Monday, December 12, 2011

Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe Day 12

A Virgin a Day
December 12, 2011

Today is December 12, 2011. This is the day of celebration for Our Lady of Guadalupe and the last day of our exercise, A Virgin a Day. Some have called it Mornings with Mary. In fact, many monikers have been thrust upon this idea of posting and writing about The Blessed Virgin Mary every day since the start of December so we could culminate today, on the Feast Day of Our Lady of Guadalupe, Patroness to the Americas.

One of the beautiful works located inside the main chapel at the Shrine.

More entries can be seen by following this link to Rebecca’s blog, recuerda mi corazon. I wish to say a resounding Thank You to Rebecca for hosting this project. It has been fun, entertaining, educational and has allowed new friendships and connections to flourish here in Bloglandia. It has promoted Peace and understanding, acceptance and turned us on to learning about people in lands all around the globe.
The church
The copper dome of the church lit up

Not far from my home in Northwestern Wisconsin along the Mississippi River sits the city of LaCrosse. And not far from LaCrosse on US Highway 61 sits a shrine built to honor and present Our Lady of Guadalupe to the people.

Beautiful examples of the stained glass windows in the votive chapel

There are many such shrines throughout the USA and the world to honor the religious icons. This one is no exception. I don’t so much seek these places out to visit them, but when I happen to be on that path and I discover them, I tend to stop and have a look.
The votive chapel
Candles, to light as a devotional, in the votive chapel, high on a hill on the grounds
I have been to a Sihk Temple. I have been to a Baptist church service in the deep South. I have been to a Catholic Monastery. I have been to a Buddhist Peace Pagoda. I have been on Native American Sacred Grounds. I’ve been to a pot farm and I even have been to a strip club. You may not see a connection, but the idea is that I am not hesitant to stop and learn about parts of the vast and varied cultures of our world.
Stock photo of the gift shop located in the main building

This visit to the Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe is best told in pictures. I didn't get back to photograph all that I wanted to, but the link in this paragraph will explain in some detail all the activities that are offered there to pilgrims and visitors alike. I have posted the photos with captions and leave you to the beauty of the artwork. 

One of the many outdoor statues of Our Lady

The idea at work here is that Our Lady, The Blessed Virgin Mother,
appeared in the form of a young woman, Guadalupe, and visited this man, Juan Diego, in 1531 AD, somewhere in the desert near the hill named Tepeyac in Mexico, and showed herself to him with a message for the people.
The bottom line of the message brought down from Tepeyac Hill by Juan Diego, who was later named a Saint by the Catholics, is that we need to live with each other in Peace.


Mel said...


She's gorgeous.
In blue, in reds, in the snow, shining with light--she's just gorgeous.

Go figure I like the message she brought.

I'm going to hope for a return visit to the shrine. More photos for me! LOL I'm greedy like that.

It's been a good series of tales and photos, and of honour. You did that very well--but then, you always do, sir.

rebecca said...

dear spadoman,

i have loved every step in our mary walk. each salutaion and offering have been heartfelt, generous and filled with promise and friendship. i am so grateful for your place in my forever heart.
i am especially grateful for beginning and ending, and each step in between being in peace.

come and share this last day visiting each others blogs...leaving your light scattered like stars in our hearts forever!

Unknown said...

Thanks for joining in this exercise and sharing part of your life journey with us. I had forgotten the story of Guadalupe and kept procrastinating to look it up. It has been a blessed time for me.

Paula Scott Molokai Girl Studio said...

Wow-you always go way above and beyond with content and images! That stack of votives is a curious thing as to h ow does light the upper rows beyond reach? It is incredible to think about the level and depth of devotion to our Mother. Thanks for making it such a wonderful journey!

Dawn Elliott said...

Each day, I was excited to visit your site and see what you were offereing up that day. I so enjoyed the rememberances of your past growing up, seeing some of the many places that you traveled, and experiencing your insights.
This has been a most delightful experience - many thanks for your part in it, Joe. Happy feast day to you and Mrs. S!

Unknown said...

This is a wonderful ending post to our journey with Mary. It is not over however - it has only just begun. None of us will be the same.

Priti Lisa said...

The stained glass windows made me gasp! And then the votive chapel!!!
Thank you for everything you have shared these past 12 days...I have seen things I would have never seen and learned things I had no idea about.
Your blog is fantastic!

Fran aka Redondowriter said...

Beautiful church, Spadoman. Thanks for sharing these 12 days. You have so much to share via all the travels you have done--and will continue to do when you are healed. Peace to you, my friend. Our Lady of Guadalupe and Juan Diego got it right.

carol l mckenna said...

Wonderful photos and so glad you stop in to these places and what treasures you have found ~ Wow ~ What a journey we have shared! ~~ thanks, namaste, Carol (A Creative Harbor)

peggy gatto said...

Another beautiful morning!
thank you!

Miss Robyn said...

what beautiful stained glass! and if more in the world were like you - there would certainly be Peace - IMAGINE

oneday I hope you get to visit our country Australia - where you can stop and learn something of our vast land :)

I hope also to continue visiting your blog - thankyou for the company the past few days

moXieantiques said...

enjoyed all your posts and it has been a journey.. peace to you.. and hope to cross paths !

Lenora said...

I love the first the colours the peace, i love the votive chapel, so many candles. I do understand what your are saying. i am the same. I am not Catholic but went to a Catholic school, though i did not understand it at the time it was really a gift, there was more the same than there was different. Different labels, same lessons. Thank you. said...

Beautiful photos especially the one of the stained windows, awesome.

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

Spadoman, something lovely is going on in your heart...

gma said...

This has been a beautiful experience. Thank you for all that you have shared here. My love to you and yours this season and always.

Meri said...

Fun connecting with you on this project, Joe -- hope your heart is filled with love and healing.

Noelle Clearwater said...

Dear Spadoman,
I love the fact that you find beauty, and a worthiness of soul whether it be in a church, on Native American sacred grounds, on a pot farm, in a strip club or in a buddhist temple. Soul worthiness and beauty exist wherever people exist, and one of my favorite things about you is that you don't limit yourself to one type of culture, one type of person or one belief system. It is easy for others to feel that they belong when they are in your presence for that reason, even if it is only in written form. I am glad to be your friend. And I am happy to have shared these days with you. This is a beautiful post with fine stained glass and some elegant statues of Our Lady. I hope to share many more Mary walks with you.
Peace, Love and Hugs,

foxysue said...

I like your inquiring mind Joe, it has taken you to far-flung places, what an exciting life you must have had! I know you have suffered too like many of us both in mind and body, this I think makes a whole person.

Today I'm with you proposing peace - "as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone". Romans 12: 18 ...

BTW I used to belong to a strict religious organisation - no longer, but still hold on to the principles of love

Love Ms Foxy x

rebecca said...

thank you spadoman,
i have posted my gratitude to you and all today at recuerda mi corazon with a special invitation.

susan said...

I first read the story about Our Lady of Guadeloupe many years ago. Your pictures and memories surrounding Her essential message are wonderful.

Wishing you all peace.

somepinkflowers said...

{{ did you pass the blood test?}}