Saturday, June 27, 2009

Iran Unrest and the Rest of the Bullshit

I’ve shied away from the political scene the past few months. It was dragging me down. It still does. I don’t ignore it all, but I don’t participate in the daily drumming of the issues. But today, I must make a comment about the double standard that’s running rampant on the big news outlets.

I guess when an American citizen is an activist and stands for their cause, this protest is considered “un” american. The news media doesn’t give the protesters much in the way of reporting. They are quick to site that they broke windows or clashed with police and always have the authorities in the right and the protesters being in the wrong. After all, no one should go against the (s)elected president and his policies. At least this was the case when George W. Bush was president.

To be honest, I haven’t paid much attention to what the news media has been saying about our current president Barack Obama. The short bytes I have seen and/or heard while surfing looking for a mindless sporting event, have not been too kind on him. Some actually saying they are considering a revolution as he, (Barack), is fucking up the world with his socialism.

Ahhh, it would be so nice to be a true socialist country. Maybe the poor people would get some handouts instead of dishing it all out to the largest of corporations so they don’t go out of business. I mean, wouldn’t it be great if the Hot Spot coffee shop in downtown River Falls stayed open because the owner was given her profit even if she didn’t make any money? Or maybe my friend could not be afraid to take her young seizure laden daughter to a hospital instead of watching her struggle through a Grand Mal because she has no health insurance.

Now, we have civil unrest in Iran. How convenient for the two faced news media. Now it’s okay to protest. The Iranian people have a right to do it. The government is oppressing them as they stand in the streets and protest openly. Now the protesters are the ones that are being applauded and the government, of a country most chicken hawks want to invade by the way, is the perpetrator of the unrest.

How fucking two faced and double standardized can the American news media be?

And then there are those that read and report and spout off about how the Iranians are being beaten by the government. Now they side with Faux News because the same Faux News that tells you there is no global warming is telling you what you want to hear. That the protesters are in the right and the Iranian government is wrongfully beating people in the streets.

I was at the RNC in Minneapolis. I have a camera full of pictures that will show you the same crap going on right here in America, with peaceful people who wanted to show their outrage for our government policies as they pertain to an illegal and immoral war in Iraq, being pushed around and beaten, just like in Iran today, but with no backing by the government's bought and paid for news media.

What a bunch of bullshit. The lesson should be a good one though. You might want to be peaceful, but they won’t really let you be peaceful. Remember four dead in OHIO? The SLA, Black Panthers? Plenty of blood spilled for their cause. Now in Iran, they are getting the attention and the big news is telling us of the atrocities being committed by the Iranian government, when right here in the good ole Yoo Ess of AY it was the protesters that were wrong and needed to be beaten because they broke windows in a department store in downtown St. Paul, MN. They needed to be put in a lock up facility because they were taking video of the acts. They needed to be arrested and tried for what they might do in the future as they were accused of planning a riot.

Wake the fuck up and stand in protest instead of worrying about your beloved financial accounts, MJ, Farah or who and whatever else you worry about. There is a war going on. Our Nation is at war in two places in this world. And there is no news coverage of this fact. We elect a leader that promises top end it all, and we are smoothed tongued into believing that it is okay to be at war. We are at war and we let the news tell us that the Iranian government is bad. We’re the ones killing people in war and watching as our good people get killed in war.

Let’s stop the war. Let’s stop the Iranian government from beating and killing and taking human rights from their people. Let’s stop all the insanity and double standardism.

Now that I got that out of my system, I’ll end this post with my usual salutation.

Peace to all.

NOTE: The author wishes to remind the casual reader that every once in a while he will spout off his opinion and he acknowledges that it is none of his business what you think of him.


The Crow said...

I don't mind sharing what I think of you, Joe.

I admire you are speaking your truth -- not many of us do that today, not like we used to do. Maybe it helps that your truth and mine are riding parallel roads, but I admire what you stand for and the life you seem to live. I like that you put your money where your mouth is and publically, vocally support the causes close to your heart and soul.

We both are old enough to remember the '68 Democrat Convention in Chicago and Daley's uniformed thugs. Not much has changed, Joe, except the media's coverage of events.

Ride easy, Friend Joe.


Mel said...

G-d love ya for that disclaimer, sir. *laughing*

I must confess that I'd say the same thing that Crow ended with. Not much has changed--except what the media is choosing to cover today. (and, as fickle as they can be--I've no doubt that can and will change on their whim.)

BTW--Go figure I don't bother with the newspaper or the television. I know I'll get the 'newsworthy' stuff from the places I go.

I see I don't miss much....

Whimsy said...

I think what I struggle the most with is the fact that there is no easy "truth". Everyone has a slant, a perspective, a filter. The news media - the government - even private citizens. You hear the news and you're getting the perspective of the entity providing it.

I remember what it was like to be in high school or college and get the answers from a book - in algebra, in calculus, whatever. And each time the answer was one thing, one truth. Now? It isn't so easy.

History, literature, current events, economics. There is no one answer.

It's something I struggle with especially now, trying to raise my daughter with truth. And where to find it in our current world.