Thursday, June 19, 2014

Honoring Mom and Dad

I am trying to realize my Moms vision to honor my Dad. When I asked her what she would like for just herself she said nothing. She wanted people to tell stories and play music so I will do the best I can to honor them together in the way my Mom thought my Dad should be honored and we will play music and tell stories. And of course. Eat.
I will have more specific details finalized for the Memorials by Monday. For now, this is what I know.
Service at Fort Snelling June 27th at 11:15am. Meet at gate 5. Gathering at Steve Vandewaters home in St Paul immediately following.
On Saturday June 28th, we will travel to Ashland WI area for a "launch" on Lake Superior and gather after at the "Humble Be" in Ashland.
There will be food, coffee and soft drinks served but please bring a dish to pass at one or the other events if you wish. BYO for alcohol.
Specific times and addresses will be provided soon.
Thank you.

Jayne Spado


susan said...

Although I won't be able to attend in person I will be thinking of Joe on his memorial day. Best wishes to you and Barb and all of his family and friends. Joe was a very dear man. I'm quite sure he is smiling down on us in his reassuring way.

Kim Mailhot said...

Your parents are so proud of you, Jayne, handling honoring their beautiful spirits with such grace.
I will think of your family and your Mom and Dad next weekend and hold you all in light and love.
Peace to you.

susan said...

It's only this evening I've understood that Barb has passed away too. I'm very sorry for your loss of both dear parents. My thoughts will be with you all.