Saturday, May 26, 2012

Memorial Day 2012

It's been 42 years and 3 months since I returned home from the American war in Vietnam. Not a day goes by that I don't have some kind of remembrance  from that experience. Good, bad or indifferent, I relive being there in some way shape or form. In November, when Veterans Day rolls around, I have strong thoughts as well as on Memorial Day, which is being celebrated this weekend.

There is a huge sale at Home Depot. Walmart is open, as are all the corporation stores. People work on holidays. They are not off at the lake, fishing. They are not free to attend the parade of guns and ammo that show our country's might. Makes me wonder about the propaganda films that we saw in the 1960's of what we called "Red China" and the USSR. Parades of tanks and soldiers in lock step, like Hitler's Nazis. How are our parades any different on Memorial Day?

They are different for different people. Some folks actually memorialize those that have served their country. They honor those that actually thought they were fighting for someone's freedom and not for a corporate czar to make money off the war effort. There are some that remember what it was like to face bullets and shrapnel and watch their Brothers and Sisters die in combat.

I'm one of the latter. I wish I could go back in time and stand up to the government that perpetuated the war and tell them, "No, I won't fight and kill for you any more".
But I can't. And time has passed. All I can do is remember those that have fallen before me either on the battlefield or from emotional and physical wounds that are the direct result of being a Warrior, a combat infantryman, a soldier. Someone in service to their country, their family and their community.

Enjoy your weekend. Pray for Peace and an end to war. As we Bless America, Bless the world. Pray that other nations put an end to war as well. Stop the killing.

I will leave you with an essay I wrote years ago. I post it pretty much every Memorial Day. This year will be no exception.

May Peace prevail on the Sacred Earth Mother

The Warrior

Veterans are Warriors, men and women who are trained to kill, for society. Men and women who have taken the life of another human being. Even those Veterans that did not see action in the form of combat signed up or were drafted and followed orders. They would have given their life if asked. They would kill if they thought, at any brief moment in the throes of war, that they had to. 

All soldiers, no matter what their military occupation is, are taught how to go to combat before learning any other skill or specialty. In basic training, these killing skills are taught to every soldier. Killing is the soldier warrior's job. The warrior is somehow stripped of the belief that life is too sacred to erase, then they are taught the details of exactly how to kill people. With a weapon, with their hands.

They are forced to practice it over and over again until it is automatic, regardless of how scared they may be. Even if their hearts are pounding or if they are scared senseless, these warriors can still load, fire, and erase the life of the human being identified as the enemy. They kill, if not for themselves, for the soldier next to them who is a trained killer like them. A Brother or Sister, and for the society that has required their services as a killer. 

Everyone who is trained to kill has lost something of themself and must find a way to control the imbalance that results. The military calls that control "self-discipline." Without it we would have millions of Timothy McVeigh's eliminating their perceived enemies with the lethal skills that they were trained for. These skills given to them with the approval of the rest of society. The military does not want nor allow this same “self discipline” to weigh in during the wartime activity. 

We demand the warrior be disciplined and control themselves but when they return we treat them terribly. For those who have taken a life in a war and dealt with death, this discipline is a life-long struggle that is never truly resolved. They see the dead and relive the killings in their dreams. The soldier who kills another soldier or civilian comes home and one day realizes that there is a family somewhere in the world, in their own home, lacking a cherished family member. There are children who no longer have a Father, Mother or Brother, Women without their husbands and husbands without their wives. No chance to fulfil the dream of growing old together. 

That soldier who took a life may look at their own children when they get home, perhaps even years later, hug that child, and think about another child whose daddy or mommy they killed. How easy it would be for his or her child to be the parentless one. That soldier, trying to become a human being again, will not know what to say to anyone on this earth about this feeling. They will wonder if anybody understands what they are feeling, or if anyone can. They may be able to share this feeling only with another Veteran, yet feel ashamed at reminding that Veteran of what he or she is also struggling to deal with. Worried that if he or she talks about it, they might be judged as bragging.

The real warrior is abandoned into silence. They fall upon the discipline that was introduced in them but they fall alone. Many Veterans forever fight this never-resolved battle. 

Listen to the Vietnam War Veterans. Listen to how they were received when they returned to this country. Listen to the Gulf War Vets that must fend for themselves as the very government that asks them to lay down their bodies vote down funding for proper and substantial treatment of their wounds. 

In the case of the returning Vietnam Veterans, some were spat upon. Others had to withstand an onslaught of name calling that included things like baby killer and murderer. Society does not know this agent of death that is a warrior. It does not possess the skills nor the knowledge to reintegrate these people into society. Society asked them to kill on its behalf, but does little to return the warrior to a rightful place as a caring, compassionate member of a family and community. 

They ask us to kill and teach us this skill, but not how to heal.

Can the community do anything to help with this return to so-called normal society? The Warrior Veteran needs to be brought back into the Circle of Life. How can they find spiritual peace and understanding from the community? Only if the circle of their community is a healing circle.

Does the community ever rent a room, invite the Veterans, feed and honor them and listen to their stories of the atrocities of war or the horrors of being the deliverer of death to another by accident or for survival? When do they hear about arms blown off a man who walked down a road not knowing mines were there? Who will listen to the warrior's scramble for words that describe an incoming napalm strike on a village? Who hears the break in their voices? 

These things happened. The blood and destruction has been seen by the Veteran. The community must acknowledge the sacrifice their Veteran was willing to give. Society and the community can not know and understand or postulate a reason for what has happened, for that same society and community allowed the war either by electing people into office or by sitting by and watching war upon war unfold without lifting a finger to stop it.

Who will sit and listen to the stories of these Veterans? Will the people of the community come forward and listen or will the Veteran be doomed to the darkness of a house where no one visits? Will the people lean down to say hello to the Veteran in the wheelchair whose legs are missing because they were blown off in a battle, or will they cross the street in avoidance?

Many Veterans that seem like they are of sound body suffer with the intrusive thoughts of having to experience death first hand and in many cases, by their own hand. They are also in darkness. A Veteran struggling with his thoughts as he tries to understand PTSD is forever and constantly bombarded by shame, guilt, depression, anger, confusion and loneliness.

This Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder is grossly misunderstood by most people. Some even say things like, “Get a life” or “Get over it.” when they hear of a Veteran that asks for disability for the loss of control of his own life from the struggles with PTSD.

A warrior is a hunter with death and blood on their hands and real horror to relive in their dreams. They are the ignored and too often the wounded walking suicide-to-be. They are the men and women with visions that they cannot, but want to, leave behind. They constantly try to be sorry for their actions but fail because the destruction of their own heart will not allow it. The blackness is there, forever. 

The Warrior accepts the inevitable truth that they will live and die lonely as they struggle to be understood.

Think of these things the next time you see a Veteran. And remember, those who the Warrior fought because they were told they were the enemy are Warriors too. They and their families will suffer the same as “our side”. They also have PTSD. The Mothers and Fathers of those also cry at the loss of a loved one. Brothers and Sisters, Grandmothers and Grandfathers will miss them. We are all on the same side as far as issues with our Warriors.

The Native American communities have been stepping forward for many many years. They welcome back their Warriors. They have ceremonies and honoring Pow Wow’s for the Veterans. They are not glad there is war. But they realize this. The Veteran, drafted or enlisted, whether a regular Army soldier or a National Guard member who was deployed into war, was following orders because they took an oath. They were all willing to sacrifice their own life if need be. They accepted the pain and suffering that happens to them as a Warrior from witnessing the death and destruction firsthand. This is what is honored in the Veteran. Honor the Warrior, not the war.

After Vietnam, society had much confusion about the war. Let us not make the same errors in the way we treat our Veterans that are returning from Iraq and Afghanistan. Let us make ammends to ALL Veterans from ALL eras, combat and non-combat. 

Honor the dead. Heal the wounded. Work for Peace and End All War
Do this often, not just this weekend. Stop judging others. Stop hating people for their different religious beliefs, sexual orientation, politics and Race. Follow the Golden Rule as this is how you want to be treated. Change one small trait or flaw in your life and work for peace amongst mankind. Do it for the children of the future.

Peace to all.



Kim Mailhot said...

I read this with tears, Man. I hear and feel your words. Such important words. I wish I had a loud speaker that would let every person around the globe hear and feel them.
Thanks for all you have brought to the world. Thanks for all of your fellow warriors who have sacrificed so much as well. Thanks, respect, love and light. That is what I will shine as bright as I can and hope that others add their light to mine.
Peace for all of us, Beautiful Man. Peace and Love.

Jeannie said...

Beautiful post. It's just a shame that not nearly enough people will read it and probably none who carry the real responsibility for a country that goes to war. But it will plant a seed in few minds who will pass it on to others so that one dayperhaps the tide will change.

somepinkflowers said...

This is such a good posting, Spadoman ...

What a crying shame
you Had to write it ...


Fran said...

Good post.

War. What is it good for?
Absolutely nothing.

I always like reading what one of hte most decorated Marine in the military wrote:

War is a racket.
He said the soldiers who would fight & die in any given war, should be the ones who decide if going to war is worth it.

Also said every politician should make the exact same amount as a basic military soldier makes during wartime.

I's add if any politician votes yes for a war, they & their children should go be foot soldiers in that war they approve of.

In one of Michael Moore's movies, he was asking DC politicians if they would sign a petition requiring their children to serve in wars.
They looked at him like he was an alien from outer space!

In a perfect world.

Mel said...

((((((((((((( Spadoman ))))))))))))))

Thank you.
For this post.
For the message you carried and continue to carry.
For being ALL that you are.
For your dedication to peace.
For your service, regardless of the circumstances that put you there.
For your love of others.
For your acceptance of what is and your hope of what can and could be.....

(((((((((((( Spadoman )))))))))))

Thank you, sir.

Hugely felt.

susan said...

Beautifully said, Spado.

Healing the warriors and stopping the wars would be a good way to go.