Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sunday Morning Musings

It’s early on a Sunday morning. I love the quiet here in the house. This weekend has been a frenzy of activity with out-of-town guests and birthday parties for my youngest Grand daughter who turned five years old on Friday. Last night, the din was so loud. There were eight kids here along with seven adults and two dogs that both weigh at least eighty pounds. You can just imagine swinging a three foot stick at a pin'ata in the midst of all this chaos. I tell you, this big house is too small!
After months of unseasonable weather that had purveyors of Winter sports like snowmobiling, skiing, ice skating, ice fishing, snow shoeing and dog sledding reeling at the economic impact of another Winter without a snow base to ply their activities, Winter is here with a vengeance with extreme cold and now snow in the forecast, albeit small amounts, but some expected every day for the next week and beyond.
Despite the cold and snowy weather, my brother flew into Chicago last week from Phoenix to meet up with my sister, then, they drove up together for a visit to Spadoville. They’ll be here through Sunday and head back Monday morning. So, I’m enjoying some quiet time now before I get the pans rattlin’ and make breakfast/brunch for the masses.
Getting off the good-fer-ya diet today. I’m making biscuits ‘n gravy, southern style, from scratch. I learned the recipe many years ago from a neighbor I had that was from Valdosta, Georgia. This is the real thing folks. Seasoned and salted fat over buttery biscuits with eggs, hash browns and plenty of that great tasting top quality freshly roasted Smokey Double Dark coffee we get from my close friend Steve at the J & S Bean Factory Coffee Shop.
A visit after that to the youngest Spado daughter’s home for a view of some completed remodeling projects before football and a nap between touchdowns. Pretty traditional Sunday afternoon. What I haven’t forgotten is how fortunate I am to be alive to witness and be a part of it. In all the turmoil and fun with the pin’ata last night, I missed the call from my cousin informing us that my aunt had passed away yesterday after a long bout with several illness’ and cancer.
That voicemail message news brought a pall of sadness down on my brother, sister and me. Auntie Angie was my dad’s only sister, our only auntie on my dad’s side of the family. We will miss her terribly. I’ll be pretty much following my brother and sister back to Chicago for the funeral. I sure send peace and prayers to the rest of my cousins and the families that are mourning. 
I realize I have been pretty lame in blogging and visiting others this past week or so. Just haven’t been in the usual routine. Still many VA appointments and cardiac rehab three days per week. I’ve also been nursing some kind of stomach bug that has had me sitting on the porcelain throne more time than I sit in the car on a long cross country journey.
Never thought my blog would come to the point of being a what-I-did-today kind of place, but today it is, and that’s what I have to say. I owe so many e-mails, letters and phone calls to people that I’m feeling overwhelmed. Please be patient and I’ll make sure you know you’re loved, thought of and prayed for.
In the meantime, take care and be well.
Much Peace


CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Joe
I am so sorry for the loss of your aunt .. it is a bittersweet post that you have written here .. it is "life" and you are so appreciative to be here still, it makes any reader feel the same acknowledgement and that is a daily gift. To know life hangs on such a delicate thread sometimes we have to come to that "almost" breaking point to realize it?
I love that you feel well enough to cook such an amazingly wonderful breakfast for the crowd .. that is also one of the many small gifts I know you enjoy so much : )
Stay well and stay focused on your positive thoughts.

Unknown said...

I think that you don't owe anyone.
You only owe it to yourself to feel relaxed and cared for.
And I think what-I-did-today posts are fun to read.

Mel said...

(((( Spadoman ))))

I'm sorry to hear about the loss of your aunt. I think I'm sorta glad that you were with family when you got the news, yaknow?

And I'm glad for the 'here's what I've been doing' update. NOT that I'm glad for the tummy bug--but for the noise and laughter and pinata whacking--those are excellent things. Sounds like lots of living in the livingroom! As it should be, eh?
*snickering* 8 inches on Friday. You poor cheated fella. Sledding and snow angels and a failed attempt at a snow inukshuk happened. (I'll give that a try when things have had a chance to melt and get a bit more solid--it squished his legs and ended up a pile of fluff.... )
And today--we're dealing in a mix that's making it slicker than snot out there! LOL Icky description, but you get what I mean.
Great time for a pot of chili and a bit of a clearing out inside the warmth of the house.

*laughing* Ya think that's an indication of boredom?! ;-)

You just let 'em love ya and keep having those joyful moments, sir.
And safe journey if you're heading out to Chicago. They got more of the white stuff, too!

Jeannie said...

Well, I enjoy hearing how people spend their days. The little things. I think that's mostly what people used to write about in the old days when people wrote letters. Most people don't get a lot of excitement in their lives. If they do, I think it stops being exciting anyway.

Sorry about your aunt. Every generation has its time but it's still sad. Drive safe.

Mauigirl said...

So sorry to hear about your aunt...even when it's expected it is never easy.

susan said...

I'm quite impressed you're already doing as much as you are so never mind with the obligations. I'd love to enjoy one of those spectacular Spado family brunch traditions and it does sound delicious.

I'm sorry to read about the loss of your dear aunt Angie. Please take good care on that journey to say good-bye to her. You are a very fine man.

Kim Mailhot said...

The "what I did today" stuff is kind of a miracle when you think of where you have recently traveled, my Friend. It is good to know you are living days fully, with the people who are dear to you and also taking quieter times for yourself when needed, I hope !
Sorry about your aunt. There is a lot of loss this month, it seems.
All the more reason to bask in the simple graces available to us who are still on the journey.
Sending you big love (which I know you send back ! ;-) )
Peace to you and yours, Man.

Fran said...




Paula Scott Molokai Girl Studio said...

Life is good, isn't it? It's not perfect, but it's good. Glad to hear your clan gathering together for some good memories and sorry to hear of your aunt's passing. It is hard to let go.
Also wanted to let you know that I FINALLY started to work on your book. Things took a while to gestate, but now I'm starting to breath life into it. Maybe in a month or two or less, it will be done-it will tell me when it's done!

katherine. said...

Celebrating the young generation and remembering the older generation as they pass on to the other side. I can relate.

Its good reading about your life. ... all I want is Biscuits and Gravy.