Friday, January 2, 2009

Going Away Once Again

"....nobody has a perfect life, just only days of beauty once in awhile."

This was one line of a letter I received from a friend. It struck me like a hammer. It is so true. We all struggle at times, and sometimes, even right in the middle of the hardest struggle, we smile and see some light, and the beauty. I am so thankful that I do indeed see some beauty once in a while.

My friends, I am leaving for a period of time. I will be away from my home and family. This journey will have me learning, and more importantly healing, even more so than I have already. I will take a big step in my life. During this time, I will not have a cell phone or be at a computer for at least a month. I'll communicate with my family through the written word using a pen and paper and the occasional phone call using a calling card or calling the toll free number where Barb works. I won't be incarcerated, but I will be in a safe secure place. I will look for the beauty of life every day and hope I will find it and see it, and hope it recognizes me.

I am not sure of anything else except that I will be gone.

I've deleted much of my blog. Oh, I have the writings saved on a hard drive, but felt the need to relieve some of the clutter. I have chosen some posts to leave here. Feel free to run through and read anything you might find interesting. As I looked back at the posts, I see where there was a time when things I have said may have touched a heart or two, including my own.

I hope the New Year is grand for all of you, every day of it, and that you prosper in your life with the richness of peace in your hearts.


Anonymous said...

Goodbye for now, friend. I hope this comment finds you safe and happy.

Unknown said...

I wish you well, Spadoman.