Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Spadoman's Thoughts Today

Just checking in with a few thoughts. Seems like the creative originality faucet is turned off these days for me. That's okay. No one seems to be really going nuts with stories, and the news these days is stagnant with the health care issue and how the right is protesting, in their own way, the current policies of the Obama administration.

I'm pleased at so many things that Obama has already put into place. I understand how hard it is to press for more change from the eight years of hard line neo con policies from the Bu$hCo presidency. But I feel we need to deescalate and end the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan as quickly as possible. War is my "important" issue. After that, pick and choose and fix many things wrong with America, like health care, to be sure, but also things like rights for indigenous people and their lands, freedom for Leonard Peltier, normalize relations with Cuba and lift the archaic embargo, start proceedings to investigate war crimes of the holy triumvirates: Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld, and stop giving money away to corporations, to name a few.

I don't like to watch and then hyperventilate about what the right is doing, but it is all around and it is hard to miss. As I travel through the blogs in the wee hours, as I usually do, I see the YouTubes, most recently, one posted over at Utah Savage blog, and read the articles about this or that. I come away with the idea that when Dubya was in office and I marched in the streets, I felt the media didn't report my side thoroughly. I felt strongly about my position. I "knew" I was right and the other side was wrong. You know something, I still believe that, but they, the right wing tea party et al, believe they are fighting for their country too. Just watching a snippet of the health care protest march video, filmed by a group sympathetic to the left by the way, the people against a single payer health care bill want to stay with their party, Republicans, and go against this administration. That is exactly what I was wanting when I marched for peace and justice in Washington DC on The Longest Walk, Minneapolis at numerous rallies, Saint Paul at the Veterans For Peace Convention and the RNC and in Ashland, WI, at the Tuesday Peace Vigil.

After watching the above mentioned YouTube, I felt weak and sick about how wrong these opponents are, but then felt relieved when I realized that it is just some people who have a different opinion than I do

People are allowed to disagree with each other. I can't change them and I accept the idea of true freedom for them to protest against what my chosen leaders are doing, just as I did a little more than a year ago. As I was talking at a coffee shop, sitting outside on a beautiful late summer day, in public space, about politics today in America, one angry person decided I didn't have the right to have an opinion different from their own. I reminded them about witnessing the letting of blood in Vietnam first hand. That usually shuts them up, at least as to what they say to me, with the occasional ex military war monger who still has a hard time admitting that the American war in Vietnam was also a lie and we never did kill for anyone's freedom, but for the lining of Wall Street pockets.

I say let them have their opinion. We on the left think they are wrong, just as they thought us wrong for eight years in the recent past. Don't ignore them, but rather stay the course and keep pushing in our direction. Don't dip to their level and lie. Don't hate and want to brutalize them. That's their way. That's not the true peaceful approach. Keep pressure on Obama and the House and Senate to make the changes we want for a peaceful truly free America, with justice for all.


The Crow said...

Well done, Joe! Your words help my thoughts on a variety of political issue coalesce into something I can feel good about sending to Washington. Thanks.


billie said...

i dislike them as much as i ever have. :) i don't wish anyone who disagrees with me ill- but i certainly don't wish well for those who would like to see me dead simply for disagreeing with them. there are always going to be stupid, misguided, small minded people- on both sides. i can agree to disagree with them. i won't tolerate the hate speak or the death wishes though. i do draw the line there.

i decided to simply live my life moment by moment and to the best of my ability. i decided to be the best human being i can- because really, that's all i can do. it's unfortunate that there are so very many crazy, sick folks out there. my only consolation is- when the shit hits the fan, they will be effected also.

Mel said...


Some people's kids.......*sigh*

I dunno.....things like this make me sad.
Very, very sad.

Is there a reason we can't all just get along?

If the greatest of these is love--what are people THINKING?!

I used to justify the unjustifiable. I get it.
I just don't like it.

susan said...

I think something that isn't generally acknowledged when it comes to people looking at the world through the lens of partisanship is that it's actually something encouraged by the corporate owned media. Divide and conquer have always been the watch words of the rich and powerful. That's what makes me sad.

Spadoman said...

Thank you all so much for stopping by the Round Circle.

Fran said...

Question~ Dusty posed this question on her blog.... name things Obama has done... either well or fulfilling his campaign promises (other than the surge in Afghanistan).

I tried to name a few things...

Appointed the first Hispanic Supreme Court Justice
Drawing down troops in Iraq
Throwing funding back into education
The stim money for the people jobs & infrastructure.
Stopped the torture

I can't think of much else & I realize the health care reform is a huge deal.....

but what else can you recall?

Spadoman said...

Fran.. The answer to that question might require its own post! I am thinking that if you count the time Obama has been in office, January 20th 2009 to now, it's only been 8 months and a few days. Some time has to be granted to orientate, then there was the empty MN Senate seat. I am not measuring what so far as much as what at all.
I am personally disappointed at the record on the war(s). I want them to end.
I see Obama not running his administration like George W. did. He is patient, not demanding. He seems to be placating those against him and the policies he wants to assert.
I cannot imagine how hard it is to fight the seated Republicans, (and so called moderate Dems), on issues.
Overall, the general tone towards people issues is better than before. Now, it is time to get results and answer to the majority of people and their wishes.
In this e-mail I received from Voters for Peace, it states that 75% of Americans want the wars to end. If this is true, you'd think he could stand there and decree it so. I'm glad I am not a politician.


katherine. said...

while our lists are very different... I appreciate your insight into what motivates various segments of political thought.