Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Nothing Much to Offer

Many around the country are looking for sunshine. Maybe it will come out from hiding soon

What a dreary dismal day weatherwise here in the Northland. The rain and wind came in last night and even with the just-after-six-AM-sunrise the windows didn't allow any light in to let us know it was morning. It was really sunny and quite warm Sunday. Even yesterday gave a glimpse of sun and some heat from Ole Sol. But today, and the next few days according to the NOAA weather service, we're in for blustery rainy, and even some snow mixed with rain, weather.

Not sure what I'll do today. I don't much feel like writing or posting on the blog. To be honest, I haven't for a while. Can't put my finger on why exactly, but there are no creative juices flowing here in Spadoville for moi. I have some art projects to work on, maybe, but without desire and passion, I'm lost. I'm sure if I looked around, I could find something to do. The downstairs bathroom toilet needs replacement and I've had a new one in the garage for a couple of months. Maybe I'll be a plumber today, maybe not.

I was going to go to Chicago today and attend the visitation and funeral for my Uncle. He passed late last week. I am so fortunate to have been able to see him last week, to tell him I love him and that we were all praying for him. He thanked me, although he may have not really known who I was at that very moment.

Uncle Willis was the Uncle that played Santa Clause when my cousins and I were growing up. We'd spend Christmas at my Aunt's place as my Grandma and Grandpa on my Dad's side of the family lived with my Aunt and Uncle. That's another memory I have about my Uncle Willis. He housed and cared for his Mother and Father-in-law for pretty much his entire married life. After Grandma and Grandpa passed away, he continued to care for his family.

Uncle Willis as Santa, with Grandpa, Auntie and Grandma. He's holding cousin Tommy

He worked for my Dad after the war. My Dad bought a couple of trucks from the US Army in 1945. He put them to work at a factory in Chicago called Santay Corporation. Uncle Willis drove one of the trucks and later went to work at a trucking company. He retired as a Teamster sometime around 1990.

My Aunt showed me a note he had written just before he went on this final journey. It was personal, but she shared it because it had a simple message. He told her that he loved her. The handwriting was shaky, but he knew what he wanted to say.

I'm not going to make the trip. The weather is terrible for a 400 mile drive and the van is acting up, needing some work on the differential. I can't trust it. I guess it sounds like I'm making excuses, but really, deep down, I want to remember Uncle Willis alive, looking at me and thanking me for coming to visit him.

Rest in Peace Uncle Willis. I'll pray for the rest of us you left behind, that our grief will be understood and the memories will be fond ones.

Peace to all


mig said...

You always have something to offer 'Man :)
This time, a beautiful expressive picture, a photo of happy memories and, as always, the words to link the outside world and the inner world.
I'm glad that you got to see your Uncle Willis last week. For you and for him.

Mel said...

I'm not going to say it any better than Mig did.

However, I feel compelled to add "you sell YOU short". And if you don't think people walk away richer for the experience of stopping here--then you really, REALLY don't get it.

Lemme help you get it. (Or at least try?)

How you look at life. What you share in life. How you love. What you think. What you do. What you don't do. Who you love--how you love....THAT you love....

You really do sell you short.
Part of that's a good thing--it means you have less ego to whittle away at as you 'learn' to walk humbly. (coulda had MY ego--I think I got your portion. *sigh*)


Mattered to Uncle Lewis.
Mattered to his wife.
Matters still.

And ya know what?
Matters to me.

I think it's awesome G-d made arrangments for you to be with Uncle Willins before he passed over to be with Him.
And I think it's awesome I got to pray for him and for his wife.
And for you.

JUST sayin'.....

(((((((( Spadoman ))))))))))

My heartfelt thanks for shouldering the slushy snowy bits and sparing me from more of that crud. :-D
You're such a good little fella!!

rebecca said...

i am going to throw armfuls of sunshine straight into your heart. i am going to shake the clouds and set them parting...revealing the fire in your soul. i am going to stir the wonder, peace, love, spirit of you...
and after i do all of these call outs to awaken
i am going to hold the mirror of all your family and friends close enough to show you the golden, energetic, always giving, peace filled reflection of YOU!!!

susan said...

You do always have wonderful things to say and a wonderful point of view. I think it's been a difficult winter creatively for a lot of us who would prefer to see things improving on a national and international scale. I still read the news webs but often my heart sinks when I do.

Please keep up the good work Spado. Your voice is a very special one.

coldH2O said...

New Guy:
Northland? I beg to differ, here's what the true northland looked like Wed. morning - 8 inches of effing snow! More lost night & it's on & off today. Yikes. I thought it was over. Shutterwi & I were supposed to view some sharptail grouse do their dancing this morning. Up at 3 a.m., starting cooking coffee then got a text from Shutter saying the wind was too gusty & the birds would probably not do much dancing. Went up at 5 to have breakfast with him & it took us half an hour to find a cafe open. Condolences on your uncle - odd, I just realized that I no longer have any living uncles.
I appreciate your ability to think long & hard before trying to do something, like replacing a toilet. Take care & a hug to all the grandkids & B.