Wednesday, November 6, 2013

First of the Year

November 6, 2013. A Wednesday. Although there were a few flakes of the white stuff last week intertwined amongst the blustery drizzle and rain, the actual noticeable, measurable snowfall was evident this morning upon awakening. The grass was coated with white. Green and brown blades and piles of leaves still poked through, but for all intensive purposes, it was this Winter season's first snowfall.

I'm going to jot this date down and count the days until I hear the first Thunderbeing's voices next Spring. Maybe I should make a prediction. I will. I'll say it will be April 16th, 2014. That would be 161 days. Just about 20 days shorter than six months, or one half of a year, that is Winter.  Of course, I'm guessing. It may be longer or shorter than 161 days, but it gives you an idea of how long this season lasts up here in the Northland. It encompasses large parts of three actual seasons. Fall, Winter and Spring.

My point being...? There is no point. It's here. A seasonal change that can be seen, measured, and now must be dealt with. The Radio Flyer little red wagon still sits outside, on its side, next to the swings. The Weber didn't get covered after we used it last night. I had to scrape the ice from the rain that froze before it started snowing on the windshield of my truck. Well, Mrs. Spadoman actually went out and scraped it for me because she knows I like to run over to the Dish and the Spoon Coffee Shop to chit chat a bit with whoever comes in that deems me interesting enough to sit down and have a conversation with. And I will, as soon as I finish this and post it.

Grandfather Sun gleams from the sky, a little farther to the South than a few months ago. More sunshine on parts of my house as the leaves on the deciduous trees are gone. Forecast to be near 40 degrees Fahrenheit today, so this snow will be completely gone before dark. But it was marked and calculated and proclaimed:

The First Snowfall of the 2013-2014 Winter Season.



Evie said...

Nice to hear that things are all right in your neighborhood. The first snow is indeed worthy of comment. Don't you just love how the world turns?

Kim Mailhot said...

No snow round here yet, though the temps. over the weekend would have allowed for it. Today is sunny, warm and we still have a ton of leaves on our maples in the backyard.
The fall has been so glorious weather-wise. Like a big gift before the hibernation time. Loving that.
Enjoy your café time, Man !

Annie Jeffries said...

Hi Joe. No snow here but when is there ever? LOL I googled Dish and Spoon Cafe. Is that the one I found in River Falls? Looks like a nice and friendly place sort of like where I hang out.

Mel said...

Snow is pretty cool this time of comes, it melts, it's gone. I like that! We had ours October 22, but I've been in denial. LOL. Undoubtedly there will be more. Winter can be a difficulty season for folks...we try to manage some of that by 'projects'...sometimes that works, sometimes notsomuch. I think this year MY project will be to improve my ability to maneuver in icy conditions. I'll letcha know how that one progresses. :-/

Jean said...

Yup, we had our first snow Oct 24th according to my post about it. I only just took my hoses in the other night. Last year, one was left out all winter (I had put it away but then we had some cement work done and they left it out - it was frozen by the time I discovered the fact)

I haven't got the grass cut that last time. It wouldn't take much time and it's almost a pleasant task with the new battery mower but there's been so much rain, it's never dry enough or I'm busy running somewhere.

It's 39F here right now. Why my phone gives the weather in F rather than C I don't know. I straddle the metric/imperial systems of measurement but temperature I've become very comfortable in C. Also remember F from my childhood but I don't relate the two together somehow. I think my car said 5C earlier.

I wish there were a coffee shop around that I felt comfortable hanging in. Of course, I don't drink coffee soooo... This is what I don't like about living in the suburbs. Of course there are Tim Horton's close by but they aren't cozy.

eaprez said...

Snowed here a couple weeks ago and there is snow in the forecast in the next few days. Bah humbug! I hate snow, I hate the cold. I hate being indoors...when the cold and dark days come I tend to hibernate. I would have made a good bear.