speechless.
life is full of mystery at every turn of the road. i cannot believe another human being would act so unconscionably. to be so reckless in their judgement while driving, and then to leave another to fend for themselves when they are desperately in need of help.
sending you soothing pain free healing.
so glad you are here in the land of the living, so sorry for your pain and suffering.

foxysue said...

Dear Joe, my heart bleeds for you in so much pain, I'm sending soothing thoughts over to you. Like you say we never know what will come next, but be assured of warm fellow feeling.

Sue x

somepinkflowers said...

clearly, spadoman,
you have something
to teach
the world

why else
such a near-miss?

thank goodness
for this time
to sit

reflect more
on why you
Are ...

{{ am thinking
of all the hugs
you must B
how many prayers of thanksgiving have gone Up
for your safety
and speedy recovery... }}

in my family we say
""scars are for kissing""

carol l mckenna said...

Sending you lots of healing hugs (reiki style) ~ so glad you survived rather well considering the alternatives ~ no more 'modeling shows' at the moment, huh? Gad ~ you are in my prayers for a speedy, strong recovery ~ (A Creative Harbor)

Priti Lisa said...

Horrific! But you already look better than you did on Monday...Still in my prayers. And your haiku is a good one♥♥♥

Rachel said...

Sending prayers your way for a speedy recovery, peace to you!

Stephanie said...

so very sorry to hear of all your broken teeth and bruises...

so very happy that you are otherwise OK. I cannot believe the person did not stop, this seems to happen more and more lately.

heal quickly...BE careful.

Dawn Elliott said...

You are always out for adventures...and sometimes it ain't so grand! Glad to hear that you're a tough SOB, alive, and on the mend...geez!!!
"Yet another harbinger of geezerhood" could sell that line! Good luck with your've got to be strong for San Miguel, no? Thinking of you...

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

I am thanking God for sparing your life, and for making you one tough son of a bitch! :)

gma said...

dearest Joe...I sent you thoughts of safe travels while you were away....should have kept those thoughts in mind after you returned home. Hope you are feeling better soon.

Fallingladies said...

Well, i stopped back now that i had a little more time, and you do look a bit improved in the seond picture, even with all the bruising. And i AM sending positive thoughts your way, hope each day feels a little easier!

joanne said...

wow, you really took a header! Sorry, hope you heal well and husband rides a bike too, and I worry when he's out;;;;

Annie Jeffries said...

Wow, Steve. That's just bad. And the car left??? No witnesses I suppose so he's in the wind. Very glad you are still with us. The angels were working overtime, for sure.

Lea said...

Joe. I can't believe this... I am shocked, mostly because I can feel how close it could have been to your not not being here... I guess that is just it, every moment is precious. I am so grateful that your friend was with you and that you were not alone. I hope that wind blows gentle healing, soothing, ache releasing, strengthening to you from all directions. Much peace and love to you...

Chèvrefeuille said...

An extraordinary event ... caught in a nice haiku. I am glad you've survived.

Fran said...

Whoah! That is some serious sh#t!
I'm sure that all your years of being on the road caused you to make the best split second decision to avoid something worse & unthinkable.

I was hit by a car while riding a pedal bicycle & the next day I felt like I had been beaten by a gorilla.

I hope each day lightens up w the pain & discomfort, sometimes just getting stitches out helps mellow out things.

You are alive!

Don't be shy w the pain meds-- this kind of thing is what they are designed for.
You don't have to tough that out- just to help you get through the worst of this.

Each day more healing will happen.

You will find new perspective.
What does not kill us makes us stronger......