Friday, April 26, 2013


Haiku My Heart
April 26, 2013

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My youngest daughter Jayne on a recent trip to the Everglades

My heart soars with pride

Values born from example

A brave new leader

It’s my youngest daughter. She’s changing jobs. It’s a  daunting task anytime, but especially in this day and age and at this time in her life with financial concerns and a rising, but still unsteady,  economy. But she’s doing it, and standing by principle to do so. I’ve changed jobs a few times myself for the same reasons. I never looked back and I don’t think she will either.

She wasn’t treated fairly at her workplace. The large corporation allowed the man in position of authority to treat women employees differently, even though my daughter was part of the management team and of equal status. The money wasn’t paid equally as if she were a male of the species. The big boss from Chicago was a sleaze ball and acted as if he was her friend as he groped her with a so-called friendly hug. Male vendors paid her no respect and often went over her head, even though she was the department head, to get what they wanted, sometimes dishonestly.

I tell you, that’s my daughter. I am so damn proud of her. She put in over seven years and helped them make a lot of money by saving them money and implementing techniques designed to allow cuts in excess costs. She spoke up and worked hard, gave meaningful suggestions and struggled with her own feelings as she took the brunt of harassment because she is a beautiful young capable woman doing a job that has been traditionally done by a man.

Her last name is Spado. She’s my kid. She told me she learned what is right from me and made up her mind based on the idea that she had had enough and she just wasn’t going to work for people that allowed other people to be treated like that.

Pretty damn cool, isn’t she?

Peace to all.


Mel said...

Ohhh.....I soooooooo wanna drop kick the dweebs that still operate under some premise that they're 'entitled' to treat another human being that way.
GOOD for her!!! BE proud, dad. She's decided right is right and she's chasing that, not settling.
Yes--tough times. They don't need to be made tougher by remaining in an environment that condones.....crap.
Cuz it's crap.
Poor thing. But GOOD for her!
You love 'em. You teach 'em. You model for 'em...and you set 'em free and hope.

She's done herself proud!

Jean said...

I'm proud of her too! It isn't easy to make a stand. But really, the "old boys" just can't keep getting away with the crap they have. Have you any clue into the male mentality that keeps women down? Is it an "us against them" thing? I don't get it.

Good to see you pop your head up again. Have you been out on the bike lately?

Laura said...

what a blessing to see your daughter grow into a fine person, with honest values and principals. Your haiku is lovely too.

Gayle said...

She's awesome.....good rolemodeling Dad!
Best of luck to her in her new job.

Meri said...

Way to go, Jayne!

Dawn Elliott said...

Your post brought me to tears today - I'm so proud of your daughter, too! She's done amazing things - for the company, sure, but more importantly, for speaking up and for equality...a huge deal in my book!

Marit said...

Pretty damn cool indeed she is - daughter of her father, but I had no doubt you raised strong and bold daughters!

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

Good to see you back among us on Friday, my friend! May your daughter have all the strength and resources she needs to "get the job done"!

Karen said...

A strong woman, comes from a strong family. Good work mom and dad!

Kim Mailhot said...

Amazingly cool, Dad, amazingly cool.
So is your obvious love and pride for her.
Big love and light to both you you, My Friend.

Nanka said...

Trust in God who is the true guide!!He gives you that strength in days of trouble, so Bravo Jayne he is always there to lead you forward on the path you have chosen!!

gma said...

GOOD for her and GOOD for you supporting her decisions. Wishing her all the best in her new endeavors.

Stephanie said...

that's just the best...

I LOVE hearing the 'proudness' in your 'voice' here. I know the feeling of such immense joy when our kiddo's are strong and healthy and standing up for themselves. I have one of those too :)

happy weekend!

Unknown said...

And she will flourish, I am sure of doesn't make the world go 'round...this is true...and the good you do...well, you are living proof!

Anonymous said...

Pretty damn cool is an understatement! Be proud Dad! Wishing her a fruitful search and a job where she will be respected and treated well!

Unknown said...

Yes, she is pretty darned cool. So what good was the law to treat women equally. We still need to fight for our rights.

rebecca said...

dear spadoman,
so lovely to have you return to haiku my heart. certainly the apple does not fall far from the tree! your daughter is so beautiful and so her father's child! thank you for singing her praises and introducing us to a wonderful extension of YOU!

Irene Rafael said...

she learned well from you. the world is not fair. things take a long time to change. she is brave. she has courage. she will find the best place for herself. she has you.

Mel said...

Just checking in...letting you know you're being thought of...and hoping you've been out and about AFTER the snowfalls and the sun found you. Leastwise I HOPE it found you......
Be safe, stay well eh?