Sunday, September 23, 2012

Thoughts on a Sunday Morning

There is an old joke that we here in the Spadoman household say to each other all the time. It goes like this:

Perpetrator:   "Does your face hurt?"

Victim:          "No, why?"

Perpetrator:    "Because it's killing me!"

Then the perp laughs and points his or her finger. Observers laugh too.

These days, no one is saying that joke because they know that my face does indeed hurt. The stitches are itchy and some parts of where I am stitched up are sore. My mouth is sore inside and out. A large bruise on the left side of my face has a very sore lump underneath my chin, and the inside lower gum is very sore. Besides that, the tooth they took out last Monday because it was sort of hanging down out of its socket into my mouth has developed Dry Socket, or, infection. That really hurts. Besides these areas, I'm still sore all over, but the swelling is down, the black and blue parts are turning pink again and I'm sleeping pretty good with the help of Vicodin.

Tomorrow, I go to the VA and have the stitches removed, which I'm sure will be quite a job with the beard hairs I have grown since not being able to shave are the same length and look just like the stitches. I'm sure there will be some pulling of beard hair thinking it is a stitch and that will sting like the dickens.

After the stitch removal, I go back to the dentist and get a plan as to what they're going to do to replace the teeth I have lost and repairs to whatever else they find. (I'm worried about that lump and my sore gum). So, the day will be a busy one for me. I see myself at the VA pretty much all day.

In the meantime, my motorcycle is a total loss. I had insurance and I will pay the $250.00 deductible. The Insurance company will pay off the loan and send me a check for the rest as I did have equity in the value of the bike versus what I owed on the loan. I get rid of the bike payment as well and won't have to have it insured any longer and will save more there. Unless I buy another bike and make a loan, I'll save some money every month.

Many of my friends go beyond wishing me a speedy recovery. Some mention the idea of not riding motorcycles ever again. One friend called to suggest I buy a sports car instead of a motorcycle. I had already been thinking about the idea of long distance travel by myself and how much harder it is since last years heart problems.

Sure, I tell you the highlights, but I don't go into detail about the bad stuff. I admit it to myself and then decide if I will proceed. I did push the envelope with the 860 mile marathon I pulled off last Tuesday. I did it, but it wasn't without a lot of pain and discomfort. I have to realize and accept the fact that my old body can't be doing stuff like that any longer without being uncomfortable.

It is just plain hard to be like I was when I was younger and in better health.
Anyway, the thought is that for now, I will not buy another motorcycle and I will scrutinize my future of such activity over the Winter. Besides, I have a lot of projects that I have set aside all Summer. Now that the weather is cooling off to the point that it is no longer pleasant to hang around outside and the daylight hours are shorter and shorter each day, I'll have more time to be inside and catching up on so many things that I do want to accomplish.

I am motivated by others when I go to their pages and see their artistic creations. Yes, I do imagine myself as an artist and now even have some space to spread out my works as none of them are ever completed in a single day. If you want a Dream Catcher or Rattle or a genuine pair or matching set of Ojibway Woodland Snowshoes, now is the time to order.

To stop doing something I truly love, like riding a motorcycle, is a hard decision to make. I realize I don't have to make that decision today. There is no plan that must be executed before a certain date. As the mood strikes is the way I'll proceed, but wouldn't you know it? Leo's South, a motorcycle dealer in Southwest Minneapolis, sent me an e-mail as if it was right on cue, that all of their current inventory is reduced in price and there are incentives to encourage buyers to step forward. I mean, how did they know I lost my bike and needed another one? Do they read my Blog? Are they monitoring Facebook?

I didn't respond to the ad, but I did check out their used inventory until I got tired of sitting upright and needed to get into that comfortable reclined position that I have recently found to be so soothing lately.

I just want to say Thank You, loud and clear, to all of you that care about me and sent good wishes for a speedy recovery. I can't tell you how much I appreciate your friendship. If you'll excuse me, I have a Dream Catcher started and I hope I'll finish it today.



Kim Mailhot said...

No need to decide today, Man. Rest, enjoy the love vibes flowing your way, keep yourself as comfortable as possible and live this precious day.
I will be sending you light and love as you face the challenges of tomorrow.
Deep breaths and peace in this moment, my Friend.

marshagreenfield said...

oh, dear. i am so glad you can still write about it. close call, too close . i say go ahead and be an artist.

Jeannie said...

At least you are well enough to gripe, right? :)

I'm no doctor but that lump might be "just" a hematoma. I had one on my hip after the surgery - it's blood I think - that pools at the injury site - in the flesh or something. It can take a while to go away.

Healing can be uncomfortable. It's a bugger though - that you know you'll be able to pick up a great deal on a bike at this time of year (as opposed to spring when it's a seller's market) but whether or not you will be up to driving one is something else again. I noticed a lot of those trikes out this year - looked like fun - and maybe a bit more stable than a bike. - They probably have more comfy seats too - but I don't know what the scoop is about how cool they are. I could get behind a little sports car too - a little convertible... or even a jeep for that matter although I've heard the modern ones are pretty crappy as
quality went down the tubes for the mass market. Still, wind through your hair and all that.

Since a new bike sounds like you'll need a loan, maybe having one sitting all winter isn't the best use of your money - you could be saving that loan payment, and the insurance and put it toward whatever you decide on in the spring - bring down the amount of loan you'll need and by then, you'll know more what is in your best interest. If you can bear to wait out that initial surge to buy in the early spring, there will be some bargains to enjoy by July.

In the mean time, let the winter be a time to heal and dream.

Anne said...

Take 'er slow, Joe. Hope it all stops hurting soon. Hey, my Spadoman dreamcatcher needs some repair, since it was attacked by a very naughty cat a while back. Could I send it to you?
Peace, bro.

Ed Callahan said...

I'm a bit younger Joe, and I don't think I could pull of a 860 mile ride in a day. Your recent troubles are overshadowing that accomplishment.

There's lots of ways to be happy. You're clearly a competent rider and have years of riding left if you want them, this incident is just back luck. Nothing wrong with a nice sport car either, and it would be easier for Barb to tag along with you that way. What you want to do bike-wise will crystallize this winter.

Anyways, be nice to yourself. Peace man.

Mel said...

Well, I'll just be hopeful they were able to tell the difference between the whiskers and the stitches cuz MAN that would hurt like crazy....especially when it's already hurting like crazy.
And I'll hope there's an easy/quick solution for what's left of the mouth. The cheekbone is gonna be a time deal--and asking you to take the time to heal.....LOL....well, let's just say I'm not that keen on signing up for 'rest' and 'heal time'.
I think my best healing is done as I DO and keep moving. Unfortunately, I'm surrounded by people and medical professionals who mighta agreed with me once-upon-a-time.....but no longer do. *sigh* Welcome to "I ain't what I used to be!"

But I ain't 6 foot under either--and neither are you.
There's this thing called depression/sadness that comes after major heart/health issues. I know you KNOW that...and I know that you know that's atop of the existing ones.
Which brings me to HERE. TODAY and NOW.
Which is all that really needs to be dealt with--as folks have already pointed out.

I think it's cuz we care about you--and we have a sense of what that wanderlust MEANS to you.
And nothing has to be decided today.
That's a cool thing, actually.

Dream catcher away! Get creative and put those bits of you into whatever's in front of you. You know, those bits that make the recipients of your art go 'whoooooaaaaa.......' in awe.

<-- has been one of the recipients
<-- went 'whooooooaaaaa....' in awe

Fran said...

Yea, don't agonize with final/big decisions about future riding right now. That's too heavy a thing to deal with. Just to table it for now puts that whole topic to rest. Healing & Winter plans are in order.

Focus on healing-- and don't be shy w the herbals and homeopathic stuff either.
Comfrey is great for bone healing & healing in general.
Arnica is a top choice right after big trauma- both internal & external topical.

Give yourself time to meditate, burn some good sage/incense, breathe & think about healing,
that time to relax & heal really does help get the mind & body/spirit in tune to healing.

chewing is probably tough now, so get some fresh juice, smoothies, keifer-- all those things
that are good for you.

Time to s*l*o*w w*a*y d*o*w*n.
The body is amazing in how it can heal, but you have to listen to it.... rest & chill.
But also do it mindfully- get fresh veggies & such by having them juiced to nourish your body.

Maybe if the weather is cooperating you can take some small walks to keep you moving... slow, steady, ease back into it.

Get well.... in time

Pamela said...

Hey Joe I left a longer comment but it was eaten by the Blog Fairy. To bike not to bike is a day at a time question too, huh? For now anyhooo. If you feel inclined I'd love a Dream Catcher for my studio...maybe like 7 ins across or so and if that idea appeals I could offer sandwiches, shekels, barter and hugs. You've been an artist all the time I've known you, Joe, it's not whether you're putting stuff together all the time or not, it's part of a person. And it's part of YOU, always has been. Enjoy the creatin' and hope it helps take your mind off the pain and changes-for-the-time-being. With love and healing coming atcha.