Friday, November 1, 2013

Dreaming On

Haiku My Heart
November 1, 2013

Every Friday, friends gather and share their art, stories and haiku thoughts through Rebecca's blog, recuerda mi corazon

“Can I buy more time?” I asked the Creator.

“You’ll have all the time you’ll need”, Creator responded.

“Then let’s get started”, said I.

I’ve been staying busy between hospital and doctor’s visits by being an artist. I’ve completed a few pieces that were promised to people and have some “inventory” on hand. I even completed two pair of snowshoes for a Christmas delivery. I promised the buyer that I would store them until such time that she wants them to give as Christmas gifts. She is a marvelous soul and lives here in town. She bought them for her husband and daughter so they might take up the activity and bond together more closely.
The tip of the snowshoe with a familiar decor
Ready for Christmas delivery

I came across some unusual sticks. I gather these pieces, like one would gather rocks, and just bring them home. Eventually, I get them uncovered from a resting place somewhere underneath the junk piles on my workbenches, (yes, I have three workbenches here at Spadoville, two in the garage and one in the furnace room), and I try to remember the patterns I was pondering when I picked them up. 
This Dream Catcher will be mounted on a platform and sit on a table or shelf. Kind of looks like a flag waving

These sticks of odd dimensions are attached together to form a jagged circle, or enclosure, if you will, and then randomly grabbed, when I’m in the mood, to be laced into a Dream Catcher. I hang them up, if I am satisfied with the results of the main body of it, then decorate them with feathers, leather and beads, braided embroidery thread or horse hair tassels. The chosen decor is also random, but the ideas of what to use comes to me in deep thoughts about the reasons and the person that will receive it.
I apologize for the blurry nature of this photo. This piece was sent to a friend recently. This is entirely one piece of wood. I found it naturally bent and pulled a branch to itself, (can be seen at the top left corner of the piece),  when I found it in a raw green state. The wood then dried. I have had this piece of wood in my possession for over 5 years before weaving it into a Dream Catcher

I have some hand drums to make and will start on them as soon as our annual Los Dias de Los Muertos celebration is over and the out-of-town guests depart for home. My sister and nephew will be here from Chicago and some good close friends from Colorado will also attend the doings.

After this weekend, I will be entering two or three of my pieces to the River Falls Public Library for an art show which will feature local artists. This is not a juried show, but rather a showcase of art in our community by holding an All Community Art Show from November 10th through December 8th.
Two colors in the weaving pattern

Wood gently embracing itself at the top

I’m feeling better, but seem to be tethered to the doctor for a while due to the latest heart episodes that had me in the hospital twice over the month of October. Looks like the trips to Albuquerque and Tucson over the winter are on permanent hold, if not cancelled all together. I need to get used to some changes in medication that was warranted by strange symptoms stemming from a long life full of diabetes, heart disease and more recently, (the past two years), Afib. At least now I seem to understand my Pacemaker/Defibrillator, what it does, and what it doesn’t do, and why I have one in the first place, a little better.

This rattle looks like some kind of Alien life form. This is called a Maranka Gourd, or a Dolphin Gourd. It sure makes interesting shapes

This next set of photos shows a Dream Catcher I made for a good friend. She is a Grand Mother of an 11 year old that suffers from a very rare disease called Sanfilippo Syndrome. The child sleeps with her Grand Mother. I tried to show this close connection and wove one Dream catcher into, or intertwined, with another, showing the bond that exists in real life for this pair of souls. The feathers match, but are opposite in their leaning, the horse hair tassels are symmetrical as well.

Here are a few more photos of what I have made lately. I’d like to do custom or special orders, but don’t want the pressure of deadlines. If you’re interested in anything you see here, or would like more information, Email and we’ll discuss it. Looks like the creative juices are flowing out of necessity, but I am enjoying finally working at a life-long dream. I still need some larger more dedicated work space. The garage and shed are just too cold in winter. The fluorescent overhead lights stumble and flicker and buzz until the temperatures get above 50 fahrenheit.
Wood found in the Desert, broken from a Juniper bush

Dogwood, bent while green, with branches left on
This Gourd Rattle was sent to a friend. The design is wood burned, then painted

We Celebrate Los Dias de Los Muertos, the Days of the Dead, here at Spadoville today and through this weekend. The Spirits of our loved ones are here. I am also remembering my good friend, Gene Artishon. Today is his birthday. He left us way too soon. I can feel their Spirits. We have been visiting already.

Peace to all


Evie said...

I've really enjoyed looking at your work this morning on your blog, and I will be praying for your health to improve and allow you to do all you were created to do in this life. Thank you also for sharing the idea of the Day of the Dead. My wonderful Spanish interpreter friends in Santa Rosa, CA introduced me to this concept and I have always thought it was a necessary counterpart to grieving for those who have left the world as we know it. Peace,

Kim Mailhot said...

Your art pieces are so beautiful they make me cry, Man. So full of love, spirit, story and careful craftsmanship. Truly beautiful. I feel so honored to have my dream catcher made by your hand hanging in my space. I love it so much and think of you and your strength every time I look at it. While being tethered to home right now with all the medical crap, I am glad that the Universe gave you some other sweet purpose to fulfill.
I am traveling north to be with my two sisters and a gang of girlfriends for the weekend so will not be formally celebrating the Day of the Dead. I have lit a candle this morning and put the last of my unfrozen marigold blooms near by to offer remembrance and loving thoughts to those who have passed on beyond the veil. I hope the celebration and honoring of your dear ones is special and rich for you and all those who gather at Casa SpadoVille !
Peace and love, Man !

Mel said...

Sometimes we learn/come to 'understanding' in layers. Sounds like you've had another learning moment. It's amazing that you're so well taken care of, yaknow?

Wonderful pieces you shared here. Holy cow, you've certainly been busy. The two woven as one and the wee flag looking one are unique in their own right. I'm glad for you to have the ability to create and personalize the work you do so uniquely. They really are powerful pieces.
And a new workbench area sounds like fun to me, too. LOL
Enjoy the celebrating and the company of friends and family.
And ease off the malted milk balls. LOL


Jean said...

I'm sitting here with tears in my eyes - I feel how deeply meaningful each piece is for you as you are inspired to create them for each recipient. They are truly beautiful treasures. They make the anonymous commercially available ones to seem as knock-offs - the personal connection is missing so the spiritual significance is vacant.

I so wish I could accept one.

I am glad you are being cared for and are understanding more of your condition but it would be nicer if you were just naturally healthy. I suppose there may be some spiritual lesson in infirmity or some benefit we receive in the afterlife for our sufferings but I certainly don't see any evidence of either in my own life. I'm becoming such a jaded old lady. Perhaps we have to create the meaning as you do with dream catchers. Take the "junk" left lying around (I know they are treasures to you but for the uninitiated, a strange stick is worthless, right?) and make something beautiful and significant.

Love you man!

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

All the time you need. Amen.

Gillena Cox said...

Wishes and prayers for many many wonderful tomorrows to you

much love...

Annie Jeffries said...

Good morning, Joe. I especially enjoyed the dolphin gourd rattle. It made me think of my friend, Lea, who is a gourd artist living in Santa Rosa.

Your brief conversation with God is so full and complete. It takes very few words to communicate all there is to say with Him.

Wishing you improving health and hope we are able to connect in Missouri. If health issues do not allow for it, we will come to you.

Stephanie said...

so sorry to hear about your health problems...

your dream catchers on the organically shaped branches are beautiful, congrats on your show!

off to see your ofrenda...

thinking of you on this dia de los muertos

Lea said...

Dear Joe, You have been on my heart a lot these days... and I am just now catching up with all that has been going on for you. Your art is amazing. It moves me deeply, as if I am seeing a language of the heart make itself known... thank you for this gift of sharing.

Your home alter is so beautiful. I wish I could join you today or tomorrow, but send my love to your celebrations and conversations.

Love your wise haiku. Glad you had that conversation...

Much love to you and your family.

Hazel said...

You make beautiful things, Spadoman! Your dream catcher fascinates me and I enjoyed reading about the wood and where they came from. I remember that one featured briefly in the Twilight series. Love learning a new-to-me word. Went to the link, very scientific words but I'll remember 'enzyme deficiency.' And oh, that's a mysterious but fair-enough response from the Creator and a brilliant one from you.


Anonymous said...

So good to 'see you' again and your creative work is divine ~ I love the dreamcatchers woven together for grandmother and grand children ~ Sending lots of healing hugs and creativity will heal you ~ thanks, carol, xx

Fallingladies said...

You have made so many beautiful pieces! And i feel I am lucky to have one of your dreamcatchers myself! Sorry to hear of your health struggles lately, hospitals are just no fun. It's good to know that you're feeling well enough to create though, and to entertain today! Enjoy your celebration!

Anonymous said...

This is a beautiful post! I so enjoyed seeing your art and send blessings and good wishes that you will enjoy creating these treasures for a long time to come. Peace Spadoman!

J C said...

It's awesome the way you weave found wood into itself and make a beautiful piece of art. I would like to see the show you will be in. I really appreciate community art, rather than juried shows. Juried is too much competition and not enough love just for the sake of art. Having worked at an art center for several years, I heard so much "why did he get a ribbon, mine is better" type of feelings. You cannot imagine the derogatory whispers. As Charley B. would say..Blech! Hmmm, or was that Lucy?

Nonnie said...

Having my husband experience the same health issues you have, I hope that your doctor will be able to improve your symptoms. God bless your family members who are no longer here. I felt some peace at the Mass for which our 3 parishes joined together.
Please visit me here...